Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beauty Gathering of Coverderm

Hellooooo ^0^

2 days ago I was invited by Coverderm, a brand that somehow sound familiar but I never used before (or so I thought) until when I go back my mom told me she does have some of the products. What is Coverderm?

Check the out at coverderm.com, basically Coverderm is a heavy duty cosmetics for coverage. If perhaps one's experience accidents, skin abnormality where visibly want to be covered. Coverderm usually used when customer need a coverage with more tone and shade selection plus a more long lasting waterproof concealing ability.

Here is at the entrance of Beauty Lounge where the event is held. A spotless looking lady ^__^

Right at the entrance there's the photo area.


Inside the team already start the event, from introduction of the products and the staff behind Coverderm Indonesia.

Here they are! The Brand Manager, Product Manager and the speaker is a Doctor. A very beautiful female doctor.

They help us a lot through explanation and how Coverderm can be beneficial for those with severe skin condition as well as the light touch up. Coverderm also proud to be a safe product to be used. Containing no harmful chemical for the skin.

And of course we need prove, one of the guess are willing to become a model.

But a very active model, I really have difficulties taking her picture, after numerous effort asking her (nicely) to stay still, these are my best picture. Her acne prone skin and inflammation become less visible, by far. Fret not, I will make my own before after picture with a model that is willing to stay still ^0^

Then I take a look of arrays of products by Coverderm,

Beside coverage makeup, they also have skincare.

Oh yes, some promo too! Interested? Come to Seibu in Grand Indonesia ya ^__^

Then I want to play with the concealers!

For the Classic range they have 14 shades and so does some other products which means you get so many options regarding skin tone colors. You can also mix it a bit of you want something that exactly your skin tone, perhaps you have a very unique skin color.

This is Coverderm Classic, waterproof and provide maximum coverage for any skin imperfection. It's really thick alright and I was told to use little by little.

This is Perfect Cover, also available in 14 shades. A liquid version for a less problematic skin.

Then the one to be used under the eyes. Or actually any part that need a bit coverage. It comes in shape like lipstick for easy application.

Then the loose powder, where they are very light and handy for any coverage done. Giving the skin a matte look too for a more natural look.

They do have many shades don't they?! ^__^ Which one is yours? From the creamiest texture to liquid or the one that is the driest to the watery. Any coverage medium you want.

Thank you so much Coverderm for inviting us (Indonesian Beauty Bloggers) and the goodies bag too ^__^

My review about the products coming soon!

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