Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My First Laser Treatment

Thanks to Singapore Women's Weekly magazine, I was able to try this unique experience. A laser treatment that cost 700$ to rejuvenate the skin.... 0.0, yup, seven hundred dollars as in Singapore dollar.

Atlas Medical called me about a month ago to make an appointment that I finally able to fulfill last week.

This is the treatment offered for me:
(Data from Atlas Medical website)

REVLITE Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser
This is a dual wavelength laser (532nm and 1064nm) using Q-switched technology. With the REVLITE, which is a much improved and advanced version of the familiar MEDLITE series, peak power has been increased by up to 60%. This allows for effective treatment in a controlled and safe manner.

In particular, REVLITE has been demonstrated in studies to be very effective against Melasma, and as an excellent skin rejuvenation tool. Skin rejuvenation treatment brings about an improvement in skin texture, wrinkles and fine lines, reduction in pore size, improvement in certain types of acne scars, and a generally more radiant and brighter facial appearance.

Clinical applications include:
• Treatment of epidermal pigmentation (freckles, sun spots, solar lentiges, café au lait spots)
• Treatment of dermal pigmentation (hori's nevus, PIH, melasma)
• Skin rejuvenation
• Skin toning
• Laser peel
• Laser face contouring and lifting
• Tattoo removal
• Vascular lesions

Apart from treatment of epidermal pigmentation using 532n wavelength, there is no downtime and patients can go about their normal activities.

Atlas Medical™ - Laser & Aesthetics Clinic was established in October 2008 by Dr SM Yuen.

As I was walking around his clinic, which really doesn't look like a clinic at all, instead it was very well decorated, a romantic chic that's very classy.

On the walls is his achievements, featured magazines, newspapers, etc.

Really look like a living room to entertain the clients, from TV, magazines is all there. Existing clients can have their meal and drinks ordered for them. Wow! Talked about service. The ambiance is pretty much relaxing and serene.

Inside one of the room to cleanse my facial skin, a soothing music and lights are on. I guess it is relaxing time. But I could not help but wonder, would it be painful, you know, before something shocking happen, they ought to calm my nerves first.

Then the lady help put on some numbing cream for me (more Oh O!) Is it gonna be that pain that they need to put on some numbing cream on?????

They told me to wait for the cream to work.....I wait....nervously.

Then the lady wipe the cream away, took some before picture and send me to the laser room. Not much different from this room above, it's just the light is brighter, soon Dr. SM Yuen come and explain to me about the laser, how it's going be, the function (like mention above), after effect, etc. So the treatment I'm going to get is just a rejuvenation, and if I want more result it can not be done in one treatment.

So here it is:
It was a breeze, it does have a warm tingling sensation and like a smell of burned hair, which it is. My fine hair are burned alright due to the laser. But instead of hearing many people claim that laser are scary, very painful, burned their facial skin, etc, IS NOT TRUE.

When it was done by a pro and in a correct way it should be helpful and beneficial for our skin, like the one I just had. The immediate effect that I feel is smooth and the skin feels tighter. On the next day I feel that it was smoother and dewy-er. Beside of avoiding the sun for 2 weeks, using an antibiotic cream for for that night of the treatment is recommended.

About the sun, it's not necessarily means stay indoor at all cost, just don't over exposure like going to the beach and stay there from 10 AM to 2 PM to get a tan. Moderate daily life in and out of building and sunblock is adequate....for me.

Conclusion: If I have money to spare, I'll definitely treat myself for a laser treatment that promote faster result and when I see other client, their skin are to envy for, so why not?!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Panasonic Wet/Dry Epilator ES2058

Say ouch!

I was really drawn for an epilator since waxing for me took time, effort and well money. So lazy to go to the waxing place but hate shaving since it will darken the area and the hairs are so fast to regrow. So I decided to buy an epilator.

Reading so many reviews I've decided to try myself one. I bought a wet and dry epilator that easy to clean and simple to use......if you can bear the pain.

Feels like those area are electrified I even have a bit of cold sweats, but not on all areas thou'. When plucking those hairs from my legs is a pretty much a breeze compared to armpit hairs. It was painful. But I bear with it remembering I paid 99$ (-20$ since it was on sale) and I don't want to waste my purchased good.

I will try on my bikini lines and do another review. But seriously? So far so bad :(

It work! Despite other review that says Epilator does not work, mine did, it even do a great job, my skin are free from hair, it does took time but it pretty fast. 1 armpit took like less than 15 minutes, including brushing the hairs away and clean the tools. It does depends on how thick yours is, but mine is considered normal......not thin.

For the pain, my suggestion, have a warm bath/shower before epilating (is it even a word?). Use shaving gel/foam or normal soaps so the skin stays moist. Last but not least you can take a local anesthetic cream on the area before the process.

And take a deeeeeepppp long breath, cause it will be long after you're done for you to remember to breathe.

After effect: Some dots of bloods are seen, not many, about 3-4 dots per armpits. I use Betadine, and if you happen to have those afterwax/shave cream to reduce redness and avoid infection, ingrown, discomfort, etc use it!

And........ now (like a day after the post above), I've done my bikini line. It was as painful as armpit hair, especially when they are thick. Cut the long hairs for like below 1cm, so when the epilator pluck the hairs it wouldn't get stuck due to the length. But again, the area become smooth and clean afterward, unlike shaving which still have bumpiness and sharps hair emerging from below.

I will keep on using my epilator until it was said to help reduce the growth, I haven't get to that stage yet, when hair become thinner due to multiple plucking but I hope someday.........soon.

Big TIPS!!!!

I'm so happy when I discovered this method, I've done this before and I don't know why, I completely forgot about it until now. Do you know about those creams that able to remove hair like Veet or Nair (not making an ad here). I used them and let them rest accordingly (to the instruction of each brand) and try using their spatula (which for me rarely work), after cleaning the cream with the spatula (perhaps some hair do taken off easily and most don't) then rinse with water until feels clean, while the root still weak I use the epilator and it reduce the pain by far.

I feel like I've conquered something here and hope it help you all. My sis hated the pain and it gives her so much fear just hearing the epilator turned on, now? She is happy with the result AND the process. No one should endure such pain anymore.

Watch-out!  The cream 'numbness' can only be felt in minutes, so don't wait too long.

Downside: Those who have skin sensitivity and/or allergy to the hair removal cream can't use this method.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eucerin fight against acne

Acne oh acne, I've known them as a sign of puberty but nowadays clearly know that not just a teens can get one (or more) but fully grown man or woman can get too.

Blessed with rarely infected skin I must say I don't feel the agony and dilemma like others with. But my bff get acne throughout her puberty and beyond. She often complain a lot and not that I don't empathize with her, it's just I don't know how it feel. But I do have occasional acne and it does bothers me. From tiny pimples to painful acne, I've been there, but they never stay.....thankfully.

So this reviews are based on my skin condition that's a combination between oily and dry with occasional acne during my period. And a bit of my husband's review for he does have acne prone skin and oily.

First I think I need to provide you with all the details about the product, take note all data are from Eucerin:

Clear your skin fast!

Eucerin® DermoPURIFYER range contains skin-natural Lactic Acid to effectively eradicate acne, pimples, whiteheads and blackheads

to give you clearer, healthier looking skin

Singapore, Jan 2009 – Say goodbye to skin plagued by acne, pimples, whiteheads and blackheads with a line of clinically proven and highly effective skincare range that guarantees results. Known previously as the Impure Skin Range, the mild yet effective Eucerin® DermoPURIFYER range has an optimal 2% Lactic Acid formulation that gets to the root of common facial skin problems found in men, women and teenagers.

Unlike harsh ingredients such as Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Oxide commonly found in many anti-acne products, the natural active ingredient of 2% Lactic Acid, that is proprietary to Eucerin® DermoPURIFYER range, directly reaches the pores where acne originates and zooms in on affected areas without drying out other areas of the face, thus eliminating redness, dryness and flakiness. As Lactic Acid is also found naturally in the skin, there will be no allergic reaction on even the most sensitive of skins.

How does Lactic Acid efficiently and gently eliminate acne:

  1. It targets only specific clogged pores where acne originates

  2. It gently calms inflamed acne and unblocks clogged pores without drying out the skin

  3. It fights acne-causing bacteria and stops the formation of new acne

  4. It promises a healthy, clearer complexion in three weeks

- more -

Eucerin® DermoPURIFYER range is oil-free, has anti-bacterial properties, and is non-comedogenic to prevent skin irritation and is compatible with any acne

medication. Highly recommended by dermatologists, the range can also be used as a preventative measure against common skin problems.

The key product from the Eucerin® DermoPURIFYER range is the DermoPURIFYER Crème Gel designed to hydrate the skin and regulate excess sebum formation. Contrary to popular belief, oily skin should be moisturised regularly. When skin is properly hydrated, it is less likely to release extra sebum (oil) that contributes to clogged pores resulting in acne or pimple breakouts. By regularly applying the water-based, oil-free crème gel, skin feels refreshed, hydrated and acne free

Eucerin® DermoPURIFYER products easily complement your existing skincare regime but are best used in its entirety for optimal results. The collection now comes in a refreshing cool green packaging and sold in all pharmacies, hospital institutions and leading aesthetic clinic.

The Eucerin® DermoPURIFYER Range includes:

Eucerin® DermoPURIFYER Cleanser (200ml)

Eucerin® DermoPURIFYER Scrub (100ml)

Eucerin® DermoPURIFYER Crème Gel (50ml)

About Eucerin

Eucerin, the specialist skincare expert, is one of the leading dermo-cosmetic brands in America and Europe that develops products for different skin needs. Its history began in 1898, over 100 years ago, in a laboratory in Germany.

Today, the Eucerin portfolio offers provides highly effective and reliable products for all specific skin conditions recommended by dermatologists and pharmacists worldwide.

Eucerin’s never-ending quest to understand and address skin’s needs leads to innovative research, clinical tests and premium product development. Based in Hamburg, Germany, the Eucerin Skin Research Center laboratory plays a leading role in the development of medically relevant products. Thanks to Eucerin, people all over the world feel good in their skin.Eucerin is manufactured by Beiersdorf, a leading international company with over 130 affiliates and joint ventures, producing top quality brands like NIVEA and Hansaplast. Its competitive advantage is 120 years of expertise in skin research, 100 years’ know-how in emulsion technology and 120 years’ experience of plaster development.

Well, that was a lot, a really a lot isn't it, but I love to know the product first before using them and that's why I want to put the details here.

Okay here goes my review:

3 products that I try are cleanser, scrub and cream gel (as shown at the picture above).

For the cleanser:
My review (MR): It is a non drying cleanser that strangely unlike any other anti acne cleanser it doesn't strip off the moisture out of my skin. No annoying scent at all and pretty easy to use. The texture is clear gel that doesn't foam up, so it is a cleanser, not a foaming cleanser.

My husband's review (MHR): Look from a guy perspective, he doesn't say much except that it dries his skin. He doesn't complain about the scent, texture nor anything else, presumptively it means the rest is okay.

For the Scrub:

MR: I like it, it's my favorite product that cleans my pores but still left some healthy dose of moisture on, it feels comfortable and easy to use.

MHR: Love it! It's very nice, simple and work really well.

For the Cream Gel:

MR: Hmm, I need more moisture since my dry spots needs them. But it does work well on the oily t zone. It gives them a reason not to be oily.

MHR: It is a great product for a person with oily and acne prone skin. It gives perfect moisturization and kept those acne at bay.


I think if you have an oily and acne prone skin, Eucerin Dermo Purifyer can be your best friend. Their product are so simple and easy to use, no fuss but give result for people with certain type of skin.

Thanks for letting me be one of the blogger to try on the product.