Monday, July 18, 2016

Tony Moly Angle Glow Ring Hair Mask

Hello lovelies,

this is Tony Moly Angel Glow Rink Hair Mask. A hair mask that comes in two items, the mask, and hair cap.

Most hair mask only comes as it is and not with a cap. I always use my own cap as the heat from the wrapping usually activate the ingredients inside the mask, now, Tony Moly include the cap that also comes with texture and like a dried liquid that close the pores, made the cap feels warmer than regular ones.


The product comes in this huge sachet and shaped like a wing.

The details are provided clearly in Korean and English, which made everything easier, they also included images as well with simple instruction.

Just clean the hair, as in after shampooing and towel dry the hair. Apply literately onto the hair and I always avoid the scalp since it is a hair mask not scalp mask. Using the cap, making sure that all the hair are inside the cap, and after around 20 minutes, rinse everything off.


It is said to leave it in 15-20 minutes, but I find it no problem even after 30 minutes, since this is a hair care, not colorant which we have to take time as it is.


Be careful when opening the container where the cap is, just to avoid any tear.

I find the cap reusable and there's this like mentioned above, like a dried liquid on the surface.


The cream comes in a yellowish milky cream that smells so good and like a mixed of flowers and white musk. I enjoy using the product as it is fragrant and easy to be used.


I did apply it all over the hair from the mid length to the ends. Very convenient since the cream is silky and slippery. Like they are coating my hair in an instant.

For those with thick and very long hair might need to use two products instead of one. One sachet can help one medium length hair around shoulders.


The shower cap feels comfy and warmer. It helps build in those 'heat' so the creams works better. I can watch TV, do any routines while they are working. This is the best part of pampering the hair at home, we can comfortably at ease and do our normal stuffs.


After around 25 minutes or so, I rinse everything off and the hair feels ultra soft, comfortable, light and so fragrant. The scent last until the next day and so does the softness. My hair become obedient and doesn't has much flyaway like before thanks to the moisturizing agent.

The effect last for days but of course, they are not permanent. Since my hair is super duper damaged, I need to pamper the hair at least twice in a week.



A great hair mask that comes with a shower cap made to complement each other. The mask works better thanks to the heat and it helps them to stays in place as well during mask time. I enjoy using the simple product that comes with visible result. The hair appear so much better, softer, silkier, shinier and very aromatic too. Super duper love the scent.


Definitely one of the best hair mask I've used.

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