Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Body Shop Glazed Apple Bath Jelly

Hello lovelies,

who loves bubble bath? I do! As much as it sometime irritates the private part on some people, bubble bath are still fun and comfy to be in, soaked for an hour in a warm bubbles are just pure bliss. Plus if their smells so good.


During the holiday period, The Body Shop launches a few collectibles and this particular bath jelly is one of the item. It was in the Glazed Apple collection and the aroma comes out so sweet and fruity. The kids loves using this bath jelly, not just because it comes in a jelly like consistency (more like thick gel) but it made tons of bubbles.


Does it has to be used as a bath bubbles? Not necessarily. Add a teaspoon on a loofah or sponge or cloth or just hands and bubbles up. Use it like using liquid soaps but in concentrated formula. It lathers up and the skin feels clean and fragrant afterwards.


The jelly or concentrated gel itself feels sticky and getting them out without a spoon will meant mess and a waste. And there's never a need to use too much as it lathers up bountifully and I never want my skin to become dry.  Use as needed and the desired result will be achieved.


And great news, The Body Shop also have another bath jelly in other variant, hopefully they'll be here soon.

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