Monday, June 11, 2018

MAC Lightful Quick Finish Cushion Compact

Hello lovelies,

this is MAC Lightful Quick Finish Cushion Compact in Light. The product comes in a cushion like container and look, the idea is similar to the cushion we knew, but their concept is bright glowing luminous skin.


New updates to the Lightful C lineup include a boost of sun protection for Lightful C + Coral Grass Moisturizer, now with SPF 50/PA++++; and a reimagined compact for lasting wear, naturally matte Lightful C + Coral Grass SPF 30/PA+++ Foundation, now featuring a sleek and slim side-by-side design. And, of course, not to be forgotten is our ever-popular Lightful C + Coral Grass SPF 50/PA++++ Quick Finish Cushion Compact, which packs all the benefits of our Lightful C foundation into an innovative cushion compact that̢۪s ideal for quick touch-ups and maintaining bright skin with long-wearing, natural radiant coverage.

The product comes in 7 shades and this is not the fairest of them all, extra light is. So there's 5 more shades darker than mine.

The container all in all similar to any cushion, with the cushion, puff, and the product in a soft squishy sponge. One dab is enough for my entire face. Maybe since it's still new but I think they do give more.


A luxurious brand of MAC is entitled on the handle ribbon.

Enough about packaging and container goo goo ga ga, we want to see the product in action, so, let's start by looking at my bare nude skin.


Uneven skin tone, spots and there's even one annoying acne on the chin.

Some redness also visible as well.

Below is after using the cushion compact without any concealer or color corrector.


The skin appear instantly brighter, smoother, more flawless and the tone is even out. Major dark spots are hidden and that brightening look achieved easily.

The product blends and sticks on the skin easily, I enjoy using it as the product feels comfortable and thin on the skin, like I'm using none.

After the cushion I'm adding some contour, powder and colors. Since the base itself already really good in making and keeping the canvas looking 'clean' and effortless, I have no problem throughout the day.


Very minimum touch up is used, even after a bit of studio drama and getting sweat like having a Brazilian wax (you know how that feel), the makeup still comfortably there and looking as fresh as ever. The staying power is amazing.


Thank you so much MAC Indonesia for this lovely product, I'll surely use it daily now as it gives my skin a sun protection as well as coverage and survival that I need throughout the day without fail.


Must try! Where have you been all my life?!


  1. Ink kayaknya cocok untuk kulit kering aja ya ci? soalnya kayak dewy banget gitu hasil akhirnya

    1. cocok untuk semua jenis kulit kok meski finishnya dewy