Tuesday, August 4, 2015

De-Hair Laser Hair Removal

Hello everyone!!

Last Friday, I went to De-Hair, a place that offer laser hair removal. Located at Gandaria City Mall and the one I'm visiting is at MOI.

I knew De-Hair from Zalonku.com. They are this cool website that shows salons and treatment places including nails, hair trends, and yes, hair removal too. De-Hair is their most recommended place at Zalonku.com to do a hair removal procedure for being the most effective and painless of them all.


Look at the pair of red heels and you'll find De-Hair tuck in near the entrance of Lobby 4 Mall Of Indonesia.

The door to De-Hair is filled with stickers, it's the information regarding the treatments you can get at De-Hair. Laser Hair Removal for male and female.

A procedure that is not the same with IPL, safer, painless and effective.


Inside De-Hair are treatment rooms with purple painted walls. Everything looks tidy and welcoming. Suitable for ladies, even thou De-Hair also open for male.


The bed is comfy and clean, everything is prepared well here.


And of course, the highlight of the day is the treatment itself. The Laser Hair Removal.

I'm having my lower leg done today.

The area is cleaned using a wet wipes by the therapist and then shaved. I feel a bit itch here and there from the shaving, perhaps the therapist put too much pressure with the shaver.


Above is my 'hairs' condition at my lower leg, it's not 'abundant' but visible enough.

After the shaving is done, she apply a cold gel (the same lubricant used for USG) and then the machine start clicking and like blinking lighting banishing the hair.


Is it painful? No, but there's definitely 'energy' felt on areas where it is darker and the hair is thicker. So if you happen to have dark skin and thick hairs, you'll definitely feel something. It's not exactly pain, but ... energy. The therapist can lowered the level so you'll feel more comfortable.


The therapist hand is moving fast up and down, so it is unlike any other hair removal process I've tried where the lights and clicks are moved slowly and per area. De-Hair Laser Hair Removal moved up and down in a very fast motion and so does the clicks and blinking lights. There's no sharp pain like in IPL, so I understand the painless method they are mentioning.

And then the therapist clean the gel from my skin, somehow this part is painful, I guess the therapist put too much force when cleaning them with the paper towel, some are become very red and irritated, like she is trying to exfoliate the skin out of me. So my suggestion is, when the therapist do that, stop her immediately and tell her to be gently, since the skin is already sensitive enough from the process.

And like all hair removal procedure, hot-warm bath is not recommended for 48 hours, avoid excessive sun lights and exercise for a while, including lotions and even soaps.



does Laser Hair Removal at De-Hair really not painful? Yes it does. The experience is comfortable, only when the therapist put too much force when cleaning the gels with the paper towel.

Will I get back again? Yes, definitely, I want to see results and this time will tell the therapist to be gentle and kind >.<

Like all hair removal process, it takes time and several treatments, how many? Depends on the hormone and hair condition for sure.

Now, Zalonku.com  is giving away De-Hair Laser Hair Removal for 20 people. Check out my instagram account @carnellin for details. You could win on areas such as lip, underarm and bikini line.

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  1. Replies
    1. Hi Miss Rhea, beda dari zap... De-Hair ini Laser.... zap itu IPL. :)

      Take a look: http://www.zalonku.com/hair/best-brazilian-waxing-ipl-jakarta/

      Zalonku.com Team

  2. Hi rhea,

    mirip tapi engga pake sakit gitu :D

  3. hai ci, mau tanya
    kalo di compare ini sama musee bagusan mana ya ci?
    sama price yg ini klo boleh tau :D
    thankyou cii

  4. Hi Gisela,

    Beda type, sama-sama bagus. Kalau price yang laser ini sekitar 1,5 juta per sesi, bisa di cek di website mereka.