Saturday, July 2, 2016

COVERMARK Connecting Base

Hello lovelies,

This is COVERMARK Connecting Base. It's one of the many primers available from the brand.


A makeup base that is a sunscreen. This makeup base doubles up as a sunscreen, and feels comfortable on the face, neck and décolleté.

  1. Helps foundation last longer.
  2. Non-sticky and lightweight.
  3. Creates transparent look without looking whitish.
  4. Makes the neck and décolleté (which tan easily) bright and smooth.
  5. Creates the same skin tone as face when applied to neck for a natural, smooth look.
  6. Specially formulated to prevent transfer onto clothes.
  7. Water resistant.
  8. Easily removed from neck and décolleté using soap.
  9. Blocks UV rays for hours, preventing dark spots and freckles caused by sun damage. (SPF38, PA+++)

How to use

When using as makeup base After cleansing, tone the skin with lotion or essence. Shake bottle well until a clattering sound is heard, then take an adequate amount (about a 1.5 cm diameter drop), and apply on cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin before spreading thinly and evenly on the entire face. Follow with foundation. When using on the neck and decollete Take an adequate amount (about a 2 cm diameter drop) onto palm and apply thinly and evenly with fingertips. When using on the back of hands Spread a small amount of product thinly evenly over the back of each hand. *When using the product on the neck, décolleté, or hands, fully moisturize skin with lotion or essence beforehand to This allow for better absorption and a beautiful finish.


The product comes in a 38 ml bottle.

The texture of the container is velvety and felt luxurious. I think it is a hint of what the skin will felt after using the product.


In these images, I'm using a sponge, but fingers are best and use it on a moist skin right after skincare.

The product is like lotion in texture and has a nude tone.


Above is my before image of using the product and below is after.

As seen, it gives me a better complexion, brighter and reflects lights better.


And, as the description goes and the name itself. it connects. The foundation used afterwards sticks better. It's like glue that seals together making the base appear more flawless and light. It also add the long lasting power to whatever put on top. A bit dusting powder after foundation is enough and I don't feel like there's a need to use a lot.


The base itself doesn't provide much coverage but it acts as a sun protection, a set spray, a water resistant agent, and let's just say it made any 'regular' foundation becomes perfect.

I do look a bit tired in these images, I'm not fully recover yet from the surgeries, but already so bored with the bed rest thingy, I need to write as they take away some of the pain I felt. Septoplasty, concha reduction and tonsil removal are PAINFUL and it takes weeks to months to completely heal. It's been a week since my surgery and I still can't eat >.<. Playing with my makeup helps diverting my minds off and it's so much fun.


Back to the review,

I can just use it anytime, during day and night time. It made the makeup last no matter what. During the day the SPF works against the rays from the sun and at night it helps fights against man made lights, yes, those lights can cause the skin to have dark spots too. So when you're going out at night, and it's bright, there's probably needs to use SPF too. Especially when the lights are on you, like a girl in the spotlight.

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