Saturday, September 18, 2010

Maybelline's Power in You FINALE PARTY!

I'm arrived at Supperclub @Odeon Tower at 7.55PM we are not allowed to go in until 8.15 PM. Once in all of the guest are given a goody bag worth $50. Inside the goodie bag there's a Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara, lipgloss, waterproof makeup remover (all by Maybelline), some vouchers and sample too.

The dressing table is prepared with Maybelline's cosmetics and for those who want hair styling Redken is there to the rescue.

8.35PM the 2nd floor is filling up, so does the 1st floor, but I get a better view since all photographer is down there, I better stay up.

The bars are open, get your drinks and no alcohol for me please, thank you for the orange juice.

There are some promotion going on too from the Supperclub.

I'm checking out the free makeover and there's already been a queue. The lady who attend to us is very nice and friendly, she did a good job making sure all her clients looking pretty and natural.

While waiting for a touch up I was going for a free hair makeover.

All products used from REDKEN.

Thanks to the quick hair stylist, my hair are done in a jiffy.

And since I only need a touch up 10 minutes is all it takes for me.

I know, I know enough about me, inside the show is starting, too bad I miss Sylvia Ratonel singing.

The contestants are given 5 minutes for makeups...better fast!

The pretty small decorations that greet us, the half lid candles means the night is getting late and late.

A fashion show is ON. Each of them showing their own style.

Clearly some girls got more fans than the others, the cheering is loud!

While others just doing a catwalk, some do dancing and try to get more attention. They are so confident it's really nice.

Now it's really dancing time, these boys are so flexible.

Another show from the contestants. And now the clock strike 10.10PM, I have to go.

This is Carnellin signing out. Congratulation to Melissa Chloelia Lim!!!

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