Tuesday, April 29, 2014

L'Oreal Paris Makeup Week 2014 - Create Your Lip-Tastic Look (ColorRiche in Cherry Crush and Pearly Think Pink)

Hello everyone!!

L'Oreal Paris is having a Makeup Week 2014!! Have you participated? They are having ones for everyone, blogger and non blogger.

Check out more here: https://www.facebook.com/LOrealParisID for details, how to and more information.


Celebrating this exciting week, L'Oreal Paris Indonesia sent me two of it's lipstick, the Color Riche is one of the range available at L'Oreal Paris makeup collection for some time and kept being improved and re-invent.


I've got mine in Cherry Crush and the Pearly collection in Think Pink. Yup, there are more than 1 collection since the effect produces also different one to another.

The Pearly has more shine and looks glossier on the lips while Cherry Crush looks more matte. This is of course to cater ones personal choice.


Above is the results of the lipsticks on my lips and below on my hand. The Cherry Crush somehow looks a bit like coral or maybe salmon with naked eye.


Inspired by these colors to create some looks? Then, participate in the Makeup Week 2014 and win prizes by L'Oreal Paris Indonesia!

Glamour Shot Matte Perfection by SAMPAR

Hello everyone, 

It's been a crazy weather lately hasn't it?! Hot one second and raining cats and dog in the next, not to forget the icy drops last week. This kind of heat and sudden mood of change in the climate made the air feels muggy and the humidity peaks up, what does it do to our skin? Make the pores big and wide, arghhhh.

Being thirty something large pores has now become my daily companion, the aging seems to have a mind on it's own, I need something to help me instantly and beneficial in the long term too. 

This is where SAMPAR Glamour Shit Mat Perfection comes in handy. Available at Beauty Box across Jakarta, Indonesia, and at SAMPAR (Grand Indonesia) the pink skincare range from Paris deliver quick result for a less pores instantly and help ease out the uneven complexion. 

Tested on 30 persons for 6 hours the product able to make the sebum less active as well. For me this is a solution fo my oily nose and large pores on upper cheek area. 

How to use? 
Apply after moisturizing on area needed or all over the face. The product is not compatible with liquid makeup, so I recommend using two way cake or mineral foundation (powder) as a base and followed by other powder makeup. 

The unisex product is small yet handy. Compatble with any other skincare I'm using at the moment. Perfect for those who ar looking for a matte finish and and during photo shoot, a soft focus effect naturally. 

Please do click on any image for larger view and read the details given by SAMPAR. The technology and ingredients behinds it is adequate in providing an instant solution for the skin and have long term benefit.

The price tag is a bit hefty thou, for a 15 ml is Rp. 420.000.

Interested? You may find it in these locations:

Why should you be interested? Well for me, it's for the real result offered, below are my before after images of using the product on a cleaned moisturized skin. 

Less visible pores under 1 minute after application. Once the gel dries up the velvety effect felt right after. It was something worth witnessing, keep looking at the mirror while applying and see how the skin's pores shrunk and the skin tone become more unified than before. Wow! 

Overall, a great product (if you don't mind the cost) that gives the skin an instant result of a less visible pores and less sebum until your next shower time. Can be used day and night. The skincare benefit is wonderful for a long term effect on the skin, but perhaps the 15 ml wont last that long heehee. 

Thank you so much SAMPAR Indonesia. 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Original Source Vanilla and Raspberry

Hello gorgeous!!!

Original Source seems to never fails me in terms of expectation. Another rave review is presented to you with Vanilla and Raspberry lingering on my nose thanks to Original Source. 

I love the fresh berries mixed with vanilla, the scent become so delicious, sweet and intoxicating. I feel pampered and loved at the same time. Like when having a creamy delights of berries and vanilla ice cream altogether in a big tall glass. Topped with cherry and I think I have the best dessert ever. Well, in this case the best dessert for my skin. The soft and smooth creamy gel caressing the skin, making them clean, smells good, and so soft to the touch. It was a delicate experience that I feel comforting in so many ways. 

Use it with a piece of clothe or a sponge, but I find it more rewarding with a soft clothe. The foam is nicely done, not as many as the other variant but creamy adding that delicious vanilla, it was an experience that make rainbow looks prettier. 


Thank you so much Original Source, please keep adding new collections to makes us happy, interested, and pampered. 

Estee Lauder Pure Color Gelee Powder EyeShadow in Cyber Gold (CyberMetallic)

Hello lovelies,

Pure Color Gelee Powder EyeShadow from Estee Lauder that has won awards is here. The metallic colors are irresistible and mine, the Cyber Gold, is something that looks gorgeous every swipe of the way.



product details
A Pure Color Cyber Eyes exclusive by Tom Pecheux. Creates cyber metallic smoky effects.

Color so metallic, it's futuristic.
A first-ever techno tri-blend formula that's gel, powder and liquid in one.

Versatile and multi dimensional.
Create several looks from one shade.
  • Apply it dry for a smooth, molten metal finish.
  • Use it wet for a hyper cyber effect to intensify the color and metallic shine.
Innovative soft-touch shadow texture and sponge-tip applicator make it easy to sweep up color and apply with one stroke.
  • Unique formula allows you to build the fantasy to the highest chromatic shine.
  • Sophisticated metallic finish looks beautiful on all skintones.TRUE VISION™ COLOR
  • Maximized color impact.
  • Magnified vibrancy, clarity and dimension.
  • Amplified brilliance.
  • Color adheres velvety smooth, without creasing.
  • Blends easily.
  • Long-lasting. Stays color true. Won't fade.
Sleek compact includes applicator and mirror.

formula facts
  • Ophthalmologist-tested
  • Fragrance-free

Award Winner

"Best Eye Shadow Color"
Best of beauty Awards 2012
Allure Magazine, October 2012
High metallic wet/dry shadow
Color with futuristic shine

The golden color alone looks luxurious, the texture of creamy and powdery is addictive, and the effect on the eyes, unbeatable. I really like how easy it is for the product to glide on the lids, the color that really pays off. It was able to create a gradation of its own, this is wonderful as it accentuate the curves and affect when lights strike the eyes in every angle.


Whether a simple look or a night out in town, the eyeshadow will be able to get the attention it deserves. On the images above, I'm using the product as it is. It stays on the lids the whole day and when used wet, the texture become a bit like paste and paired with an eyeliner brush it was able to create a gold lining framing the eyes perfectly. 

Price sold in Indonesia Rp. 290.000 

COW Beauty Soap (Cow Brand Red Soap Box)

Hi everyone :) 

Have you heard Cow Brand Beauty Soap ? They have launched varies of soaps in Indonesia. This is one of the product they have. The red box is rose scented. For me the scent is quite mild and didn't stay long. The soapy effect is normal, doesn't give the skin an overly dry effect. It was something that in between, clean and almost squeaky so it's still quite comfortable.


Since it was in a bar (not liquid) some may find it a bit troublesome to be used, well, at least not as practical as liquid soaps. The lathering effect is quite nice and the froth created is light. I'm using a foaming net to help me create more bubbles, but I think a sponge or wash clothe also will do the trick.

Overall, it is a simple product and does a simple cleansing for the body, easy to be used, friendly to the skin (kids and grown ups), smells good (mild but still good), and wont give the skin a squeaky dry effect, yet a good body lotion is still needed afterwards.

Week 3 with Kiehl's "Let Us Change Your Skin"

Hi everyone,

This is my third week with "Let Us Change Your Skin" program with Kiehl's Indonesia. This is my picture of week 3. The skin feels refreshed, rejuvenated, hydrated and less lines even thou I just went through a c-sect and lack of proper sleep. I must say, using Kiehl's skincare routine daily did help the skin stays looking optimal. 

On this post I'll put some emphasize on these three items, Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream that helps my eyes looking younger and didn't show signs of exhaustion. The vit c from Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate (PSLRC) that gives the skin a high daily boost of vit c that helps reducing the lines on the areas such as laughing lines, forehead, chin and overall. It helps the skin clears up as well. And my utmost favorite, the Ultra Facial Cream. 

Start from the eye cream, this small container packed up a punch in getting the eyes area looks younger. The cream is a bit thick but only a dab is needed on each usage. The cream is light on the skin and melts instantly. This whole package can last for 2-3 months when used twice daily. Sometime I'm using the cream at my laughing lines too, it helps relaxing the area so it appears smoother.The hydrating ability also feels good on the area applied. 

The product contain Copper PCA and Calcium PCA as the main ingredients. 

This is the high vit c serum. Vit c has been used widely for our overal well being. In skincare vit c is known as serum to be applied directly on the skin, many brands, manufacturers and dermatologists has been using it to help clears the skin as in brightening and even out the skin tone with less visible pigmentation. Kiehl's also using it as a powerful line reducing concentrate. The velvety smooth texture is addictive and made it compatible to be used with other serum from Kiehl's and followed by moisturizer. The high content of vit c made it super effective, other brands usually only contain 5% of vitamic c. It is also known that vitamin is not strong enough against heat, so during usage it is best to wait a while before stepping out in the sun and using a good sun protection as well during day time. 

The famous moisturizer from Kiehl's that earn a "must have item in every household" in South Korea is filled with ingredients that made sure the skin stays hydrated as it best feature. I personally love and recommended this particular item to anyone, especially those suffering from dry skin. We may not live in a cold and dry climate but we do stay in an aircon room almost every day. The drying effect is almost the same. 

The variant of Ultra Facial Cream comes in original (like mine) and oil free for those who have dehydrated skin and oily features. 

Stay tune for more update on week 4 with Kiehl's. Btw, have you participated as well? You can get your skin checked at any Kiehl's counter and redeem free samples too. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Decorate Your Hair in Colorful Chalks

Hello trendsetters!!!

Who loves to change their hair color? I do! If I can do it daily I would. I like to match them with my makeup or outfit heehee. But the thing is, it is not good nor advisable to dye the hair daily as it will ruin the hair. Even if once a year the hair still need time to rest and settles down once in a while. Hair is women's crown and we need to take good care of it.

So, is there an answer for the hair to look stylishly colorful yet still okay or easily maintained? I chalked them out ^__^


If you're have been reading my recent posts, I've been changing my hair color daily. My real hair color is on the top left, black with a 'forced ombre' as I couldn't dye them due to health reasons. This condition made the hair looks uneven and color-less.

I'm bored, so following the trend nowadays, I use some chalks to colored them. The one in top right is using the coral color, and the one in bottom left is using navy blue and tosca green. I can just use any color I want (even black) and removing them easily (water and shampoo like normal). If it goes to the clothes, just wash the clothes and be done with it, no permanent remark whatsoever.

What kind of chalk do I use? The high pigmented one, I've got mine from my sister, she bought one set at Daisho (and noooo it's not specially made for hair, it's just chalk). I've noticed the one specially made for the hair have a price like 1000% more expensive that this one with the SAME RESULT and effect. So why bother?!

Here's some tips in using the chalk to color the hair:
1. Make sure you haven't washed your hair that day, dirty and sebum is a friend of chalk (yes, you've read it correctly) and chalk tend to absorb all those greasiness and sebum. So if you washed your hair and then use the chalk, it will dries them up even more and your hair will look like a coarse broom.
2. Colored as in you are drawing each hair, yes, it may takes a while, be patience and some colors do have less effect than the other. The lighter the hair tone, the easier it is to color on it since it doesn't contain pigment as much as the black ones but again, some colors may have different effects. Bright yellow will appear more on dark hair than navy blue, while navy blue will appear more on light colored hair.
3. Ive tried the coloring on dry and wet hair. It is best on dry hair. On slightly damped hair (due to sweats and sebum) it is actually the best condition for Daisho's chalks.
4. Don't forget to cover your clothes with anything you can get your hands on (just make sure it is dry) so the powder from the chalks wont be on your clothes, and remove it gently after finished using the chalks.
5. Comb your hair before applying the chalks, as the chalk made the hair really dry, brushing it will be a complete waste and reducing the chalks you've been applying to your hair.
6. The chalks stays on the hair as long as you wanted it, avoid getting wet and touching them, remember, it is only chalk not dye.
7. It is completely normal that your fingers and hand got chalks all over during application, you may use gloves thou'.
8. When you put too much and some of the chalk's powder got inhaled, don't be surprise if the ehm boogers (from inside the nose) will have that exact same color. It is best NOT to inhale them thou'
9. When finished and you're done through the day and want to washed it off, use a conditioning shampoo and gently removed them with water first before start shampooing, careful not to splashed everywhere as your bathroom tiles will get the colors too. Make sure everything is clean and proceed with a moisturizing conditioner or hair masque to help smoothed the hair and gain their silkiness and glow back.
10. Last but not least, everything that's too much is never good, so use it wisely and I know the more you aggressively colored the hair the more pigmented it become, try to be gentler and show some love to your hair.

Have fun!

Yves Saint Laurent Top Secret Flash Radiance Skincare Brush

Hello lovelies,

Yves Saint Laurent beauty Top Secrets is here. The Flash radiance Skincare Brush. A product that not just brilliant but unique too. So easy yet effective in boosting up the skin condition for a more healthier and perk-up-full-of-vitality look.


At last, the secret to radiant, refreshed skin is revealed. Top Secrets—the darling of super models and makeup artists—instantly erases the signs of a fast-paced lifestyle. Combining high-performance skin care with the effortless application of a makeup brush, this complexion perfecting primer wipes away signs of stress and fatigue in a flash. The power behind this primer is a blend of energizing ingredients—Grains of Paradise and Caffeine—that helps minimize dullness while Light-reflecting micro-pigments capture, reflect and diffuse light over the complexion, so any imperfections remain your little secret. Silky-smooth and exceptionally even, your skin feels fresh and flawless, and primed for makeup application.



The instruction is very easy and simple as well, the details provided on the packaging and pamphlet is suffice.


I used it directly on a cleaned skin without any skincare on to feel the immediate effect on the skin and the sensation it created.But in the future I'll keep using it after skincare ^__^


On a cleaned skin and just waking up, why? This is my toughest condition since the skin is not yet fully awake. Puffiness, lines from bed, signs of exhaustion, dryness from no skincare, sagging skin, well let's just say, half of my face are still asleep, yawn.


A simple turn and the brush is ready, press the tube a bit and milky like gel coming out to damped the brush. The white brush feels so soft against the skin and the liquid is refreshing. Like very cooling as well. I guess this is the part where it awakens me my skin.


Please do watch the video to see the 'live' reaction of using Flash Radiance Skincare Brush.

The coolness stays on for more than 5 minutes, like putting ice on the skin, it made any sleeping cells waking up instantly and rejuvenated. Within minutes as well the liquid is absorbed and dries up, leaving the skin feeling firmer, matter, cleaner, looking less lines and less large pores as well. Ready for the makeup and ready for the day. Makeup does glides on easier and smoother on the skin. Wow, a simple product that does magic for the skin. I imagine myself feeling jet lagged after a long flight and my face looks exhausted, this thing can really perk me up.


Thank you so much YSL Beauty (Indonesia) for providing me with Flash Radiance Skincare Brush, I bet I'll need it during post natal as I will be tired most of the time and I need a product that makes me look 'alive' for the friends and family that comes visiting heehee. I do want to look good in every picture haha!


Now, even when I'm tired and begging for sleep, my skin can still look wide awake.

Variations of Perfumes at My Little Brown Box

Hi perfume lovers,

on my last article about My Little Brown Box I've shared my reviews on their website, a very user friendly site that gives customer a whole lotta options, from quizzes to found out the suitable perfumes for you to experts opinions in finding out whether the perfume is fake or real.

My Little Brown Box only sells 100% original products, no fakes, no close to the real deal, rejected products, testers, no boxes, or refills. Just the real imported perfumes. Beside for the women, they also sells perfume for men too ^__^ the variations is wide and should be able to fulfill anyone's need


.That's include prices too, start from around Rp.350k to around Rp. 1 mio, they are still able to sell their perfumes below the local market price (and still relating to the real perfumes ya).

The purchasing process is easy and customer may pay using BCA or Mandiri Bank. The vials are available (t&cs applied) during check out. Everything is at the comfort at your own home and they always put the perfume into a box filled with papers and protecting material, making sure the perfume is away from the heat and reach your home in complete safety.

When the perfume reach my home, I'm glad My Little Brown Box turn out to be not so little, it is actually quite oversize in terms of the box, and they put a lot of 'shock absorbent' to make sure the perfume is safe and secured ^__^ 

Thank you My Little Brown Box.

Psst! Don't forget to check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mlbbid where they have giveaways now and then.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Hello lovelies ^__^

BCBGMAXAZRIA launched their perfume some time ago and now made available in Indonesia. This is a clip of the press release:


The price for a 100 ml is Rp. 920.000. The EDP or Eau De Parfum is a lovely pinkish liquid that smells fresh, sweet and I can clearly understand why the celebrities are loving it.


The packaging is beautiful and the details is suffice, internationally they have launched another version of the perfume.

Silver with a thing like pink ribbons and the flowers that looks like the lid.


They look so pretty in the pink hues. glowing and this slightly tilted acrylic is just beautiful to looked at.


I love it, the bottle is collectibles for being so pretty on it's own. It's a bit heavy so I don't think the product is suitable for traveling but definitely made the dresser looks ultra feminine and well decorated. And the smell, ooh, I love the fresh floral, lightness of the base (I'm not a big fan of sandalwood and it's a good think they just put a hint of it and definitely not too much). It's a mixture of a perfume that so soft and gentle but gives a lingering flowery musk and creamy formula that I found irresistible, contemporary and young at the same time.


Suitable for those who are looking for a feminine scent that are fresh, calming and so wonderful. Very much floral yet subtle, like a whipped cream without the milk mixed with rose, lilies and violet. Bottom line? An enchanting perfume.

L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Gel Matic Pen in Turbo Turquoise

Hello lovelies,

L'Oreal Paris recently launched new items alongside with the Butterfly (Wings) Mascara and Super Liner Black Buster is Super Liner Gel Matic Pen. MIne is Turbo Turquoise.


The exclusive formula with pigmented gel for an intense color, easy application with a pen tip for a detailed line, and waterproof up to 12 hours.

Below is the video of me using it.


Overall, just like mentioned in the video, I wish the product glide on easier and smoother on the lids, but still, the smudgeproofness and waterproofing ability is top notch. Apparently, they only come in 6 shades, I want more, please ^___^ pastels colors is in this season, they'll be a great addition to the shades available at the moment.


Thank you L'Oreal Paris Indonesia.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Maybelline Dare To Show Your Color (Indonesia 2014)

Hello everyone!!

Maybelline is showing off their newest color collections and it's not for the timid. Spring and summer is here, it's time for bright colors. Let's be colorful with Maybelline!


Each blogger receive a package consist of 3 lipsticks, 2 crayon kohl, 4 nail colors. We receive different shades and one special news, the shades available in Indonesia is the colors chosen from research done nationally, and may differ from the shades available in another country.


Here's mine, a collections of trendy and young vivid colors! And below are my creations for Maybelline Indonesia. I'm also sharing via twitter and instagram @c13v3rgirl. Btw, you can also join the fun by checking out @MaybellineINA #MOTDbyMNY #ColorShow


They can be used alone as a single tone or multiple, the liquid dries quite fast, I'm very impatient when it comes to waiting, but when I made these nail arts, they dries up quite fast and hardened well. I still need a top coat for some shade, but for the Velvet Wine, they glisten on their own beautifully.


I'm having some fun with the Shocking Seas and Hooked on Pink. The cheerful colors is suitable for polka-dots inspired by Japanese umbrella. The clear background (or top coat) with bright dots not just simple and easy to make but eye catching as well.

Here's a video of introduction on all the products inside the package:


The swatches of the lipsticks. All in fruity berry scent and creamy lovely texture that stays on the lips for hours and hours.


I'll make more makeup of the day and look, let me know which one is your favorite, okay ^__^


More shades are available at the counters.

Thank you so much Maybelline Indonesia and YOU for reading the post.

Yves Saint Laurent Youth Liberator Serum Foundation in B40 Beige

Hello lovelies,

Yves Saint Laurent just launched their new products, among them is the Serum Foundation from Youth Liberator collection. The first foundation infused with serum is now here in Indonesia.


Yves Saint Laurent presents a revolution in foundation: Youth Liberator Serum Foundation offers medium-to-full coverage and skin-firming benefits. It also offers 24-hour hydration and SPF 20 coverage.
This anti-aging foundation is infused with our award winning serum, Forever Youth Liberator Serum. Youth Liberator Serum Foundation combines 24 hours of nonstop hydrating properties to smooth and nourish the skin with our patented Color Tune-Up Complex to correct dullness giving you a newer, brighter complexion. From fair to dark complexions, Youth Liberator Serum Foundation corrects, unifies and evens all skin tones, giving the skin an instantly younger appearance.

Available in 10 universal shades. SPF 20 broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.


Please do read on the details given on the packaging and website. As for me, they had me at serum foundation, any skincare infused makeup is always a turn on. And YSL takes it seriously, this is the collection from Youth Liberator.

I've heard, read and see the reviews from beauty enthusiast out there how they adore this product, and finally, I've got to try one myself, heehee, feel so happy.


This is the liquid on the back of my hand, the tone is surprisingly still matches my skin tone. The smell from the product is like the serum itself, and like the perfume from YSL collection. This is a must have, and the texture, oh so lovely. Creamy, yet lovely, silky and smooth, not sticky, not greasy, no lumps, no grids, just pure happiness. This could be my ream come true kind of foundation. So light and feels good on the skin and still covering the imperfection, please do look at the video:


And below are the photos of before after. Btw, in the video, I'm clearly speechless, this is undoubtedly a very good product, blend so naturally on the skin and best of all, the sensation on the skin is so far the best feeling I have in all my relationship with foundation (true story). Ultra light and comfortable. The blending is super duper easy, with just using fingers and within 5 minutes everything is done and set.

Tips: Best to be used on a dry slightly damp skin (after using all the skincare).
Tap it gently on the skin, or use a sponge or brush if preferred.


Friendly to the skin, feels so light and comfortable, contains SPF 20 PA ++ suitable for daily usage or to be top it off with another higher sun protection products. A loose powder is enough for daily use or for maximum coverage you may add concealer, compact powder and loose powder.



An even complexion, cover large pores, disappearing fine lines, and lovely healthy radiance.

Thank you YSL and here's a bit from YSL for you.

The Light Belong to YSL

Hidup di kota besar yang padat dengan aktivitas dan rentan terhadap penuaan dini karena stress, polusi, radikal bebas dan gaya hidup tidak sehat dapat menyebabkan cahaya alami wajah menjadi ‘redup’. Tak heran, jika wajah terlihat kusam dan tidak lagi memancarkan cahaya keremajaannya.“The Light Belong to YSL” menginspirasi wanita untuk memiliki daily beauty routine yang dapat meng’hidup’kan cahaya pada wajah.
YSL memiliki keyakinan bahwa cahaya kecantikan kulit wajah berawal dari skin care terbaik sebagai pengaktifnya, skin care yang dapat melindungi, make up yang dapat memancarkan cahaya dan disempurnakan dengan make up pilihan yang dan dapat mempertahankan cahaya. Make up yang terlihat sempurna berawal dari kulit wajah yang sehat terawat.
Solusi bermula dari pengaplikasian skin care, Forever Youth Liberator Serum (face serum, 30ml: Rp 1,350,000; 50ml: Rp 1,650,000) & Forever youth Liberator Eye Zone Serum (eye serum, Rp 900,000)) kemudian dilanjutkan pengaplikasian  Top Secret BB Shade UV SPF50 (bb cream, Rp 675,000) yang berfungsi ganda sebagai proteksi terhadap sinar UV/ radikal bebas  sekaligus penyempurna warna kulit, lalu dilanjutkan dengan pengaplikasian Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation dan Touche Eclat (YSL famous ‘magic’ pen yang berfungsi sebagai highlator dan illuminator, Rp 475,000)   dan diakhiri dengan Le Teint Touche ├ęclat Compact, Rouge Pur Couture Vernis (lipstick, Rp 370,000) / Rouge Pur Couture (lipstick, Rp 380,000), Rouge Volupte (lipstick, Rp 390,000) dan Blush Radiance (blush-on, Rp 580,000)
Hasilnya…wajah terlihat memancarkan keindahan cahayanya dari dalam keluar… Let’s embrace the light with YSL! Because “The Light Belong to YSL!”

Daily Beauty Routine of The Light Belong to YSL:

Thank you