Thursday, April 17, 2014

Decorate Your Hair in Colorful Chalks

Hello trendsetters!!!

Who loves to change their hair color? I do! If I can do it daily I would. I like to match them with my makeup or outfit heehee. But the thing is, it is not good nor advisable to dye the hair daily as it will ruin the hair. Even if once a year the hair still need time to rest and settles down once in a while. Hair is women's crown and we need to take good care of it.

So, is there an answer for the hair to look stylishly colorful yet still okay or easily maintained? I chalked them out ^__^


If you're have been reading my recent posts, I've been changing my hair color daily. My real hair color is on the top left, black with a 'forced ombre' as I couldn't dye them due to health reasons. This condition made the hair looks uneven and color-less.

I'm bored, so following the trend nowadays, I use some chalks to colored them. The one in top right is using the coral color, and the one in bottom left is using navy blue and tosca green. I can just use any color I want (even black) and removing them easily (water and shampoo like normal). If it goes to the clothes, just wash the clothes and be done with it, no permanent remark whatsoever.

What kind of chalk do I use? The high pigmented one, I've got mine from my sister, she bought one set at Daisho (and noooo it's not specially made for hair, it's just chalk). I've noticed the one specially made for the hair have a price like 1000% more expensive that this one with the SAME RESULT and effect. So why bother?!

Here's some tips in using the chalk to color the hair:
1. Make sure you haven't washed your hair that day, dirty and sebum is a friend of chalk (yes, you've read it correctly) and chalk tend to absorb all those greasiness and sebum. So if you washed your hair and then use the chalk, it will dries them up even more and your hair will look like a coarse broom.
2. Colored as in you are drawing each hair, yes, it may takes a while, be patience and some colors do have less effect than the other. The lighter the hair tone, the easier it is to color on it since it doesn't contain pigment as much as the black ones but again, some colors may have different effects. Bright yellow will appear more on dark hair than navy blue, while navy blue will appear more on light colored hair.
3. Ive tried the coloring on dry and wet hair. It is best on dry hair. On slightly damped hair (due to sweats and sebum) it is actually the best condition for Daisho's chalks.
4. Don't forget to cover your clothes with anything you can get your hands on (just make sure it is dry) so the powder from the chalks wont be on your clothes, and remove it gently after finished using the chalks.
5. Comb your hair before applying the chalks, as the chalk made the hair really dry, brushing it will be a complete waste and reducing the chalks you've been applying to your hair.
6. The chalks stays on the hair as long as you wanted it, avoid getting wet and touching them, remember, it is only chalk not dye.
7. It is completely normal that your fingers and hand got chalks all over during application, you may use gloves thou'.
8. When you put too much and some of the chalk's powder got inhaled, don't be surprise if the ehm boogers (from inside the nose) will have that exact same color. It is best NOT to inhale them thou'
9. When finished and you're done through the day and want to washed it off, use a conditioning shampoo and gently removed them with water first before start shampooing, careful not to splashed everywhere as your bathroom tiles will get the colors too. Make sure everything is clean and proceed with a moisturizing conditioner or hair masque to help smoothed the hair and gain their silkiness and glow back.
10. Last but not least, everything that's too much is never good, so use it wisely and I know the more you aggressively colored the hair the more pigmented it become, try to be gentler and show some love to your hair.

Have fun!


  1. I've always wanted to try chalking my hair, lol, but I have dark, raven black hair, will the color show up?? :p I've never dyed it or bleached it too :p

  2. Hi Alexandra,

    Try bright colors and it depends on the brand of chalks as well, This Daisho's product only cost $2 heehee, it may need several rubbing action to get them coloring your virgin hair.

  3. Aku bbrp kali pake hair chalk jg ci, tp warnanya ga tahan lama >.<
    baru sejam gt warnanya udah mulai memudar :(

  4. Hi Xiao Vee,

    Iyah bener, ada yg awet ada yang engga, tergantung merk juga dan kitanya. Kalau lembab memang gampang luntur. Ada brand chalk tertentu yang bisa berjam-jam tapi rambut jadi super kering juga.