Thursday, July 26, 2018

Alovivi and Purevivi Launch in Jakarta

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last weekend, Suika Beauty invited me to an event that announce the coming of Alovivi and Purevivi in Jakarta. These two brands are from Japan (figured from the name, right?!), hence I'm excited to see whether I know them or not, or at least get to know them better.

Alovivi itself related to aloe vera as their main ingredient. They have tons of products in the Alovivi and a few from Purevivi, Purevivi is more to the cleansing items.

The event is held in Gandaria area and begins with a presentation by the representatives from Japan.


Since all the ladies are from Japan, a translator is needed during the presentation. The lady in black is the translator and the rest are from Japan introducing the products. How to use them, what is the function and what are the benefits in using the products. I'll share with you one by one on the post below.


Most of the products are put on the table for every guests to try. There's skin balm (which is a trend in Japan right now, the beauty stores are filled with skin balm nowadays), moisturizing water, cleansing water, cleansing wipes, gel, lipstick and eyeliner too.

They all look so pretty, I love Japanese products since the design is so clean, simple, yet effective in details.


This are some of the details I find on their website (excuse the google translate) for the balm in orange.

Alovivi mandarin orange balm

Although it is moist, it does not get sticky.
A new type appears in Balm!

~ Hand, face, body! Moisturizing skin balm that contains whole-body citrus ceramide * 2 & vitamin C derivative * 3
Product features              :               Nonparaben
Product type      :               Cosmetic oil
Use applications               :               Skin Care · Moisturizing

The texture is really like a balm and the scent is so refreshingly citrus. Anyone who love orange will enjoy smelling it every now and then.

The scent may last for around an hour but the balm is still there layering the skin with moisturizer. The feeling could be a bit sticky when used too much. I advise using it on a damp skin.


The next one I tried on the spot is their lipstick, since it was new, sealed and haven't been used, I can put it on my lips directly. The color is red and a bit sheer, a typical Japanese lippies, they love sheer lipstick. But we can continue layering it for a bolder look, still, the trend is different from the west.

We (Asian) prefer to have our skin conditioned to be nourished and well taken care off so we don't need to use too much makeup, that's why skincare is so important. One of the product, that I think is one of the highlight, is their gel.


Alovivi VC all-in-one gel

Bright impression on glossy skin of 1 all-in-one gel

Dryness / dullness 1 · For rough skin measures.
Vitamin C derivative * · Super fruit * 1 · Squalane formulation
Product features              :               No coloration * , mineral oil, paraben free, synthetic fragrance not used
Product type      :               Gel cream
Use applications               :               Skin Care · Moisturizing

Aside from the Skin Balm, all in one gel also a huge hits, even on department stores that sells souvenirs are these all in one gel. I happen to bought a few from Japan during my recent trips. In Hokkaido I see many skin balm where in Osaka or Kansai area, I see many all in one gel. These gels are famous during summer as it cools the skin too with light moisturizing effect, suitable for humid weather.


And there's mask too, I'll review it soon since it is one of the products given in the goody bag. Aside from the products to bring home, we can purchase some of them on the spot too. I bought their number 1 cleanser from Purevivi that won Cosme award. An award that get many attention in Japan since it is real and based on customers review.


That's it for now, thank you so much for having me, I'll share the reviews soon and don't forget to see me on my instagram account @Carnellin, I've shared my experience during the event as well as instastories.

You can purchase Alovivi and Purevivi in Shopee or Tokopedia.

See you there!

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