Friday, September 17, 2010

Quick review on samples

These are my quick review on some samples, since they are only sachets don't ask about long term effect okay :) Thank you!

1. Ahava shower cream with Lavender and Honeysuckle, suitable for sensitive skin, the scent is ultra feminine, didn't lather much and better to be used in long term to see the nourishing effect.

2. Palmer Olive Oil Formula Conditioner, surprisingly the scent is just gorgeous and I really like this conditioner, it soothe and calm my frizz but not too heavy.

3. Another shower cream from Ahava (Bamboo and Pansy), I like this scent better and the lather is also better than the Lavender and Honeysuckle.

4. Nuxe gentle puryfying and clarifying mask, really love the rose scent, it does cleanse the facial skin well, leaving the skin feels soft and smooth. The application is so simple and easy to clean too. Can use once per week.

5. b.o.d premium blend conditioner, really hate the smell kinda like amonia, but the hair become so smooth after use.

6. Nuxe gentle cleansing gel, suitable for daily use but I don't think it will work for waterproof makeup and for cleaning sunblock it need double cleansing. I like the scent it is bursting with honey then flowery and fresh.

7. Ba Wang anti hair fall shampoo, the smell is pleasant and commercial (flowery), make hair clean and squeaky.

8. Ba Wang hair strengthening shampoo, really don't like the smell, feels like walking into a Chinese herbs store and got stuck in their air. The hair become clean and squeaky after use.

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