Thursday, June 7, 2018

Spa Essentia White Glow

Hello lovelies,

Spa Essentia is here, they are celebrating a new collection called White Glow, pastinya untuk mencerahkan kulit ya, dan mereka punya variant uang untuk muka dan tubuh.

I think this is perfect for those who wants to get married, atau ada acara penting yang akan datang and they want to look special for that occasion.


Kebetulan aku kali ini memcoba face serum, face moisturizer, body scrub, body mask dan face masknya juga.

The masks comes in a sachets, jadi dalam satu bungkus ada beberapa sachet dan cukup digunakan sesuai keperluan. You can use rose water, any toner, or plain clean water to mix the mask.

The scrub comes in a tube container while their serum and moisturizers in a pump bottles.


Below are the texture of the serum and moisturizer, moisturizer is slightly thicker while the serum is more transparent and more fluid. The moisturizer smell so good, like I was instantly taken to a beautiful spa, it's like that usual scent when entering a spa.


Below is the texture of the scrub, it's white, creamy, with beads that satisfy the needs to scrub the skin. What I like about the scrub is that it has a spa scent too, with the feeling of super clean yet still moist skin. It doesn't dried out the skin.


The details on the products are available on each of the box or wrapper of the container. From the direction, ingredients to instruction.

One common thing I find on the ingredients, it's lavender. Perhaps it's the ingredients that made them smells so good, and so does all those citrus too.


The scents is comforting, refreshing and beautiful at the same time. I do enjoy using the scrub but I wish it came in a bigger tube since a single tube is like 3 usage for the whole body. I like them on a dry skin, it add that friction and getting the dead skin cells.

Adding water a bit by bit while massaging the skin is addictive, the skin is getting that micro-circulating effects.


The face mask comes in a package of 4 x 4g and the body is in 20 g's.

On this post I'm only mixing the powders with water to see the sole effects of the mask.

I'm using one for the face and another on the body.


Now regarding the face mask and the body mask too. Do it one by one. I use the face mask first, adding water little by little so it wont be too runny before applying it on my skin, clean skin that is.

Same goes with the body mask, adding water little by little so it wont be too runny, and here's the fun part, after putting the mask all over the body I was kinda confuse where to stand waiting for the mask to dry while wearing nothing.

The mask dries up pretty fast, around 10 minutes but I wish I can just relax and lie down so the mask could stay longer, like wishing for the longer I let them stay on my skin, the fairer I'll become, I wish to have an even skin tone more than a paler one heehee.


After rinsing the mask and continually using it, my skin does appear cleaner. In a sense that it helps my skin to appear brighter and more attractive. It's not just being white and fair but removing back acne, uneven skin tone, trapped dirt on the pores so the skin appear better and healthier too.

Those who love shoulder off tops must try using the scrub and body mask routinely, alongside with sun protection too.


As for the serum and moisturizer aka White Glow Whitening Serum and White Glow Face and Eye Night Lotion, they are both helping my facial skin to appear even out, fresher and fairer in a way that my skin gets that brighter vibe.

And just like the body, the facial skin also need sun protection to help staying fair longer and better.


Thank you so much Spa Essentia for the goodies, I enjoy using them daily. The scrub and masks can be used on a weekly basis while the serum and night lotion daily.

See you again soon on my next post!! And If you want to try some of Spa Essentia products as well as getting pampered in their spa, do join my giveaway, it is available on my instagram account @Carnellin.

Au revoir!!

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