Wednesday, July 13, 2016

MANHATTAN Endless Stay Liquid Lip Tint

Hello lovelies,

I'm back with another lippies from Europe brought here by Jenny :D

She has such an eye and feeling of a good lippie and this one is definitely one of them.


Endless Stay Liquid Lip Tint


  • Lip tint with a light texture
  • Intense colour
  • Non-Sticky
  • Can be removed with oil-based makeup removers

As the world goo goo ga ga with cosmetics from Korea, especially how they commence the lip tints, I'm thinking how brilliant they are to 'invent' that while in the other part of the world, such as Europe, they also have products that are vivid in color, so bright and true, plus it is a very comfortable lip tint I've tried.


Out of 5 shades mine is True Red. They don't really have many shades, and the variation is just from red, coral, pink, purple and nude that more like lilac to me.

It's basic, simple and they works like a charm.


The color is so bright and the redness is divine. It was thin, very comfortable and doesn't leaves those dry marks on my lips like most watery lip tint does, so it has a very faint creaminess that is gone after application and leaves nothing but color. The product also stays on the lips really well, stays gorgeous for hours (except when eating and drinking) and I just went nuts for it.

Red is always been my color and usually, only lipstick or lip liquid with heavier to much heavier texture can give me the intensity I want and MANHATTAN Endless Stay Liquid Lip Tint done it effortlessly.


This drug store brand wows me and I wish it is available here in Indonesia, perhaps soon, pretty please.


What can I say? Love, love, love.

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