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Press Release of Jimmy Choo Fragrance

Fresh from the Press Release and something that I bet you really want to know behind the perfumes.

The First Fragrance
Imagine femininity, luxury, and style…bottled.
Introducing Jimmy Choo, the fragrance. Launching early 2011, this debut is an
essential extension of the Jimmy Choo lifestyle and an integral element in fully
accessorizing the Jimmy Choo woman.
With its green top note, heart note of tiger orchid, and base note of toffee and sensual
Indonesian patchouli, this is a scent comprising equal measures of female
empowerment and elegance, one that evokes glamour, confidence, desire and refined
sexuality, all encased in a precious faceted bottle inspired by the opulence of Murano
In short, this is a fragrance for women with a sense of fashion and a taste for luxury.

The Inspiration

Jimmy Choo has become the ultimate shoe brand,
that has always fully accessorized and captured the
hearts of women around the world, by building a
complete luxury lifestyle accessory house.
Jimmy Choo has been instrumental in defining the
style and taste of modern women today. The brand
was a pioneer in Hollywood, spearheading the first
accessory brand to offer Oscar nominees and
presenters customised shoes for their red carpet
appearances. The Jimmy Choo brand is now
synonymous with Oscar winners and the
Hollywood’s A-list. It has been immortalized on
the cinema screen, in films including Sex and the City and The Devil
Wears Prada.
For the urban, fashionable, self-assured fans of Jimmy Choo that
realm extends to include perfume, enveloping a woman with
the sensuality and essence of the brand. Ephemeral,
evanescent and empowering, the fragrance reveals the
true personality behind the wearer and captures a
piece of the Jimmy Choo dream.
Fragrance has always been part of Jimmy Choo
vision. To fully extend the Jimmy Choo lifestyle,
enveloping a woman with the sensuality and
essence of the brand. Perfume is part of
women’s identity. Now to create a
signature fragrance for Jimmy Choo
expressing an aura of strength and
beauty is my ultimate brand

Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum expresses an aura of strength and beauty. Glamorous in
attitude, confident, intelligent and with a sense of fashion and fun, the fragrance is a
modern Fruity Chypre with warm, rich, woody depths.
It’s a fragrance inspired by modern women – strong, empowered, beautiful, seductive
and alluring with a hidden and mysterious sense of confident sexuality.
With luminous green top notes providing an initial burst of refreshing brightness,
bringing a sensation of glittering radiance.
At the heart, an aura of rich and exotic Tiger Orchid lends a creamy seductiveness as
the fragrance evolves.
Lingering sensual base notes of sweet toffee meld with Indonesian Patchouli to leave
a subtle, sensual memory on the skin.

The EDT,

Hear the hypnotic click of her heels on the pavement. Passing cars slow, their engines seem
to purr with appreciation. Pulses quicken. Heads turn. The air is suffused with sensuality; a
new alchemy of notes - crystalline rose with sexy orchid accents, sparkling fresh ginger and
pear on a vibrant woody base. Meet the newest member of the Jimmy Choo fragrance
collection, the dazzling Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette, a luminous new scent that puts an
original twist on the original Jimmy Choo Parfum.
Inspired by today’s most dynamic women, Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette is versatile, fresh
and original: a fashion-forward scent to carry you from the boardroom, to the beach, to the
bedroom and beyond. Strong and empowering, but also mysterious and feminine, the
notes of the fragrance echo the different facets of the modern woman’s life. As perfumer,
Olivier Polge, the nose behind the fragrance, explains,
“When you think of Jimmy Choo, you think of a glamorous woman. She’s stylish and sexy,
exuberant and refined, intriguing and captivating. For the Eau de Toilette, I wanted to
maintain the signature of this captivating woman by bringing it more transparency, while
expanding the vibration points to make it more dazzling: pear illuminated with ginger,

orchid tinted with rose and cedar that takes over from caramel for vibrant sensuality.
Jimmy Choo Eau De Toilette is the imprint of the Jimmy Choo woman, mischievous
and provocative, she is a sparkling beauty.”
And who better to capture the essence of this woman than Jimmy Choo. This scent lives
up to the demands of a busy lifestyle and has a chameleon-like quality that makes it
relevant to all aspects of a woman’s day and evening. Expanding Jimmy Choo’s
fragrance wardrobe also now gives multitasking women the world over new scope to
express themselves, celebrate fashion and accessorise their look in an excitingly, fresh
way. This is a stylish, chic fragrance for women who like to think on their feet.
To reinforce the essence of freshness, the fragrance is captured in a lighter pale pink juice
than the original and seductively sparkles in beautifully crafted, subtly iridescent bottle.
The glass has been treated to enhance its reflective properties and give it a bright,
mirrored-like effect that instantly catches the eye of the beholder. The delicate facets of
the bottle were inspired by handcrafted Italian Murano glass and work to capture light
at every turn, casting a rosy, blush-like glow across the dressing table. Distinctly
feminine, the bottle has a jewel-like, vintage feel and that same magical ‘must have’
quality as a favourite pair of Jimmy Choo heels or handbag. You want to touch it, to own
it, to wear it.
Taking a more in depth look at ingredients inside Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette, Olivier
Polge made a move away from the bewitching amber based notes of Eau de Parfum, and
carefully crafted this new fragrance with a crisp freshness to give its own unique identity.
Like the women it represents it stands confidently; it is independent and intriguing. A
modern fruity floral with warm, rich, woody depths the fragrance starts with green top
notes of ginger that deliver an instant burst of radiance and awaken the senses before
slowly giving way to the softer heart notes of tea rose and exotic tiger orchid which
enticingly pulse an exquisite bouquet of floral aromas on the skin. Rounding off this
alluring accord Olivier Polge has added a vibrant layer of cedar wood, which gently
evolves on the skin to create a soft veil of sensuality.
Just as slipping on a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes offers one a sexier silhouette, and a reason
to walk tall; a spritz of Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette works in a similar spirit to imbue
women with an aura of glamour, give them an instant boost of confidence and bestow
that elusive, secret power to seduce their heart’s desire.

The Bottle And Packaging

Symbolic of the luxury of Jimmy
Choo and influenced by antique
and modern objects, the exquisite
amber bottle encasing the Eau de
Parfum is inspired by jewelcoloured
Venetian Murano glass
which itself is evocative of the
many jewel encrusted Jimmy
Choo stilettos to walk the most
celebrated red carpets. The
faceted, cocoon shape is
voluptuously feminine, embracing
the sensual liquid inside. It was very important to create a beautiful and precious bottle
which is an object of desire that women will want to keep forever. Recognizing the
importance of marrying tradition with contemporary design, the orb-shaped bottle is
capped with a silver-edged black cube, striking a note of graphic modernity.
There’s nothing sexier and exotic than snakeskin, a luxe material that has become
synonymous with Jimmy Choo shoes and accessories as a deluxe expression of the brand.
Inspired by a python skin shoe in
the current collection, snakeskin
now lends itself to decorating the
outer box that envelops the
fragrance flacon.
Realized in the house’s vintage
rose tone, the box, with its chic
brand monogram, alludes to the
ultimate desirability of the
fragrance inside.

The man behind the perfume

Although Olivier Polge was born into a family of
perfumers, at home, his family talked more about
paintings than they did about perfume.
With studies in the history of art behind him and the
soul of a craftsman, Olivier arrived one fine day in a
laboratory for perfumer training. He went then to
Grasse, considered at the world’s capital of perfume and
to Geneva to complete his training in raw materials,
before moving for IFF in New York.
He had gone to America to try his luck abroad. There he
came across Carlos Benaim (with whom he made
Emporio White for Men by Armani) and Sophia
Groisman to discover all the ins and outs of modern day
Olivier is also an expert in the art of paradox! A rich and complex profile both and already
possessed of a certain charisma, Olivier still has plenty of resource.
He’d like to see the invention of a new type of distribution - more appropriate, perfumeries
which select their brands with only one or two perfumes for each, boutiques in the true sense
of the word.... He's optimistic: things can always be done another way!
Olivier Polge received the International Perfume Award in 2009.

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