Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ichikami Conditioner

Since more than a month ago I bought Ichikami Conditioner, a whole big bottle without even knowing whether it will be good or not for me, it IS good.

I love the smell, it's a scent of fresh flower, not musky at all, like a fresh bouquet of flowers from my lover ◕‿◕, I love the soft and silkiness, the value is suitable to the price and I think it even worth more than I bargain. Suitable to use daily and almost all my shampoo can just match with Ichikami Conditioner.

I think this is a new beginning and I want to try some more of their products.

Here some info regarding the product from TheSampleStore:
The name “Ichikami” came from the ancient Japanese proverb; 「一髪二姿」 Pronounced as “Ichikami, Nisugata”, which means “Hair comes first, appearance comes second”. The ancient Japanese believed beautiful hair represent who they are. Ichikami hair care series with Rice Premium EX (Yusuru essence, oil and protein originated in rice bran) plus six kinds of pure Japanese Herbal Essences (Belanmcanda/Camellia/Soapberry/Walnut/Sasanqua/Sakura) nourish, repair and moisturize your hair. One of the unique selling point of Ichikami shampoo is, it does not contain any silicon – this chemical ingredient gives a result of silky smooth hair right after you wash; however it may result in hair fall in a long run. Hence, Ichikami gives you a healthier scalp as well, this is very important to reproduce healthier hair. Enjoy refreshing & fruity Sakura fragrance!

Do join TheSampleStore and get some samples yourself before comitting ^.^

Images are taken from Ichikami Facebook Photos, click 'like' on them so you'll get updates from Ichikami.

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