Thursday, July 19, 2018

Raspberry & Blackberry Bath & Shower Crème

Hello lovelies,

this baby has been around for 2 months in my home and honestly, it is almost finished now. We've been using it daily and mostly for bubble bath instead of shower. The product was bought when we're in Singapore, hence I don't think it's available in Indonesia (yet), since I love trying new stuff, I figure this could be something that help boost my mood when needed.

Fresh berries scent was all over my mind when I purchase the product and when I open it a bit to sniff it. The bottle was pretty transparent, so I can see what's in it, and it's heavy too, I think it is enough for the whole family.


I Love’s Bath & Shower Crème Collection is filled with energising natural fruit extracts & skin loving moisturisers such as Pro Vitamin B5 to leave your skin feeling silky soft & deliciously scented. Nourish & refresh your skin with this fruity favourite!
Feel revitalised with the delicious scent of fresh berries in Raspberry & Blackberry. It’s the fruity fix your body will love. I Love’s pampering treats harness the power of berries to leave your skin deliciously clean & irresistibly soft.

It is soft enough and doesn't lather as much as I want it too, perhaps that's where the word creme for. It's not made for bubbles for sure, there are, but not abundantly where the kids can be excited about and the berries are rather soft too in terms of after finished taking the shower or bath, the scent seems like disappearing too. So, hmm, there's goes my fruity dream.

The skin doesn't feel dry thou', I guess that's the plus side of this product, I don't feel them getting like squeaky dry or taut, so it's comfortable for those with dry skin, or we're guilty people who took warm showers and bath every day.

Body lotion is still needed on daily basis but overall it is pretty much comfortable.


That's my face expression trying to find the scent.

So, there you go, a product that the whole family can use, gentle enough, subtle scent and light bubbles to be frequently use anytime needed.

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