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Shu Uemura Phyto-Black Lift Lotion and Night Cream

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It's has been a lot of events lately that I really need to make effort writing the reviews ^__^ But, it is an enjoyable experience, busy for sure, but it's my passion. Some of you will definitely feel the same, very busy in daily activity yet you enjoyed it. Little that we know that it would take a toll on our skin, so not just health, but the beauty of our skin as well.

When you're still young, you can simply ignore some of the signs since their not so visible, the regeneration progress and natural skin protection from our body is still very active and let's just say more alive than when you reach older years.

But don't just sit around and wait until you're late, some anti aging can be used from around 18 while some when you're 25. But some according to your skin's need, like Shu Uemura's Phyto-Black Lift.

Let's read the
Details from shuuemura.com:

phyto-black lift

premium global anti-aging line
phyto-black lift is a premium global anti-aging skincare line designed to visibly lift and firm skin while gently smoothing fine lines and wrinkles for a revitalized more youthful complexion. enjoy skin’s youthful beauty – with instantly visible results.
phyto-black lift key technologies
power of black ingredients – elixir for youthful looking skin.
the mystic beverage, black tea ferment has been known in Japan since the 5th century for its legend to have cured a sick emperor. for centuries and in contemporary japan, black ingredients are recognized for their many health & skin benefits as a source of lasting youth and vitality.

phyto-black lift expertly blends unique black asian phyto-ingredients enhanced with advanced beauty technologies to address the major skin concerns of aging.
Black Tea Ferment
helps to prevent skin glycation*1 of collagen in order to maintain skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles and sagging. It also acts*2 as a powerful detoxifying agent to help skin recover an alluring radiance.

Black Sugar Complex (Pro-Xylane® + Black Sugar)
a complex arranged from two sugar molecules, Black Sugar (molasse extract) and Pro-Xylane®.

Pro-Xylane® : Obtained from natural xylose of beechwood through sustainable green chemistry*3, Pro-Xylane® effectively boosts*2 synthesis of certain GAGs*4, in order to lift and plump skin while retaining ample moisture. It also has a collagen boosting*2 effect enabling skin to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles.
Black Sugar: Inhibits*2 tyrosinase activity to limit the production of melanin to delay the appearance of dark spots.
Litchi Shell Extract
neutralizes oxidative stress*2 which can accelerate the aging process. it is also known to prevent collagen destruction by inhibiting*2 metalloproteinases, destroying enzymes that can be overproduced when skin tissue is damaged by UV.

Depsea water
Depsea water is one of the purest waters on earth and naturally infused with rich minerals to energize the skin, fortify skin barrier function and enhance skin’s self-moisturizing ability*2.

*1: glycation : an uncontrollable bridging reaction that occurs between proteins and glucose and is recognized as one of the major factors in the process of skin aging.
*2: in vitro tests.
*3: an ecological conscientious chemical philosophy that encourages the development of sustainable processes that are kinder to the natural environment.
*4: glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) play a crucial role to help bind various components of the skin’s matrix. With age, production of these macromolecues slows, leaving the extra-cellular matrix gradually weakend.

Reading from the ingredients itself you can take comfort in the efficacy. One thing comes my mind, usually anti aging and firming skincare especially the night one are so thick and heavy. Shu Uemura's Phyto-Black Lift Renewing Night Cream does seems thick on the first glance, but when I touch it feels bouncy like a gel texture. The ability to absorb also very good, like they are covering my skin very well and there's a firming feeling instantly. The lotion which is used before the cream gives me a radiance. The watery liquid is an indulgence. I always a fan of Shu's lotion, in any kind ^__^

What you'll love:

The luxurious yet simple black packaging, somehow for me skincare in black is always  interesting and intriguing XD.
The scent from the lotion which is mild and the night cream which is so lovely and I just love it on my face. Flowery scent without being overwhelming.
The texture of the watery lotion where it prepares the skin for the night cream is like Batman and Robin, dynamic duo alright.

And like any skincare, be patient in using it, it's not a visible 180 degree difference in one night. It takes time. For me, using this night cream is a time that I'm looking for ^__^ pampered in every ways. Kinda like an all in one night cream, for anti aging, increase firmness, relaxing, boosting collagen, detoxifying, reducing lines, and the comfort when using it. Say bye bye to heavy night cream and hello to beautiful skin from Phyto-Black Lift Radiance Boosting Lotion and Renewing Firming Night Cream. Use the serum (concentrate) for more anti-wrinkle action.

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