Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Week 2 with Kiehl's Let Us Change Your Skin Program

Dear all,

this is my second week with Kiehl's ^__^

I've used them diligently twice a day as a set, only the sun protection are used on day time while the rest day and night. I'm getting more and more attached to them as a whole package. Unfortunately, Kiehl's doesn't have any tools for skin check, if they do, I can keep myself updated with numbers and actual counting heehee (yes, my background is in research and stats, hence I love numbers).


These two are the cleanser, one is the Purifying Foaming Cleanser and the other is the Skin Brightening Exfoliator. They both look whitishly identical but so different in texture. The foam is almost runny and the exfoliator is thicker. The scrub contains tiny bead but the foam does not. They both smells like lavender and help clears out the skin. One to be used before the other and milder while the scrub is to be used after the foam, not necessarily on daily basis but mild enough to do so and help remove dead skin cells and microcirculation more than the foam do.

This is my bare skin taken in the morning on week 1. And below are the videos from week 2 usage start from cleanser-scrub-toner-serum-eye cream-moisturizer and last the sun protection.


Yes, the acne is there due to hormonal issue ya, don't blame it on the products, actually most people have this habit of blaming products they used when actually the acne happens because of the lifestyle, bad habits, diet, and in my case, hormonal due to pregnancy.


I hope the tips are working out well on you, I've heard many people didn't use the products correctly hence the effect is different from what they are looking for. Please do ask the beauty adviser or in Kiehl's the KCR so you know exactly how to use them properly for maximum benefit.


Last but not least my week 2 photo heehee. I don't see much differences in the photos but I see it in real life, the skin become softer and the complexion is better due to better hydration. The fine lines are reducing, not gone completely but improved. Especially under the eyes.


The dullness and uneven skin tone also seems less, I'll keep using the products and will share with you week 3 and 4 once done.

Thank you so much Kiehl's Indonesia and YOU for reading the post. Don't forget, you too can participate!

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