Monday, June 11, 2012

My Coverderm Classic and Peptumax Anti-Wrinkle Makeup

As promised ^_^ I'm making my own version of Coverderm Classic and Peptumax Anti-Wrinkle Make Up on my own face.

Please kindly read the information regarding the products during my mom's transormation: HERE and beauty event: HERE.

And for mine, please kindly watch the video

My review:

Classic is a bit tricky at first and you might want to learn to use it first before going outside the house, color blending and mixing including shading it in the right places so it'll look natural. But despite the heavy texture the feeling on the skin is comfortable and light plus Peptumax Anti Wrinkle Make Up too.

For daily use I think Peptumax Anti Wrinkle Make Up will be enough for me, but flawless, spotless, perfect skin would still need Classic.

The scent also soft and doesn't bothers me at all (or maybe anyone). If your skin happens to be very unique, you can mix and match with various tone and products. Coverderm staff will help you through it and get that suitable shade for you.

The waterproof effect is really proven on my facial skin and on the back side of my hand, water plus soap wont make it gone, so in terms of cleansing use products for waterproof makeup. Including the one that produced by Coverderm. A good cleansing oil will help but don't forget to do double cleansing afterwards ^__^

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