Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Saem Care Plus Sprouted Brown Rice Cleansing Tissue

Hello lovelies,

this is Care Plus Cleansing Tissue from The Saem.

With Sprouted Brown Rice, the cleansing tissue offers cleanliness with nourishment to the skin.


Germinated Brown Micah containing a mass cleansing tissues Care Plus Sprouted Brown Rice Cleansing Tissue

Capacity: 100

6 No gentle formula, while refreshing moisturizing containing brown rice, rice bran, rice bran oil, and adding vitamin A and B
Can help shed BB cream, sunscreen and remove remaining in the pores cosmetics

To remove a package, erase surface residual cosmetics.

Big Brother Sprouted Brown Rice Cleansing Tissue

Capacity: 100 pieces

6 Free-Fomular, free of 6 additives.
Gentle, fresh but moisturizing.
Main ingredients include sprouted brown rice, rice bran and rice bran oil, together with the addition vitamin A and vitamin B.
It helps to remove suncream, BB cream and the make-up residue.

Take out one piece of tissue and wipe the face.


The quality of the tissue is very nice, almost like a thick cloth, comfortable to be used and soft too. It cleans well, makeup, even waterproof makeup too. It is perfect for those who are busy and looking for a quick fix at night time when you have barely enough energy to go to bed.


As seen, it cleans thick foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, base makeup, and cream eyeshadow.

So easy and simple, cleans everything it touches and doesn't make the skin dry. It's so slippery good as well.



a simple cleansing wipes for the skin, it cleans everything including hard core makeup and doesn't make the skin dry. The after feeling is also pleasant, no need rinsing and I can just apply skincare afterwards.

Thank you so much The Saem Indonesia for the product.

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