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I hope you are all well when reading this post.

Ohhh how I love this product and so excited to share with you about COVERMARK Clear Wash.


Powder Cleanser rich mixture of amino acids and mild. Skin Wash dirt cleanly Give your skin a radiant skin.

1. The combination of protein A trap dead skin cells, and has a solid surface to peel off the rose. Moisturise and smooth the skin.
2. Facial with natural ingredients. (Moisturizing ingredients) contained in the "Skincare Capsule" yellow pigment soon feel after cleansing the skin.
3. The powder was used as a powder resistant to moisture. Even in a room with humidity. Powder was not clot. Keep powder Trust in use until the final.

Breakfast, cold water on the carpet surface. Pour the powder from the bottle about 2 teaspoons of powder mixed with water on a dime. Beat until foaming powder Then the bubbles on the surface, apply to clean skin. Lather and rinse off with water.
(the details was taken from COVERMARK Thailand and the google translate made it so funny)

Most of the details are written in Japanese, but there is a pamphlet given that share everything we need to know about the product, and the ingredients listed on the box also written clearly.

And why do I love the product?

Here's why.

Since I was around 17 or something like that, I already love using skincare and cleansing is one of the thing which I think a must. Back then there's this product from Japan (not COVERMARK) that launches a cleansing powder. It's a foaming facial wash that contain enzyme and it cleans the skin really well. Since then around a decade later I found another Japanese brand that also have the similar method of cleansing but never available in Indonesia. Now, COVERMARK introduce me once again to the cleansing formula that I love. I'm not saying that they are all the same nor identical, but similar.


The product comes in this white powder, kinda like detergent :D it has that white and slightly dense powder which when touches by water, they'll turn slippery and soapy like with bubbles too.


Look how cute they are. And yes, it was made to help deep cleanse the skin without being too much. The result is rather squeaky but in a way that it help removing dead skin cells.

I'm not a fan of anything that over-exfoliate the skin and this one as well, it doesn't over-exfoliate, but do the job really well. The skin feels clean, the pores breaths easily, and so fresh.


They lathers up fine, the tiny bubbles feels so good on the wet skin. They doesn't cleans makeup, so do remove the makeup first and then followed by Clear Wash, on my dry skin, I'm using it like once a week, but those with oily/dull skin can do it more often.

On the wet skin, massage the skin with the bubbles using the gentles touch. The formula will work without the need of using force.

One of COVERMARK's staff gave me a tips, it can be used like a 'mask' too. After massaging with the bubbles, let them dried up a bit and then massage the skin again to let the dead skin off with the 'dried bubble's and then rinse everything off. The skin will feel ultra clean.


It's a feeling like I've just gone through a chemical peel in an expensive beauty clinic. After the skin is dry, I'm using the softener/lotion toner, serum, eye care and moisturizer, it's like everything is absorbed much, much better than before. The skin appear so soft and smooth. Since the dead skin has been removed, the skin appear so radiant and the glow is just so pretty.


Makeup used afterwards also appear to be more flawless and no flaky skin that comes off. I was amazed by the result.

I can confidently took a close up photos after using the product.


Thank you so much COVERMARK, Clear Wash is a great product. I recommend anyone to try it at least once. The formula just breaks dead skin cells off the skin without causing any damage, pain, or any negative effects. Use it as frequent as needed, no need using it too much as anything excessive is never a good thing. Use it just right and get the best benefit from COVERMARK Clear Wash.

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