Tuesday, July 31, 2018

NUVE Skincare

Hello lovelies,

these are NUVE Skincare that I happen to receive from Derma Ministry. They consist of foaming facial wash that dr. Verna using herself with serum that she loves as it promotes hydration and day with night creams in separate container.

All dressed in fancy white and black details.


I've tried to find some details online, apparently they are live on instagram at Nuve Skincare and website at www.nuveskincare.com.

Let's start with their Glowing Serum

Nuve 3 in 1 Glowing Serum, serum dengan kandungan Snail Extract yang POPULER dan AMPUH dalam merangsang pembentukan KOLAGEN dalam kulit dermis sehingga kulit tampak lebih CERAH, MEMUDARKAN noda-noda sekaligus MENGHAMBAT tanda-tanda PENUAAN

Rp. 250.000


The texture is like a beautiful runny gel that either thin nor thick, it's so comfortable and pleasant. There's definitely a scent, subtle thou', not too obvious.

Then, it's the Glowing Day Cream.

Nuve Day Cream, cream pagi dengan SPF 30 untuk MELINDUNGI kulit dari efek buruk sinar UV seperti kemerahan karna paparan sinar matahari dan noda-noda gelap.

Rp. 160.000

Which one is it? It's the one in powdery white formula, where the Glowing Night Cream is slightly more translucent.


Nuve Night Cream, cream malam dengan kandungan Arbutin yang secara alami mencerahkan sekaligus menekan produksi melanin sehingga kulit akan TAMPAK GLOWING dan CERAH sekaligus MEMUDARKAN noda-noda gelap pada wajah

Also sold at Rp.160.000

The Day Cream have an SPF hence I figure a slightly white cast. So do notice that before using.

The good news is also the SPF which give a proper protection during day time, and it is in sync with their 'glowing' theme, a brighter skin does need protection from the sun by preventing darkness.


The Night Cream helps to push down the melanin since sometime they do overreact and causing dark spots. By using the cream that have a gel texture, the skin feels moisturized and comfortable on night, especially when using the serum right before, it boosted up the hydration.


I do have some doubts since the ingredients still have parabens and silicone too, but dr. Verna Gunawan assured me by providing data and reasonable explanation on how silicone and parabens in low dose (of course) only acts as a preservative and used in a safe dose. I understand it is up to one's opinion on the subject. So if you look into ingredients list all over the world, so far only European countries that prohibited parabens in their cosmetics products (including skincare).


Remember, the ones that listed on the farther down there is the least amount inside a product, so I think she is telling the truth that the parabens are far down there, only to protects the natural ingredients from going bad, like mold, bacteria, and germs.

Now, let's continue with their cleansing foam. The white creamy gel like texture that easily bubbles up and gives the skin that perfectly made foam. Whenever I'm using a foam net with it, they'll bubbles abundantly and can create that no drop foam that was dense enough, tiny enough, and can goes into the pores. The clean feeling it made is also comfortable, not dry squeaky clean that we want to avoid.

The doctor told me that she have dry skin as well, but this cleansing foam is something she can use, again, trusting her was the reason I want to try the cleansing foam. The cleansing foam is from dr. Verna Gunawan. So it's not available at Nuve Skincare ya.


One thing I want to add about their serum is that I can use it as a skincare routine (after cleansing and toner, right before moisturizer) and as a makeup booster. Add a drop with a foundation and they'll add this consistency which made the skin appear healthier and more natural.

The finish is a dewy and happy skin.


Use the trio as a complete skincare routine from Nuve Skincare on daily basis to see results. As the product comes in small packaging, I think they last around 2 weeks when used every day.

I'm also using the serum to help my stretchmarks, it helps soothing the skin and generate healing as well.


Thank you so much dr. Verna Gunawan for your recommendation and these babies are almost exactly as you said, the cleanser also gentle on my sensitive skin and the serum works like a charm.

Don't forget that you can get the foaming facial wash and all Nuve Skincare at Derma Ministry in Ancol area, Jakarta.

Make Over Riche Glow Face Highlighter

Hello lovelies,

one of Indonesian brand that has been getting a lot of attention lately for their makeup items that not just budget friendly but effectively function-able, it's Make Over.

I might be a bit late in terms of getting the hype but this one is definitely deserve a spot on my makeup collection as it was soooooo good.

One thing for sure, highlight is a trend right now, like a glass skin makeup or well, any makeup nowadays need highlight. If we're not careful, you'll get that greasy sweating looking skin instead of effortless glow, either we need the right tone, formula, or consistency. For me, Riche Glow got it right with that irresistible pearly glow.


I got mine from SOCO box, there's three item inside the box:
Makeover riche glow highlighter (New product)
Makeover ultra hi matte lipstick
Makeover eyeliner pencil nude sleek

So these babies are given free for me, and you can get it too by joining SBN by sending an email to community@sociolla.com. Sign up at www.SOCO.id too okay and be part of the excitements of loving beauty products.


Now, after using all those makeup, I'm using Riche Glow as my last thing as it accentuate everything that deserve the spotlight. Like the bridge of my nose, my chin, upper cheek and may they look gorgeous throughout the day. 


I think the packaging has said it all, it have the exact same tone as it is and look at the two finger swatch down here, the highlight can be as bold as I want it too or as seen on my images in this post (all the look are using Riche Glow) some are natural stroke (like 1-2 brushes away) while some are using firmer brush for a stronger feeling.

It's up to you and product itself is pretty self explanatory, the fine particles and build-able formula is also benefits of using Riche Glow. And for sure, it can be used on the body too, imagine a perfectly blossomed decollete.


And for those who love enjoying themselves being the spotlight as in literally, the highlighter reflects the flow in a manner that made the skin looks like a movie star.


A universal color highlighter with Supercharged Reflective Pigments that imparts an intense rich glow that blends seamlessly on your face, suits every skin tone. Glowing rich finish that intensely highlights your face.

Make Over Riche Glow Face Highlighter merupakan highlighter dengan warna universal yang dilengkapi formula Supercharged Reflective Pigment untuk menangkap cahaya dan merefleksikan fitur terbaik wajah dalam sekali usapan. Hasil kilau yang intense mampu membaur dengan sempurna pada wajah di berbagai warna kulit. Riche Glow Face Highlighter ini memiliki tekstur yang sangat halus dan mudah di aplikasikan sesuai kebutuhan makeup natural hingga party makeup.

Kreasikan makeup-mu dengan Make Over Riche Glow Face Highlighter dan dapatkan hasil kilau yang intense!

Price Rp150k.

Don't forget to use a discount code SBNLA7Z0 for every Rp.250k you'll get Rp.50k off.


So far I have no problem using the product with any brush I have at home, they wont block in one side or another, making the powder very user friendly even for first timer, it's a fool proof makeup.


Thank you so much Make Over and Sociolla for these babies. I'm enjoying using the eye liner, lipstick that comes in a bright delicious red color and of course, Riche Glow that deserve every attention there is.


See you on my next post!!!

Monday, July 30, 2018

Multi Balm Mystar Forest Series Asparagus

Hello lovelies,

continuing my previous post about treasure I found in Hokkaido, this is Mystar Forest Series Multi Balm in Asparagus.

The product is sold around 1300 Yen, comes in a green top and white details written. Thank God there's some English details on top heehee. As mentioned on my previous post Japan love their Multi Balm nowadays since it is so practical and easier to be used. Lips, elbows or any parts of the skin that was dry can have benefits using the balm as it was simple and easy ti be used. A small one like like can fit into a purse and be used anytime the skin feels dry.


A moisturizing ingredient asparagus extract formulation that can be used by everyone in a casual part.

Extracted extract from asparagus raised by Takamachi Stem Aspara Producing Association "Takayaku Kitazu" It is a solid wax-like multi-cream compounded in the moisturizing ingredients. It is hard to melt and has a moderate hardness, so it's easy to use without stickiness, giving moisture and supple to the parts you care about, such as hands, lips, and faces. Base sunflower seed oil and beeswax keep your skin moist and asparagus extract prepares your texture.
The fragrance of mint that fragrantly smell uses rare spearmint essential oil from Okhotsk.

No preservative, no synthetic dye used Alcohol (ethanol) not used · Synthetic surfactant not used

Please use it by applying an appropriate amount to the part where drying is concerned.

Asparagus extract

Sunflower seed oil


Spearmint oil

It is an extract extracted from Asparagus, harvested in Takamachi, Hokkaido. Give moisture to the skin, and prepare your texture. It is oil obtained from sunflower seeds. It has high emolliency, soft effect, excellent moisturizing effect and protects the skin from drying. It is a refined wax obtained from the bee's nest. It gives a soft touch and increases the melting point, so you can expect a moisturizing effect. It is a type of mint feels cool refreshing and faint sweetness. We are mixing essential oil from the rare Hokkaido Okhotsk.

All components

Sunflower seed oil · Beeswax · Asparagus extract · stearyl glycyrrhetinate · water · spearmint oil · copper chlorophyll · BG · tocopherol


The mint is fresh and mild, so you don't have to worry about overwhelming minty like it was a medicated balm, so this Multi Balm is still about beauty.

The balm is firm, they can still melt on high temperature but so far in my room they stay as balm. On the lips the feeling in wonderful and like on the elbows too, the feeling is not sticky and comfortable. For those with very sensitive skin during winter, like on the cheeks where they can become so dry and easily irritated, apply the balm generously as it act like a shield to a damaged skin. It create a barrier which I find especially useful for the back of my hands.

I love to wash my hand every now and then and keep them clean anytime. This multi balm is rather water resistant too, so after washing my hand, I apply the balm on my hands and it kept my hands feeling clean.

On hard core areas like heels, I find it best using it right before sleeping. The healing properties is lovely while keeping the skin moist by preventing the moist goes out.

For those who use makeup might want to use it before applying any makeup and the key to apply it lightly is to let the balm be warmed on the palm of your hands.

Hokkaido Okhotsk Mystar Hand & Body Cream

Hello lovelies,

these babies are my treasure during my recent trip to Hokkaido. Lately, Japan has been booming with all natural skincare products from face wash, serums, lotions to multi balm and nature infused and based on ingredients.

Famous local benefits like honey, seasonal vegetation, to fruits and flowers, many highly acclaimed crops has been used, and in this post, it would be about honey, sunflower oil, and asparagus. I'll separate the post into three, each for one product that deserve a post on its own.


I bump into these babies on a mall right next to New Chitose Airport and we were about to board that day. It's kinda a last minute shopping spree thinking that I should get some for inside the plane. It would be around 12 hours journey including transit time in Hong Kong and my skin can be pretty dry. The kids can use it too since it doesn't have known harmful chemicals. Ooh, I can go on and on about beauty products from Japan nowadays how they grow improving the local produce to home industry, it is their brilliant mind that never seize to amazed me.

They have testers on the store and when I tried them I knew I have to buy them. These are the babies, irresistible babies.

Each of them have different texture and benefits that are so beautiful while making the skin beautiful too.


Let's start with a Hand & Body Cream with honey as one of the main ingredients.

The packaging, details given on the store, are all about honey and the benefits of honey in this product. It care, nourish, and protect the skin while healing them as well. The sweet smell of honey is irresistible, I love how calming it is and made me feel comfortable. And the texture is surreal, it was one of the reason why I feel like I have to made this post, since I think it is one of my best finding. I love traveling since it made me allows meetings with these beauty products, a product that was unique, effective and healthily beautiful.

The aroma is not just honey but a bit of citrus too, so it's a refreshing addition while the texture is melting on the skin, covering, creating thin films that made my dry skin so happy and healthy. I love it, it changes my view of a hand and body cream where it becomes light, breathable, but very much moisturizing and the effect is immediate and last on the skin, it soothe and gives my skin an instant lift. That tiny cracks when the skin is super dry, are covered in a matter of seconds and looks perfectly moist once again and no residue whatsoever on the skin. Like it was drunk all at once, the formula must be so good to be so acceptable by skin.


As it is with a smooth feeling of use, a new formulation of moisturizing ingredient betaine Firmly protects hands and body that are prone to roughness with moisture's veil.

Pure larch tree from Higashi-cho, Hokkaido (Uenoju) Honey mixed with moisturizing ingredients, It is a moisturizing cream for hand and body. A smooth cream sticks to your skin without getting sticky, Care for hands and bodies that tend to be rough. Of course, please use it in the part where the clinging is anxious, such as elbows, knees, heels, etc. Citrus essential oil of orange grapefruit smells slightly with mixed honey.

Beet derived moisturizing ingredients Betaine New formulation. Sticky, smoothly grasp hands and body

Take an appropriate amount on a clean hand,
Please familiarize yourself with the part you care about drying the body and fingertips and use.

[New formulation] Betaine

It is a derivative of natural amino acid derived from beet (sugar beet) from Hokkaido. It gives moisture and flexibility to the skin, and it is moist. Vitamin B group Derivatives of pantothenic acid, also called pro vitamin B5, will prepare the texture of the skin.

Pure larch tree honey



I am using pure larch tree honey, which was honey collected in Higashi - cho, Hokkaido. It has high sugar content, it has excellent moisturizing and water retention ability, keeps the skin soft. It is a natural origin oil purified squalene extracted from the deep-sea shark's liver. It is hard to oxidize, has high stability, keeps the skin soft and has excellent emollient effect. It has exactly the same structure as the main component ceramid of intercellular lipid that keeps the moisture in the stratum corneum, is excellent in horny water retention capacity, and has high moisturizing effect.

Water · Honey · triethylhexanoin · pentylene glycol · dimethicone · DPG · phenyl trimethicone · squalane · cetanol · jojoba seed fat · hyaluronic acid Na · ceramide EOP · ceramide NP · ceramide AP · panthenol · betain · allantoin · phytosphingosine · Sodium hydroxide · glycyrrhizic acid 2K · (hydroxyethyl acrylate / acryloyldimethyltaurine Na) copolymer · orange peel oil · grapefruit peel oil · xanthan gum · cholesterol · arachyl alcohol · behenyl alcohol · arachyl glucoside · lauroyl lactylate Na · caramel · Carbomer · tocopherol · phenoxyethanol

I'm using it for my hands and body too. Too bad I only bought a smaller version since I'm worry about travel limitation on liquid, but I'll be sure to get some more whenever possible.

Highly recommend this product for everyone. The scent may not last for hours but the protection does, I simply use it twice a day and enjoy the benefits of a nourish skin all day long.

They sell the hand and cream for around 1500 yen, which I think so worth the price. A lot of very expensive products in Indonesia market that comes with hefty price but in so much less benefit nor quality.

You may continue to read about the next product on my next post, see you there.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Brun Brun Paris

Hello lovelies,

few months ago, I started looking at a store inside a mall, it is said to be Brun Brun Paris, this shop sells a lot of tit bids that made any girls lurking. But they sells tons of products not just for girls, anyone, any gendel and almost any needs from accessories to beauty products.

Collaborating with Sociolla, this is my first SOCO box consist of beauty products from Brun Brun Paris.


Two Phase Make Up Remover, Daily Cleanser, Daily Moisturizer, Peel Off Mask Moisturizing, Peel Off Mask Reviving, and a Lip Cheek Eye Color.

I happen to bring the box during my tip in Bangka and tried some of them when traveling there. I've shared about them on my instagram account too at @carnellin.


Let's start with the Make Up Remover that cost only Rp 29.900.


Membantu mengangkat riasan wajah bahkan riasan waterproof. Diformulasikan dengan ekstrak Chamomile dan Jojoba Oil, membantu membersihkan, melembabkan, dan menyegarkan wajah Anda

The texture is very oily, so it removes makeup very easily, from the waterproof eye makeup or that hard to deal liquid lipstick that wont easily comes off. Everything can be removed in a single swipe using cotton pad damped by the make up remover.

After cleaning it, do double wash using a foaming facial wash to remove the leftovers, including the oils.


Like this Daily Cleanser, it foams up easily and cleans every residue. It cost around Rp. 15.900 and perfect for traveling.

The texture is creamy and wont easily spill.

Diformulasikan dengan bahan-bahan alami, membersihkan wajah denga lembut dan menyeluruh. Formulanya mengandung perpaduan moisturizing agent alami membantu menjaga kelembaban kulit serta kandungan Vitamin E yang membantu membuat kulit tetap sehat. Keluarkan ke telapak tangan, busakan dan usapkan ke wajah dan leher dengan gerakan memijat ringan. Bilas hingga bersih. 


Continuing the review, next is their Daily Moisturizer that so fragrant, I think they want a bit overboard with the scent, I wish they tone it down a little. I don't think the moisturizer suitable for very sensitive skin.

The white creamy formula can be a bit sticky and need a really long time to absorb, even, after some time, they still won't absorb, leaving the skin feels kinda greasy. I'm using it for my heels and elbows.


Then, for weekly treatment, these are they peel off masks. Rp. 19.900 a piece.

Peel Off Mask dengan ekstrak Avocado dan Mulberry membantu menjaga kulit tetap bersih dan segar. Dengan kombinasi formula yang membantu mencerahkan sekaligus menutrisi kulit Anda.  Gunakan secara merata pada wajah Anda dan tunggu hingga mengering. Kemudian lepaskan dan  bilas dengan air hangat.
Peel off mask  Black Mud berasal dari bahan alam, mengandung mineral dan anti oksidan yang membantu meremajakan kulit dengan mengangkat sel-sel kulit mati dan membantu mengencangkan kulit wajah, menjadikan kulit tampak bersih dan muda berseri. Gunakan secara merata pada wajah Anda dan tunggu hingga mengering. Kemudian lepaskan dan  bilas dengan air hangat.


The strawberry is pink and the mud one is black. I don't feel any significant differences in terms of feeling and after effects of using them. The pink have berry scent and the mud have no scent, I guess that's the differences between the color. And hmm, again, not for sensitive skin, since when I'm using it on my hand after getting a bit of a sun dose, it does sting a bit.

The drying time is around 30 minutes and when I peel them, they are pretty gentle, so they don't pull out the gunks in the pores as well. Maybe we should leave that to the nose pack.


When you apply too thin it wont be easy to pull it all at once, so do apply just enough layer so the process of peeling is satisfying :D even the kids love to peel this stuff.

But again, in terms of function and benefit, I don't really find obvious ones.


Next is perhaps my favorite product among all of them. Their lip cream that can be used for the cheek and eyes (as in eyeshadow ya), have the best texture and feeling ever. The formula is so light, the coverage is very good, and the color is SO there. Selling price Rp. 39.900 (so cheap right?!)

Produk three-in-one yang wajib kamu miliki! Dapat digunakan sebagai pemulas bibir, pipi dan mata. Formulanya diperkaya dengan bahan-bahan yang menghasilkan aplikasi yang lembut di bibir dan hasil akhir yang intens dan matte.


Turns out they have many shades from pink to purple and red too. This is Expose. They also have lipsticks and other finish too aside from this matte ones.

I love the color, I think it loo great on me and the feeling of using the cream is light and wonderful, I do recommend trying the lip eye and cheek color.


Thank you so much Sociolla for the SOCO Box, you can also get yours by joining the community at SOCO.com

See you there!

Detox and Slimming with Derma Ministry

Hello lovelies,

during my recent trip to Derma Ministry, the dr. Verna performs some aesthetic procedure on me so I can see immediate results on my face, but she also advises me to slim down by detoxing first. She said that the procedures helps by injection but a proper way to loose some weight still important for a more conclusive result.

Like the double chin and ehm... overall fat heehee, it needs to be well taken care of. The health from within or general health surely will make some effects on my beauty too. My jaws and chin would looks so much better when I'm slimming down, it's not about being skinny or petite, but being energetic, lighter and of course, healthier.


Above are three bottles of Detox Juice and a slimming pills in a bottle. First, I have to detox myself with those three juices for three days, so 1 bottle per day. 1 bottle can be divided into 3-4 times a day by mixing it with plain water with 2/3  water to 1/3 of the juice.

So every 30 ml of the juice, add 60 ml of water.

What's inside the juice? Derma Ministry said that it was fruits that helps burning the fat, lemon, cinnamon and thamarin. So it was quite sour for me, and acidic too on the mouth.

In the slimming pills there's: Vit B1 (tiamin, help turns carb into energy for the body and brain, especially nerve system), B2 (riboflavin, a very important nutrition that helps the body to produce red blood cells, releasing energy from protein), B6 (increasing body metabolism to increase burning process), and B3 (helps to break down protein and fat).

The pills are better to be taken 30 minutes before meal and three times a day.


On the scales that shows my weight here are the result of the detoxing juice.

On the first day my weight is 58.5 kg, so every day for 4 days I kept taking picture of my weight in the morning at a relatively same hour.

I was sooo hungry on day one, it was tough, so Derma Ministry said that we can still eat a little bit of food, mainly fruit they are apple (preferably the green one), papaya, and boiled egg. Veggie like steamed broccoli also allowed. So I munch on those food with steamed purple sweet potatoes too in between when I feel like super hungry.

I guess I love eating.


On the next day, the weight slightly go to the left, looking like 57.5 kg so I was a bit amuse and excited too, I know that if I want to see real result I need to reduce my intake, so boiled eggs only with some fruits for day too alongside with the detox juice.

It was easier said than done, especially when I'm at home, I feel better when I'm in an event or mall where I can put my mind on somewhere else. Since the juice need to be kept cold, I know that I have to keep going back and forth to my home, or using a cold thermos. Having some ice cube also helps so they stay cold when I'm outside my home. The doctor said that the juice contains no preservatives hence I think it is better to keep them cold.


On the second day of detoxing I noticed that my weight is keep reducing to 57 kg, an affirmation of my effort. I noticed that I don't feel lethargic nor less energy, it's just the hunger. Like I'm used to my kids eating habit (like every 3-4 hours) so it kinda hard preparing their meals without having to eat as well.

I have to keep my mind busy but in the same time, I have a household that need me to cook and/or prepare food, that's a real challenge for me, and I rarely go to sleep with an empty stomach, ah that's one of the hardest thing for me as well. so I usually have some boiled eggs 2 hours before bed.


On day three of detoxing, my weight went down to 54.5 kg, it's quite significant right?! From 58.5 kg to 54.5 kg that's 4 kg in three days. I know that's a lot of hungry times but the doctor said it helps reducing the stomach (gastric especially) and I guess it does, it shows on my picture during the event. My waist line is the one that noticeable. I'm happy that the first thing that shows was my belly.


It was around 83-84 cm at first and now it reducing to 76-77 cm, that's a really good thing right?! I read that pot belly is the number one sign of obesity (yikes!). I need to loose more I guess and this time is the slimming pills turn since the detox juice is like a jump start of a good diet habit.

Eating less carb, less fat, less red meat and try to focusing on overall health by eating more fruits and veggies.


That's me on my recent event, I noticed the curves on the waist area is looking much better than before. I hope I can keep up in loosing some weight and thanks to the slimming pills that promote energy from metabolism and everything that has been stuck on me (fat ehm) I'm looking for a lighter and better future ahead.

Thank you so much Derma Ministry for the detox and slimming program.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Alovivi and Purevivi Launch in Jakarta

Hello lovelies,

last weekend, Suika Beauty invited me to an event that announce the coming of Alovivi and Purevivi in Jakarta. These two brands are from Japan (figured from the name, right?!), hence I'm excited to see whether I know them or not, or at least get to know them better.

Alovivi itself related to aloe vera as their main ingredient. They have tons of products in the Alovivi and a few from Purevivi, Purevivi is more to the cleansing items.

The event is held in Gandaria area and begins with a presentation by the representatives from Japan.


Since all the ladies are from Japan, a translator is needed during the presentation. The lady in black is the translator and the rest are from Japan introducing the products. How to use them, what is the function and what are the benefits in using the products. I'll share with you one by one on the post below.


Most of the products are put on the table for every guests to try. There's skin balm (which is a trend in Japan right now, the beauty stores are filled with skin balm nowadays), moisturizing water, cleansing water, cleansing wipes, gel, lipstick and eyeliner too.

They all look so pretty, I love Japanese products since the design is so clean, simple, yet effective in details.


This are some of the details I find on their website (excuse the google translate) for the balm in orange.

Alovivi mandarin orange balm

Although it is moist, it does not get sticky.
A new type appears in Balm!

~ Hand, face, body! Moisturizing skin balm that contains whole-body citrus ceramide * 2 & vitamin C derivative * 3
Product features              :               Nonparaben
Product type      :               Cosmetic oil
Use applications               :               Skin Care · Moisturizing

The texture is really like a balm and the scent is so refreshingly citrus. Anyone who love orange will enjoy smelling it every now and then.

The scent may last for around an hour but the balm is still there layering the skin with moisturizer. The feeling could be a bit sticky when used too much. I advise using it on a damp skin.


The next one I tried on the spot is their lipstick, since it was new, sealed and haven't been used, I can put it on my lips directly. The color is red and a bit sheer, a typical Japanese lippies, they love sheer lipstick. But we can continue layering it for a bolder look, still, the trend is different from the west.

We (Asian) prefer to have our skin conditioned to be nourished and well taken care off so we don't need to use too much makeup, that's why skincare is so important. One of the product, that I think is one of the highlight, is their gel.


Alovivi VC all-in-one gel

Bright impression on glossy skin of 1 all-in-one gel

Dryness / dullness 1 · For rough skin measures.
Vitamin C derivative * · Super fruit * 1 · Squalane formulation
Product features              :               No coloration * , mineral oil, paraben free, synthetic fragrance not used
Product type      :               Gel cream
Use applications               :               Skin Care · Moisturizing

Aside from the Skin Balm, all in one gel also a huge hits, even on department stores that sells souvenirs are these all in one gel. I happen to bought a few from Japan during my recent trips. In Hokkaido I see many skin balm where in Osaka or Kansai area, I see many all in one gel. These gels are famous during summer as it cools the skin too with light moisturizing effect, suitable for humid weather.


And there's mask too, I'll review it soon since it is one of the products given in the goody bag. Aside from the products to bring home, we can purchase some of them on the spot too. I bought their number 1 cleanser from Purevivi that won Cosme award. An award that get many attention in Japan since it is real and based on customers review.


That's it for now, thank you so much for having me, I'll share the reviews soon and don't forget to see me on my instagram account @Carnellin, I've shared my experience during the event as well as instastories.

You can purchase Alovivi and Purevivi in Shopee or Tokopedia.

See you there!