Friday, September 3, 2010

bebe's Fall/Winter 2010

bebe prelaunch, 24 august 2010



Be immersed in an unforgettable world of style and beauty treats at “Indulgence”, the ultimate style experience from bebe.
“Indulgence” will introduce bebe's Fall/Winter 2010 collection at an exclusive, invitation-only event epitomizing the brand’s assertive, sexy and stylish attitude. Featuring muted neutrals and rich jewel tones in luxurious fabrics, the collection’s urban look will appeal to trendsetting professionals who slide effortlessly between the corporate boardroom and chicest bars.

Event Details
Date: Thursday, 2 September 2010
Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Venue: Greenhouse Bar @ Krish, 9 Rochester Park
RSVP*: Send your name, contact number and email to by Monday, 30 August 2010. You may RSVP for up to +2 guests.

At “Indulgence”, guests will be pampered by some of Singapore’s best beauty and style establishments whilst lounging alfresco, complimentary canap├ęs, cocktails and premium bottled water from San Benedetto in hand. STYLE magazine's Lena Kamarudin will provide professional style advice, while Aramsa Spa, Esboudoir Nails, Toni & Guy and The Studio will be on hand to provide everything from professional style advice to express manicures and massages and even a glamorous photoshoot.

Don't miss your chance to experience the ultimate style, beauty and sensory experience with bebe!

*Please present your email confirmation at the reception to gain entrance into this exclusive event.

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Almost 2 weeks ago I got an invitation to RSVP an event from Heat Branding regarding "Indulgence: The Ultimate bebe Style Experience". Excited to see what kind of indulgence will be thrown, I RSVP for me and a guest.

This is my guest, Ms. Fonny, the drink she hold is a spicy sweet drink which I think have a unique taste, I like it, if they were not served on a hot night like last night.

Around 7.30 PM and the place is 3/4 full, queues for the free makeover (makeup/hair/nails) are crowded, many ladies seen don't want to miss this opportunity and come as 'plain' as they can and use these free services.

While those ladies busy with the freebies, my friend and I was walking around the place which not big and since it's outdoor many are hiding themselves near the restroom and bar area to avoid the heat. This couple of days has been really hot event at night like last night the temp is still pretty high (31 degree but feels like 35).

Fonny holding her Style (Sept 2010) mag, and if you see her face, that's not glowing in happiness, that's sweat, pure sweat!

Finally around 8 the host welcomed all the guest and remind us that the 'show' will start soon. By that time for me and my friend we are kinda bored. We met some familiar faces, chat here and there and the thing that we are looking for and the reason we are here was kept being stalled. Where is the bebe's collection?!

While waiting appetizer (seafood), small sandwich, and dessert (ice cream chocolate whiskey and lychee martini) are distributed to all the guest with some San Benedetto, wines and cocktail.

The clock strike at 9.30 PM (when on the email it is said the event ended on 9.30 PM) and finally they begin to show us some collection which...(sorry) for me not up to date enough. Ms. Lena (Style) said nude is in now, for me it was spring/summer trend in Tokyo. And the hoods are last season too, fall and winter are all about the coat....but hey, what do I know?! I'm just a customer O_0

These are the models showing some of their collection which I think is wearable in Singapore's weather.

The one with the hood, and the lady with the mic is Ms. Lena.

Another collection. And Ms. Lena also gives some style advice for audience, some Q & A's too, and partial lucky draw for anyone who put their name card on registration.

Then the host take over the mic and announce there will be part 2 (what?!) so all the quest have to wait (again). My friends and I was tired, we felt that all this heat and waiting on plus on weekdays too is taking us down, so we say good bye and apart.

This is some of memorabilia we've taken.

Below is the stamp they put on my hand and the wonderful nail color done there, I didn't go for the hair and makeup since the queue for me is unbearable and thinking I'll be heading home afterward why bother with more makeup and hair styling product... (lame excuse).

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