Wednesday, August 26, 2015

L'Oreal Professionnel SERIOXYL Review

Hello lovelies,

finally, I've come to the conclusion of using SERIOXYL, it's been a while I know.

The thing is, I've colored my hair, been through many phases, and it's like an on and off relationship, so when I have time to use them at least for a couple of weeks, I can share with you this review, this post. Don't forget to check out the previous post that shares all the necessary details on these products, including how to use them:


So here it is, the product as mentioned on the previous post consist of 5 items. Shampoo, Conditioner, Mousse, Serum and Treatment, and the order is products from scalp, hair, scalp, hair and back to scalp. The Shampoo and conditioner both washable and a rinse out products, while the rest are leave in.


All of them have one similar signature effect, they made the hair looks more, in terms of quantity and volume as well. The result is seen as soon as the first use as it takes the excessive grease out of the scalp, helps the hair strands lifted up and alive with volume and no more limps visible, the scalp even feel fresh and the hair become weightless. This is like the beginning of a much needed hair growth. Like they are creating that harmonize ambiance for the hair to grow.

As perhaps we all know, when the scalp become too oily, they'll blocked the roots and the hair wont grow as much as when the scalp is clean, or at least it needs a better 'air' and circulation...kinda like plants, huh?! And when the hair is limp, it kinda like prevent the growth as well since it weighting everything down, creating this unnecessary "burden" for the roots to hold the hair.


They may seem a lot, 5 products helloooo >.< but they all feels so light and kinda watery (except for the conditioner, of course, still light but more for a slippery effect), so when they are used, even altogether, they are still pretty much comfortable and even more comfortable than other products that blocked the scalp and make them greasy.


The shampoo feels so fresh and kinda minty on the scalp, like it helps, open up the pores, like a blocked nose love to sniff the mints, blocked scalp also love the hint of freshness given.

The conditioner also unique, it's not in the form of like most conditioner, or even any other conditioner I know, they are clear and in a gel form. It helps hydrating the hair strands but only to the slippery and silky effect without being like in a filmy envelope. So, it is perfectly weightless.


Personally, the series brings me a new experience in hair care, where usually hair products focusing on the hair, all of them are more to the scalp and give a sensory experience, almost spa like. The scalp would feel so good, like clean, fresh, where the they can breathe freely, the pores are open and the hair as well. Imagine Pocahontas with the colors of the wind.


My images below conclude it all, the volume and density, thickness and airiness of the same time. Look at the scalp and the hair near the roots, they all like being lifted and I'm not trying to do anything with the blow dry, it's just a regular, normal, daily routine where usually they still look a bit limp with another product and brand, but this one really does it.


The hair still shines like it is nicely hydrated and done well by the products, still the volume and air are there. I love the movement of a weightless hair, don't we all do?!


And here are the texture of the products. The mousse is like most mousse, white, fluffy and filled with air inside. So when used on the scalp it feels like nothing.

The Thicker Hair is slightly like a gel, used on the hair when it is still wet and as a leave in. So no need rinsing them out. The Denser Hair is like a liquid, used on the scalp and leave it as it is, kinda like a hair serum but I enjoy the water like formula. Unlike hair tonic that usually sold on the market that are high in alcohol, this one pretty much comfortable.


And above are shampoo and conditioner. They look similar, both in clear blue color. The shampoo is slightly runnier and the conditioner is more like a gel. Both are so light. Both smell fresh too.

I love using the series, it's literally like a breath of fresh air, where other always put more weight to the hair and make them sticky, limp and clogged the pores too, Serioxyl brings a dimension of a breezy scalp and hair environment, perfect for a hair growth.

Thank you L'Oreal Professionnel Indonesia.

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