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I was confuse, I'm thinking of the perfect title for this post and I think #TerjebakErha is spot on. Here's my story,

So after having a blast under the sun, and having a thing or two with age, where I know, I know, most people said age is just a number, but the signs are kinda there. The hair which is not as luscious as before, not as thick and strong as before. My skin which does show some aging signs like the laughing lines, not as firm as they used to, easier in getting dark spots, dry hair, and of course, I want solution, I want something that made a difference, hence this hashtag comes to life: #TerjebakErha. Try look for it in instagram and noticed that influencers are sharing why they are 'trapped by Erha' which means they heart are falling for Erha Apothecary and having a great time using the products from Erha Clinic.

For sure, me too heehee, saya #TerjebakErha dan mencoba berbagai macam produk mereka that can help me in getting better hair growth, skin condition and for the future too.


Here they are, produk-produk yang aku coba untuk masalahku saat ini.

Perfect Shiel Helios (sun protection SPF 50 pa++), Age Corrector Serum, Age Corrector Moisturizer, Hair Grow Shampoo, Hair Loss Tonic, and Restoring Hair Moisturizer (conditioner).

I'm so excited in trying them all and can't wait to see some positive outcome. Years ago, I've tried some of Erha hair product and do enjoy them as they are pretty effective, I even recommend them to my family, now, Erha has grown so much, new packaging, new products and I'm happy to see they are getting so many raved from customers. I hope they do develop more new products for many skin (and hair) type and condition too.


Let start from the hair products, shall we?!

All the details are available on their packaging, it's show that this product have a good standard of quality. I find  no typos in their details, neat!!

Here are some more details from

Mengurangi kerontokan dan menumbuhkan rambut baru.
Erhair HairGrow Shampoo diformulasikan secara khusus untuk tahap pemeliharaan mengurangi kerontokan rambut. Diperkaya bahan alami ekstrak Cucurbita Pepo Seed, ekstrak Ginseng dan Niacinamide yang berfungsi melancarkan mikrosirkulasi serta mengoptimalkan penyerapan nutrisi vitamin dan mineral, sehingga efektif merangsang pertumbuhan rambut baru sekaligus menghambat hormon penyebab kerontokan. Erhair HairGrow Shampoo menggunakan bahan-bahan alami sehingga cocok digunakan setiap hari.
Mengandung Kopexil dan Ekstrak Panax Ginseng yang membantu mengurangi kerontokan rambut serta menutrisi rambut dan kulit kepala.
Mengandung Kopexil™ dan Ekstrak Panax Ginseng yang membantu mengurangi kerontokan rambut. Hair Loss Tonic juga diperkaya dengan vitamin, mineral dan asam amino untuk memberikan nutrisi pada rambut dan kulit kepala.
Cara Pemakaian :Aplikasikan pada kulit kepala yang bersih setelah berkeramas dengan HairGrow Shampoo, dapat dilakukan pada kondisi kulit kepala kering atau setengah basah. Semprotkan ke kulit kepala secara merata lalu beri sedikit pijatan. Tidak perlu dibilas.
Dapatkan hasil yang maksimal dengan penggunaan yang teratur bersama rangkaian produk erhair lainnya.


The shampoo comes in a two sizes bottle, 100 ml and 250 ml, the 100 ml can be used for up to 2 weeks for my hair length. Both of the bottles (shampoo and hair tonic) have a good designs in details of product information, color and tone. I like what they did to their products.

They look like a products from overseas, very trendy yet have that apothecary essences.

Since I have two kids, for some reasons that even doctors can only said perhaps it's hormonal and common, I do suffer hair loss, it's not really bad or severe, but it does appear different, the numbers of hair growing on the roots is not as many as before. Did you know that a single root can grow 3-5 strands of hair at once? So when some of mine only grow one or two hairs, it means that it is not as thick as before.

Diet, lifestyle and many other things does have effects on the hair growth, for me perhaps it's the lack of sleep and occasional junk food (guilty as charge). These things also some of the cause of agings for the skin.


Let's go back to the shampoo, the first thing I've notice is the smell, it's like a fresh herbs, a modernize herbs that is refreshing and comfortable. The color of the product is clear gel and pretty thick, so it is not runny. No need using too much as they are quite concentrated.

My hair needs the nutrition and the scalp need to take those formula from the shampoo, so whenever I'm washing my hair with HairGrow Shampoo, I took my time and try not to be as quick as I used too. I let the product sits on my hair of at least a few more minutes.

I felt no sting, no irritation, no discomfort when using the products.


While the hair is being cleaned thoroughly with the bubbles, I noticed that I didn't need to use as much shampoo as other brand. Like it was pretty thick, dense and the gels lathers super well making my scalp feels so fresh, this is perhaps another highlight of the shampoo, since shampoo is made more to the scalp than to the hair strands. It's the source of the hair growth.

If the scalp is well taken care, the hair growth could be optimized. I do noticed that many people have their scalp blocked by dirt, sebum to hair product buildups. So the scalp need to be detoxed too.


When the scalp is cleaned thoroughly, the nutrition given afterwards from the hair tonic can goes into the roots without anything blocked the way. Same goes with our face where we need to clean all those dirt, sweats, makeup and all, scalp and hair need to be cleaned too so the product used afterwards can work well.

The thing about cleaning the hair, most shampoo in the market contain too many ingredients that actually blocked the scalp, not Erha, they made their products understanding these principals.


After towel dry the hair, use the hair tonic before using the hair dryer or completely drying the hair. So the scalp 'pores' is still open and ready to absorb all those goodness from the hair tonic.

I've been using all of their products for days now, so you can say that these are like my first impressions, no worries, I'll share with you another post after trying them at least 2-3 weeks.

So far, what I enjoy from using the hair tonic is that it doesn't contain a high alcohol like a lot of hair tonic in the market, so there's no allergic reaction, sting and for sure, no overwhelming fragrance that made you wonder whether this is a hair perfume or a hair tonic. Do notice that fragrance is actually one of the major factor for irritants.

So do pay attention on what you're using on daily basis and trust only good quality brands like Erha and be #terjebakErha like me heehee.


You must be wondering, how about the hair, we've been talking about the scalp and cleanliness and food for the roots, how about the hair. Relax, Erha got you covered, they also have conditioner that is not just making the hair silky, but detangling and stronger.
Perawatan intensif untuk rambut kering, sangat kering, atau rusak.
Restoring Hair Moisturizer tidak hanya melembutkan tetapi juga menutrisi batang rambut. Kandungan Shea Butter, Pro Vit B5, dan Vit E yang bekerja sinergis menjaga agar struktur batang rambut tetap sehat dan kuat, serta mengembalikan kelembapan dan melembutkan batang rambut. Sehingga rambut lembut dan mudah diatur.
Cara Pemakaian :Oleskan secukupnya pada batang rambut yang sudah dibersihkan dengan shampoo ± 3 cm dari akar rambut (bukan dioleskan pada pangkal rambut). Diamkan selama 1 menit. Bilas rambut dengan air sampai bersih.


The white creamy product is easy to be used and no noticeable scent. The conditioner is used right after shampooing, on a wet hair and away from the scalp. You can even use a wide tooth comb to help distribute the conditioner. A hair that is flexible and coated by the conditioner will be tougher to break, hence in a sense, it helps the hair to stay thick too.

Some people may suffer hair 'loss' due to breakage, so their scalp is fine and doesn't have problems with hair growth so due to the terrible dryness of the hair it breaks midway. By using tonic to support the nutrition from the scalp to the hair and conditioner that cover the strands, they both work hand in hand making sure the hair grow well and stays well.

Since I abused my hair so much with bleaching and coloring, of course I need the conditioner, it made my hair bearable again. Before, combing it feels like a difficult task, now the conditioner made my daily routine easier and helps my lifestyle too.


The following products are for the face, it's a serum and moisturizer from the Age Corrector collection. 

Best to be used for those with early stage of aging with fine lines, or in need of skin regeneration.


Pelembap dengan Anti-Aging System bekerja efektif dalam membantu mengatasi tanda-tanda penuaan pada kulit.
Erha21 DF Age Corrector Moisturizer mengandung Grandactive Retionoid, Adipose Derived Stem Cells, Peptide Complex sebagai antiwrinkle dan antioksidan yang bekerja sinergis mengurangi garis halus & kerutan, melindungi kulit dari kerusakan kulit akibat radikal bebas serta membantu regenerasi kulit dengan teknologi Self Regenerative Stem Cell.
Diperkaya dengan Stabilized Vitamin C untuk menghambat pembentukan melanin sehingga kulit menjadi sehat dan tampak cerah, serta membantu merangsang pembentukan kolagen untuk menjaga elastisitas kulit. Dilengkapi dengan Vitamin E sebagai moisturizer yang menjaga dan mengembalikan kelembapan kulit.
Cara Pemakaian :
Gunakan secara teratur 2 kali sehari, pada pagi dan malam hari setelah membersihkan wajah.
Untuk hasil yang lebih maksimal, kombinasikan dengan Erha21 DF Age Corrector Serum sebelum penggunaan Age Corrector Moisturizer ini.


All the details are also available on the packaging and bottle. Both come in a pump bottles for hygienic and safety issue. They look like they are well made too.

Ingredients are listed alongside with a clear expired date, I love this! It shows confidence and care for the customer, I had enough with products that hides expiry dates with very small and uneasy to find codes.


Serum antiaging yang terbukti secara klinis dapat membantu menyamarkan kerutan dan menjaga elastisitas kulit.
Erha21 DF Age Corrector Serum mengandung antioksidan dan anti-wrinkle yang bekerja sinergis mengurangi kerutan dan memperbaiki elastisitas dengan cara memperbaiki hidrasi kulit, merangsang pembentukan kolagen serta meningkatkan efektivitas perbaikan sampai ke tingkat DNA secara signifikan, sehingga dapat memperbaiki sel kulit yang rusak akibat sinar UV. Diperkaya dengan moisturizer dan Betawhite untuk melembutkan, melembapkan serta mencerahkan kulit.
Cara Pemakaian :Gunakan secara teratur pada pagi dan malam hari setelah membersihkan wajah sebelum menggunakan pelembab wajah.


And did you know that most of Erha products are affordable, they range are around Rp.100k, so a good quality product doesn't always comes in a hefty price tag heehee, so happy.

In terms of my skin, of course I'm in the aging area, I'm 37 and that's not really young. If people look closely on my bare face they'll notice the dark spots and fine lines, these two things are the main focus for Age Corrector serum and moisturizer, so these two babies are spot on for my face care.


The texture of both product is like gel. Very comfortable and I'vebeen enjoying using them. Each only need a pump for the whole face. Do clean the skin thoroughly and use toner before the serum. I can also use any face mist before the serum before continue with the moisturizer. I noticed that even thou the moisturizer keep my skin moist, it's not as oily as other product I've used before. It's like a perfect merit.


I have a dry skin, so I tend to use a creamy moisturizer that is very rich and well, boldly there, like even the whole family complains how slippery my skin is, since other moisturizer for 'normal' skin wont do, it doesn't keep my skin hydrated.

But these babies from Erha do, they are light yet enough.


So far, it's been so good, for sure I'll share more on my next post for the serum and moisturizer. Btw, both can be used day and night.

And of course, they won't leave my skin without protection from the sun, remember that most of aging also comes from too much exposure from those rays. We need sun protection every day, sunny or rain, we need it, our skin deserves it.



Broad spectrum sunscreen yang diformulasikan khusus sehingga ringan & nyaman dipakai setiap hari untuk memberikan perlindungan kulit secara menyeluruh terhadap paparan sinar matahari baik sinar UVA maupun UVB.
Helios Daily Use SPF50/PA++ memiliki 7 in 1 benefits sebagai berikut.
  1. Double protection sunscreen with SPF50/PA++, secara sempurna melindungi kulit dari efek buruk sinar UV seperti sunburn dan photoaging (vlek / bintik hitam).
  2. Mengandung Sebum Absorber sehingga tidak terasa berminyak.
  3. Ringan dipakai setiap hari untuk perlindungan kulit.
  4. Double Antioxidant (Coenzyme Q10 dan Vitamin E), efektif melindungi kulit dari kerusakan sel akibat proses oksidatif yang disebabkan oleh sinar UV serta memperlambat tanda-tanda penuaan kulit yang disebabkan oleh sinar UV.
  5. DNA Protector Agent (Phytoplacenta Extract), yang berfungsi sebagai photoprotective sehingga dapat melindungi kerusakan DNA, serta meningkatkan perbaikan DNA pada sel yang mengalami apatosis atau sel
  6. Membantu mencerahkan serta mengurangi pigmentasi pada kulit.
  7. Mengurangi serta membantu meredakan kemerahan pada kulit yang mengalami iritasi akibat paparan sinar UV.

Cara Pemakaian :Gunakan ke seluruh kulit wajah dan tubuh, 15 menit sebelum keluar ruangan.Ulangi penggunaan jika diperlukan.


I do mentioned that I have dark spots right? That's because I often skin the sun screen on daily basis, thinking that my makeup already contain sunscreen, but it's actually not enough. Many makeup lover like me avoid using sunscreen since we are 'scared' of whitecast, thankfully, Erha Helios Daily Use is so light, grease free and don't create that whitecast we feared about.

They also have another version that resist water, perfect for a watersport or days where we exercise under the sun.

So this is for daily use as in city life style. Perfect for those who spend only a while under the sun, like walking to the car park and back to the home, or those who happens to be out only for a while like their normal lifestyle being an office lady, college girls, and so on.


I'm in the end of my post now, for sure, all of the products here are indeed impressive and I like trying them all and will continue using them until the next post. Do visit at Erha, which btw, was so easily loved. The concept of their stores and clinic is so modern and they have more and more products now worth trying.

I was sceptical that I would love all of their products that I'll be trying, but I guess I was wrong, I'm happy that I open my eyes and my senses when trying these babies to find faults, mistakes or any discomfort, which I find none. They are all so good, and I hope they'll give me more positive reaction, like the hair can grow more and the skin appear more flawless, less lines and protected from the sun, hence avoiding future dark spots. Stay tune ya! I'll review all of them again.

You can simply stay tune at their social media in Instagram @Erha.Dermatology or Facebook at Erha.Dermatology.


Thank you so much Erha Dermatology, I'm #TerjebakErha and loving it!

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