Sunday, November 28, 2010

Panasonic Wet/Dry Epilator ES2058

Say ouch!

I was really drawn for an epilator since waxing for me took time, effort and well money. So lazy to go to the waxing place but hate shaving since it will darken the area and the hairs are so fast to regrow. So I decided to buy an epilator.

Reading so many reviews I've decided to try myself one. I bought a wet and dry epilator that easy to clean and simple to use......if you can bear the pain.

Feels like those area are electrified I even have a bit of cold sweats, but not on all areas thou'. When plucking those hairs from my legs is a pretty much a breeze compared to armpit hairs. It was painful. But I bear with it remembering I paid 99$ (-20$ since it was on sale) and I don't want to waste my purchased good.

I will try on my bikini lines and do another review. But seriously? So far so bad :(

It work! Despite other review that says Epilator does not work, mine did, it even do a great job, my skin are free from hair, it does took time but it pretty fast. 1 armpit took like less than 15 minutes, including brushing the hairs away and clean the tools. It does depends on how thick yours is, but mine is considered normal......not thin.

For the pain, my suggestion, have a warm bath/shower before epilating (is it even a word?). Use shaving gel/foam or normal soaps so the skin stays moist. Last but not least you can take a local anesthetic cream on the area before the process.

And take a deeeeeepppp long breath, cause it will be long after you're done for you to remember to breathe.

After effect: Some dots of bloods are seen, not many, about 3-4 dots per armpits. I use Betadine, and if you happen to have those afterwax/shave cream to reduce redness and avoid infection, ingrown, discomfort, etc use it!

And........ now (like a day after the post above), I've done my bikini line. It was as painful as armpit hair, especially when they are thick. Cut the long hairs for like below 1cm, so when the epilator pluck the hairs it wouldn't get stuck due to the length. But again, the area become smooth and clean afterward, unlike shaving which still have bumpiness and sharps hair emerging from below.

I will keep on using my epilator until it was said to help reduce the growth, I haven't get to that stage yet, when hair become thinner due to multiple plucking but I hope someday.........soon.

Big TIPS!!!!

I'm so happy when I discovered this method, I've done this before and I don't know why, I completely forgot about it until now. Do you know about those creams that able to remove hair like Veet or Nair (not making an ad here). I used them and let them rest accordingly (to the instruction of each brand) and try using their spatula (which for me rarely work), after cleaning the cream with the spatula (perhaps some hair do taken off easily and most don't) then rinse with water until feels clean, while the root still weak I use the epilator and it reduce the pain by far.

I feel like I've conquered something here and hope it help you all. My sis hated the pain and it gives her so much fear just hearing the epilator turned on, now? She is happy with the result AND the process. No one should endure such pain anymore.

Watch-out!  The cream 'numbness' can only be felt in minutes, so don't wait too long.

Downside: Those who have skin sensitivity and/or allergy to the hair removal cream can't use this method.


  1. It's true about hair thinning as u pluck.

  2. hey there
    this review was really helpful as i am also buying an epilator