Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Skin Time with Clarins

Being a chubby face, I must say I hate my double chin and wish for a more contoured cheeks. So today after making an appointment like 2 weeks ago, I finally be able to enjoy this consultation and get a free samples on the items.

I thought I only went there for a simple Q&As, give me some samples and that's all, I'm wrong! So wrong in a good way! I get a mini facial and coming with a makeup on meant I can also try their makeup remover. Take note I only have their Cleansing Gel and Truly Mate Range, which I just found out that I actually bought the wrong products for my skin type. The lady that assist me see that my skin is actually dry and only oily in the nose area, not completely oily just the pores are bigger hence sebum on the area are move actively seen -.-.

First she cleanse my face with One-Step Facial Cleanser, it is so easy to use and yet able to clean my foundations, powder, blush. Oh yeah, before this she clean my eye area using a special cleanser for the eyes.

Then she let me try Water Comfort, doesn't meant I need double cleansing it's just she said this is her favorite product so she thought I would love it too.....I DO!

The burst of peach is just superb, it's just lovely and bring freshness to any boring day. The best thing is my skin feels fresh and soft. Other one step cleanser usually either too oily or too dry. This one is just perfect. I'm not using makeup every single day, I like my skin to breathe and enjoy a fresh air, Water Comfort is perfect for me. And during traveling is just so right to bring it, hassle free and help calms my skin too.

After that is Scrub, a light gentle movement will do. I ask about the difference between scrub and peeling, she said actually none beside application.

Next is toning and after that is the mask. The lady applied a generous amount of HydraQuench Cream Mask, first since the texture seems heavy I'm a bit skeptical, she even applied it on my eyes and lips, I thought, really? Wouldn't be too heavy? It didn't! When she clean them with a wipes all the mask are taken away leaving my skin fresh and well....quenched ^0^ good...

Her advice: better to use at evening when user is more relaxed.

This is the toner that was used for me.

An alcohol-free floral distillation in lemon yellow which refreshes, soothes, softens and moisturises.

Next is Shapping Facial Lift, with special direction on how to use it, please do learn from the pro, since I never have this kind of technique before to do at home. The white gel-cream is easily absorbed, the moment I spread it on my palm it become watery and light. I doesn't have an immediate tightening effect like other firming product I use, it's definitely interesting.

Now is moisturizing time, a Whitening Moisture Day Emulsion, that also so easy to absorb and feels light. Complete with SPF 20.

Last but not least is the sun protection, that so unique, it also help protect our skin from radiation like during usage of cell phone, computer, etc. The texture is surprisingly light, doesn't give me white-ish effect, light but high in coverage. Nice!

Going home after the mini facial is not empty handed, she gave me 2 sachet of

Shaping Facial Lift Lipo-drain Serum

This smooth, refreshing serum instantly lightens the face to reveal more refined facial contours. It firms the features, to "lift" and rejuvenate. The face is refined and protected from dark spots while the complexion is brighter and radiant.

A sample size of

Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser

With Peach Essential Water Normal or Dry Skin

The feeling of cleansing with water, without water! Peach essential water softens skin and a derivative of Coconut gently cleanses, Moringa purifies.

All the pleasure and freshness of cleansing with water... without water! In one easy step, this cleanser promotes a feeling of "waterrinsed" cleansing. It gently removes light makeup and impurities without any lather.
Obtained through distillation, this precious, potent 'water' contains all of the peach's softening and soothing properties. Skin stays smooth, supple and velvetysoft.


a sample size of

Whitening Moisture Day Emulsion

A milky emulsion which moisturizes, brightens the complexion and ensures radiant, comfortable skin while protecting against UV rays.

A fine and melting milky emulsion which brightens the complexion and moisturizes the skin, while protecting it against UV rays and harmful environmental factors. It ensures radiant, comfortable skin all day long and prolongs make-up hold thanks to its matifying action.

and best of all:

A plump soft skin on my face ❀◕‿◕❀

So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment now, this promo only available until the end of this month and look around, they also having Christmas Goodies packed with goodness!

More info can also be found on their facebook page.

Images and data are taken from Clarins website.

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