Friday, September 3, 2010

Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask

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Couple days ago I get this sample from The Sample Store, a teeny tiny sachet. I wore it last night and here's my review:

The Face Shop Roots Sleeping Mask

Full Description (Taken from TheSampleStore.SG)

Sleeping Mask: Convenient (very convenient since it can glide on easily leaving no residue or sticky effect whatsoever),

highly nutritious mask that you can just sleep in. No need to wash off. This advanced lifting line formulated with Wild Himalayan Raspberry Roots instantly lifts (I must say I didn't feel nor see any lifting effect,

tightens pores (also didn't see nor feel it too), and re-contours the skin that lacks resilience.

Texture: Silky, Skin becomes seamless, velvety, for me it like pink milkish.

Skin Type: All Skin 1. Lifting & Contouring Raspberry extracts strengthen Elastin fibres in the dermis - Tighter and firmer skin and facial line 2. Energizes cell with Tephroline. Cells are more active in functioning 3. Protects and Promotes collagen synthesis. Raspberry Roots promotes collagen synthesis while Machilus inhibits the work of colagenase that breaks down collagen 4. Amazing supply of hydration and minerals [ Black beans, black rice, Adlay, Black sesame seed] Benefits: 1) Raspberry Roots from the Himalayas: Rich in antioxidants, promotes collagen synthesis 2) Tephroline: promotes the natural secretion of beta-endorphins (pleasure inducing) , Supplying energy to the cells. 3) Purslane: Protects collagen by inhibiting the enzyme activation of collagenase which decomposes collagen

Okay so my conclusion is: The gel is pink milkish color, kinda thick but still able to spread easily on the surface of my skin, and this is the first time I'm using a sleeping mask that this light, it absorbed less than 30 minutes, I can't feel any leftover after that. Despite it was for lifting effect I must say, I didn't feel any significance for lifting but a bit more firm only during application, as I wash showering and cleansing in the morning the obvious effect is hydration but Estee Lauder's Advance Night Repair would've done the same and easier application plus better result.

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