Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ettusais - Aqua Splash Oil Block

Thanks to HerWorld, I got a chance to try this wonderful product that easily used and effective.

To read my review it's on HerWorld Oct 2010.

Ettusais Aqua Splash (a spray with mattifying powder inside to sop up sebum. it replaces a blotter!)

I used it only when the oils on my face started to sprout, the sprayer is really handy but I can’t help it when it also sprayed my eyes and lips where it is not needed. It also leaves some white spots, to tackle it I tap my face with my hands right after spraying to reduce the white spots (but some still ended up on my fingers).

It gives my skin a powdery feeling; it doesn’t affect my make up, so for me it can be used anytime I need a matte-effect. I think I’m going to use this one for my daily life since it help to reduce the appearance of oil (less shine and make up stay on longer). I used it mainly on T-zone.

The relatively small bottle is handy for touch up anytime any where. It also gives me a refreshing feeling since the oils are gone.

I think some time ago ZA also have something like this too, but can't find it again on the market.

More details can be found on the website (so does where the photo is from).

Cleansing Oil and Foam from Aqualabel

Last night I was able to try the cleansing oil from Aqualabel. It was light but manage to clean my toughest stay on lipstick (Infallible from L'Oreal). Just a pump, let it settle for like 2 second and a bit massage, trust me when I say a little it means a little, then wipe it off and voila the lipstick are all clear. I also do all the parts of my face but my skin become a bit red, doesn't feel itchy or sting, just red.

I saw on my friend next to me her skin become red too. Perhaps that show the product is working to clean deep within??

Then I try this White Clear Foam, which is not clear at all in color but white, thick and have this clumps of white clay, which is unique for me. Lather on with water then put some lather on the face to clean it. The scent is pleasing and overall I like how it cleans my face but doesn't strip away the moisture.

The wet white towels shows all the foundation and powder cleaned by the foam and the cotton pad when wiped after cleansing oil is used.

I like both of the product since they do provide a clean result without drying the skin. The cleansing oil also so light compared to other brand I used and for price wise, it is still in the budget friendly zone.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

I'm a big Neutrogena fan, I've been using their lip balm and tested through time where it really help my lip to stay in the cold, windy and dry winter. My husband use the Rainbath and we all love the scent.

Anyway now I just have this Water Gel (yes, I know it's been a while since they're launching, but my chance is now). My review? Love it! It's affordable, easy to use, easy to absorb, the texture is just is like a concentrated swimming pool, light blue color. But take note, it only provide moisture, I don't say moisture not important, it's just some of us are looking for an all in one like whitening effect, sunblock, anti-aging, etc, it's not here. A bit tips from me: use a serum to complement those needs and if use on daytime, use sunblock afterward.

So I use the product only at night or after showering in the afternoon. Morning? I still use my all in one moisturizer with sunblock. Gotta love sunblock living in a tropical island.

The scent, is subtle, not annoying, kinda fresh musk.

Here what it's say on the label:
With innovative Progressive Release System, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel replenish and retains water all day long. It's refreshing gel formula with purified Hyaluronic acid and Olive extract continuously releases moisture, making it available to dry skin cells for soft and supple skin with healthy glow.

Yojiya - Face wash powder

I bought the product in Narita, apparently it's pretty famous for their blotting paper (Aburatori-Gami), but since I didn't use any blotting paper or need it, I bought their washing powder since for me it's easier to carry during traveling.

Details of more Yojiya products can be found on their website.

Texture: like a fine washing powder or detergent. White and so soft. Easily mixed with adequate water. Easily lathered on and used too.

On the skin is feel soft and smooth, I don't like the smell, it's weird (perhaps it's the enzyme inside) when rinsing it first felt like there a thin silky film, then a squeaky clean. But after drying with a soft tower the skin feels comfortable, not dry, clean. I don't experience any discomfort or immediate/delayed allergy effect.

Suitable for:
Any skin, for all I know, since my skin is dry on cheeks and a bit oily on t-zone. But since Yojiya is more to the oily skin, I think for those with oily and acne prone will have the most benefit.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fruity - Jelly from Maybelline and Juicy Tubes from Lancome

The Detail:
Juicy Tube
Lip Gloss
Ultra Shiny


The Review:

It's really shiny, just like what it claimed to be, fragrant with juicy kinda cherry/berry scent. Sticky, especially when your hair accidentally gets in the way, since it was colored I think it is best to use it with a mirror and a lip brush since with the tube itself can be messy. If the lips is not touch the lip gloss stay on quite long (like 4 hours still very moist), easy to clean and the 'balming' effect stay on when the colored wipe out with tissue.

The Detail:
Fruity. Jelly
04. Creamy Guava

The Review:
Pretty much the same with Juicy Tubes, the first difference is the scent which is citrus, and of course the color (because I picked the different one). But for the stickiness and how it feel on the lips is completely the same. For the shiny, I think the Lancome is more shinier and glossier. The effect also hold less longer than Lancome (after all they are on different range of price).

Depend on your budget and preference but both have the same feeling on the lips (sticky), scented (one is berry/cherry and Maybelline is citrus), Lancome Juicy Tubes is much more glossier, and last longer (for the scent, shine and gloss effect on the lips).

Both of them used better with a lip brush, can be applied over a lipstick for a much stronger appearance and have moisturizing effect too. The product is small, and easy to put in to the smallest purse.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Aqualabel Mask - WT

This mask is Aqualabel Whitening range, the color packaging is blue and...shiny.

I used it for about 30 minutes. The feeling is wonderful, no allergy, sensitiveness, or any discomfort while using the mask. I use it after cleansing and use the lotion from WT range too.

And the result is.............yes the picture are exactly like that, I didn't make any mistake by putting the before in after or the other way around.

Conclusion: Not all whitening mask gives instant gratification.

instant manicure - TALIKA

This is the first time I tried an instant manicure. It is said on the packaging "instant whitening & coating oxygen treatment".

1. Pour the effervescent powder into enough tepid water to cover nails completely. Use about 5 fl.oz.

2. Soak and wiggle fingers in the solution for about 3 minutes

3. Gently dry with soft cloth

So there I go and open the sachet, I use the whole set for 1 treatment.

After I poured some water just enough to cover the nails area, it immediately bubbling. So I put my nails inside and wiggle.

The bubbles last about 45 second before settling down to cloudy blue solution that scented. It was okay, definitely not smelly, fragrant but not a fresh scent, more like musk flowery. The scent last for about 30 minutes after using the product.

After finishing my 3 minutes, I dry it with a clean soft cloth, it feels like a thin film covering the area that using the solution. Giving my nails a transparent glow. For whiter I don't see it but my nails are white enough and so far been receiving complement for the thickness and how strong it is. So perhaps if you have a nails that not too white due to constant nail polishing or other reason, you might find the whitening effect works.

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