Friday, July 22, 2016

Dolly Wink Eyelash Fix Hard Type

Hello lovelies,

finally, I remember making this review, it's like way overdue, I got the product in December and 6 months later the review comes out. I've been using it for months and here's a review :D


Pull even take less hard type.
It dries and turns to transparent from milky white.

Masuwaka Tsubasa produce. Easy to use potted cucumber type, super-strong false eyelashes only adhesive.

● super strong type
no deviation, brooding, not out! And all day keep the false eyelashes. Strong waterproof to sweat, water (water-tested)

● Easy OFF
Even though super strong adhesive, adhesive is less likely to remain in the eyelid, it can be removed to clean.

● weakly acidic
ingredients gentle to your skin using all cosmetics raw materials. Eyelid-friendly Rose extract combination.

● easy to paint potted cucumber type


Now, this item is my favorite eyelash glue, since it fixed nicely but doesn't hurt when pulled. It does need sometime to dry like 3 minutes, or faster when the air is dry, and it stays. On certain occasion when I sweat furiously it can come off,  but if I keep my cool and stay in an air con indoor, they usually stays.


The product comes in this simple small tube like other eyelash glue, and the decor is a typical like Dolly Wink, so girly and super sweet.

The applicator is common, like any other glue for falsies, it has a fine tip and a white glue cream. It dries up around 2-3 minutes and sets for the whole day.

It clears up when dried and become like this latex kinda consistency, so it is still flexible in a way and not very stiff like those glue in clear liquid form.


As a falshies lover, using them on every event feels like a must and having a good eyelash glue is something that not just important, but crucial.



a simple eyelash glue that sealed the deal, holds the lashes firmly, easy to be used, just apply on the falsies at the area that is going to be attached to the lids closest to the roots (but no need touching the roots) let it semi dry and then put the falshies on the particular area and hold it for a while. The glue will dry off and sets.

As long as I'm not exercising, sweating like in a sauna, or keep rubbing the eyes, it should stay until the time I pulled it off. And the glue is springy, hence pulling it off means no pain (just do it moderately, not like when pulling a wax stripes). 

Clean the rest of the leftover product on the lids using a good eye makeup remover that contains oils.

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