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Rambut Lebih Tebal dan Kulit Lebih Terawat dengan Erha

Hello lovelies,

After using Erha products for my hair and skin condition with Erha Hair Grow Shampoo, Restoring Hair Moisturizer (aka conditioner), Hair Loss Tonic, Age Corrector Serum, Age Corrector Moisturizer, and Perfect Shield Helios a Total Skin Protector with SPF 50 PA++, for around a month I gained more insight regarding their products.

Before continue reading the post, please do read the previous post on all the details and why I started my journey with Erha,

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Let's start with their hair care. The shampoo is perfect for detoxing the scalp from buildups. I've explained some on my previous post regarding Erha on how products in the market contains so much silicone that it might make the hair seems silky and smooth but it is actually blocking our roots, so our scalp need to be cleanse thoroughly for the hair to grow well. Erha Hair Grow Shampoo does that, it super cleans everything, like your head just got a spring cleaning heehee.

My suggestion based on experience is that, I'm using the shampoo daily for the first 2-3 days, and then once every week when the scalp is cleaned, so daily I'm using another shampoo (that of course doesn't contain silicone anymore). Since Erha Hair Grow Shampoo also removed sebum and grease really well from the scalp, it might feel a bit too dry when used often on a normal scalp, so please do consult with the staff or doctor during purchase, these babies can be used as needed. As often or as seldom as your scalp condition. Again, for me, once to twice a week is suffice to tackle those oily roots, it kept them in behave mode.

I used to have very oily roots, like I must wash my hair twice in a day to keep them looking airy, moreover I have bangs too, nobody like oily bangs >.<

That's why I'm looking for shampoo like Erha Hair Grow Shampoo that create a better ambiance for the new hair to grow and the roots to stays happy and breathing. Oils, sebum, buildup products choke the pores of our scalp. Using a detoxing shampoo release them.


Since the shampoo made the hair squeaky clean, moisturizing the ends is important, so the hair strands remain shiny and soft. Restoring Hair Moisturizer (aka conditioner) can be applied on the mid part of the hair all the way to the ends. Always avoid using conditioner on the scalp or near the scalp, they are made for the hair. The conditioner made the hair manageable too. So you can easily comb the hair.

Now, I have another tips regarding using Restoring Hair Moisturizer, I can also use it as a hair mask. Just use it like conditioner (after washing the hair and the hair still damp and wet) apply some of the conditioner on the hair, from the mid part to the end, use a warm towel to wrap the hair or shower cap, let the warmness of the head slowly coating the sealed hair, making the conditioner melts and becoming smaller particles that soften the hair even more and you can feel the silky texture even better without weighting them down.

Rinse everything after around 15-20 minutes and dry as usual. Do notice the shine and light feeling of the hair that's look healthier.

After the scalp being sets free and the hair is happy with the moisturizer, the scalp can again receive some nutrition, this is when Hair Loss Tonic steps in. Providing ample ingredients to support hair growth. The tonic is comfortable to be used everyday on a clean scalp, better to use them when the scalp still damp, before drying the hair.

What I like about the hair tonic is that, my husband can also use it, it is a unisex and gentle enough for everyone.


Still curious about Erha?
You can learn more about Erha Clinic at
There's proper details on every products that I'm using and a bit of a background and contact information from Erha.

Now, let me continue on the products I've been using. Their skincare collection from the serum, moisturizer and of course, the sun protection.

Let's start with the sun care called Perfect Shield Helios a Total Skin Protector with SPF 50 PA++ which I think has become the highlight during my trip to Japan on June-July 2018.


I'm so lazy in terms of using sun protection since most of them is sticky, feels so thick and gave me that awful white cast. So I do avoid using them, usually I'm using a BB Cream that already contain sun protection but was told that it wasn't enough, a sun protection on its own is still needed. So I'm using Perfect Shield Helios a Total Skin Protector with SPF 50 PA++ and felt like it could be the one.

The white cream is not sticky at all, not greasy too, far away from thick feeling and no visible white cast too, it was perfect. I love the light feeling, comfortable on the skin and natural look. I've been using it during my holiday since I've spend those summer days under the sun. Visiting Tomita Farm, Furano famous lavender field, and many other outdoor activity like Rusutsu Theme Park which for sure, I'm there during the days where the sun are shining. Even when it's drizzling with rain, the sun protection is still needed, UV protection is always a key to a better skin condition. It's not just for dark spots but wrinkle and skin disease too.


Perfect Shield Helios a Total Skin Protector with SPF 50 PA++ can be used with skincare and touch up too, like whenever you feel like you've been under the sun for too long. After sweating a lot or drench by the rain, simply apply another layer.

The product is slim, I can slip it in my bag easily, and I can have my entire family safe from the sun using this too. Most of Japanese people use hats and umbrella when they are out in the sun, even their clothing are empowered with UV protection, they know the side effects of sun rays, we are just stepping out from our comfort zone by understanding this. The key to youth also lies in sun protection, so always use proper gear and a good sun protection everyday. You don't have to hide when there's sun, simply shield up ^__^


Last but definitely not the least,
Age Corrector Serum, Age Corrector Moisturizer which I'm also using. I'm a big fan of the serum which gives my dry skin a proper hydration and absorb almost instantly. The gel texture is so comfortable and the moisturizer that I'm using 2 times a week. The rest of the days I'm using a full hydration moisturizer.

Age Corrector Moisturizer is focusing in creating a smooth skin that has been defies by aging, so it also helps regeneration, and good for dull skin. On my dry and sensitive skin, using it twice a week is enough, my skin feels and look younger thanks to the rejuvenation it gives. And of course, the skincare works synergically with Total Skin Protector with SPF 50 PA++.


Thank you so much Erha Dermatology, my scalp, hair, skin is happier, more taken care and healthier too than before. Consulting with the dermatologist opens my understanding and knowledge even more regarding skin and hair care.

The staffs also have proper insight regarding the products, how to use it and make trips to the counter worth visiting.


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