Monday, December 30, 2013

Congratulations to Carnellin's 12 Days Christmas Giveaway Winners Part 4

Hello everyone!!!

Tomorrow night we will celebrate New Year's Eve ^__^ Hope this announcement will cheer you up.

Here are the winner's announcement Part 4:

Yves Saint Laurent
Forever Light Creator:

1. Nita Desilia Tannawi
2. Irene Widya


Touche Eclat No.4,5:

1. Istiarina Putri
2. Uswatun Khasanah


LX Advanced Eye Treatment Cream :
1. Rifka Giovani


V10Plus Quasi Serum:

1. Serizawa Yukari


LX Advanced Lifting Cream Treatment

1. Istiarina Putri


My Konjac Sponge for the Body:
1. Dyah Prabawati


My Konjac Sponge in Pink (For Facial Use)

1. Serizawa Yukari


Max Factor Hampers:

1. Adepina Cindy

Congratulations to all the winners, stay tune for Part 5 ya!

As usual, the winners have to fill in this google docs (use computer ya). The Part 4 winners has to submit before 4th of January 2014.

Deadline sebelum 4 Jan 2014.
Isi data selengkap-lengkapnya, termasuk Nama Jalan, Kota, Kodepost dan petunjuk jalan (jika ada).
Bagi pemenang Max Factor, silahkan cek di website Max Factor dan pilih shade produk-produk yang diinginkan, Max Factor Indonesia akan berusaha memenuhi keinginanmu *tergantung persediaan.

Thank you all!!!

L'Oreal Paris Le Vernis 102 Macaron Noisette

Hello everyone!!

New Year is just around the corner ^__^ I hope we all have a happy new year and blessing throughout the year to come.

In this post, I also have a new favorite thing heeeheee, new color for the nails called Macaron Noisette. Details from

Product benefits

With a formula that combines rich pigments, pearlescents and optical effects, L’OrĂ©al Paris Colour Riche Le Vernis offers an extensive collection of 49 modern and fashionable shades. The mini 5ml bottle allows every woman to mix and match her favourite hues from the range to complement her every mood, occasion and look.


An exceptional formula with a built-in Top Coat
The ultra-fine ingredients in the formula are combined in a liquid gel base, the Liquigel, so the polish glides on smoothly and easily during application and provides even coverage over the entire nail.

A patented brush
Delivers just the right dose of polish for a one-stroke application in which each stroke applies an even amount of product all along the nail.


The polish are almost like a gel nail polish, I did add a top coat for extra shine and it was like 8/10 if 10 described gel nail polish. Definitely shinier than normal nail polish. Le Vernis also need longer time to set completely dry and hardened, I think when normal nail polish took 1 hour to hard enough to stand anything, Le Vernis need 1 hour and around 30 more minutes. But the result is worth the time, it was hard and set well.


Tips: Make sure the nails are clean. To prevent bubbles do not stir the product or gently when inserting the brush to the bottle. Wait until all the bubbles are gone before applying except of you want some hard set bubbles on the nails.

After finish with the application, let the nails air dry for at least 1 hour. Le Vernis will last around 1 week without chipping.

Thank you L'Oreal Paris Indonesia.

Friday, December 27, 2013

COWSTYLE Bouncia Body Soap (Further Review)

Hi everybody,

in this post I'm going to share more regarding COWSTYLE Bouncia Body Soap as I'm participating in COWSTYLE Bouncia Body Soap. For those who read my blog knows, this is not my first time reviewing the soap, here is my first post on COWSTYLE Bouncia Body Soap:

On this post, I want to share more regarding this wonderful soap that has been used by my entire family, but first, let's read the details provided:


Just like our facial skin that needs good moisture and soft fluffy foam, the body's skin as well. Normal soap with big bubbles wont do as they are skipping the pores and just touching the surface of our skin. The tiny bubbles created by Bouncia Body Soap will goes into the pores, clean them gently and leave the skin clean and moist, without striping the skin dry and uncomfortable.


Check out the details on Bouncia here:

I've used them again and again and again, so does everyone at my home, we all still enjoy the refreshing scent and lovely fine bubbles. We do still comparing the product with other brand and soaps. None act like COWSTYLE Bouncia Body Soap in terms of soft fluffiness.

My husband who has sensitive and oily skin enjoy the clean feeling which is non-drying and non-irritant. My daughter who has gentle skin loves the bouncy foams made and I love how the product kept their skin healthy with everything inside the product, such as milk butter, hyaluronic acid, and collagen.


I know that some people are worry whether the product will give the skin a clean feeling and gives moisture at the same time, the thing is, the squeaky feeling that we feel using another product is actually not good for the skin. Our floors should be squeaky but not the skin. Squeaky skin means the skin was already strip off it's natural barrier.
Here's a mini test: Try scratch your skin using the nails, if you see white marks from the scratch, your skin are in desperate need of a good moisture and it should start from the daily soap used.

COWSTYLE Bouncia Body Soap can be your base of a good start for a better skin condition. After taking a shower using Bouncia Body Soap, use a good lotion within 5 minutes of leaving the shower while the skin is still damp and suitable for the lotion to settles in. Protect your skin during the day with a good sun protection and try to avoid the sun at it's peak (usually around 11-12 noon until 2 PM). Clean the skin at least 2 times a day in a shower or bath using COWSTYLE Bouncia Body Soap for a clean, fresh and hydrated feeling all day long.

Thank you COWSTYLE Bouncia Body Soap and B Blog

berpartisipasi dalam COWSTYLE Bouncia Body Soap

Cracking Purple Nail Art with Elianto Indonesia

Hello ladies,

I'm going to make a simple nail cracking art with all of the products by Elianto Indonesia. There are 5 items included in the making, start from a clean nails using Grape Nail Colour Remover, a wonderful nail polish remover that smells so fruity and nice, like a sweet grape juice. The removing power also very nice, it swipe away the colors easily with the help of a cotton pad.


After making sure they are clean, I'm using the Base Coat (1), a clear light coat for the nails, followed by the Nail Color in purple shade, I'm trying to keep it tidy and steady, but fail to do so, and no images can be done since, I'm pretty messy haha!

After waiting the nail polish to dry, at least to the touch, I reapply for added color. Wait around 5-10 minutes before applying number 3: Crackle Nail Color in Purple. The Crackle Nail Color dry almost instantly, there are some technique in using the product, from brush it lightly for tiny cracks or like mine, boldly and make bigger cracks. |


The Crackle makes a plain nails look different and adding variation. Last, I'm using no.4, the top coat, it help produce shine to which the Crackle lack of. Instantly the matte look become shinier and last longer.


Now, as mentioned above, I hate those messy mess on the sides of the nails which I refuse to clean as I go, so I waited 24 hours and when the polishes are easily peeled from the skin, the result are much more cleaner and tidier.

I think that method is safer for me heehee, if I clean them while they are still wet usually I'll create more mess.


This is the final result ^___^ after 24 hours and after taking showers, the skin become soften and so does the polishes that attached. Peel them away and tidy nails come.

Then, around 1 week, when the color starts to wears off use the remover (no.5) and create something else.

Thank you Elianto Indonesia!!

If you're one of the winners from Carnellin's 12 Days Christmas Giveaway that won vouchers from Elianto Indonesia, you can use the vouchers and make a complete set for the nails ^__^

Carnellin's 12 Days Christmas Giveaway Winners Announcement Part 3

Hello everyone!!!

Weekend is finally here and soon we'll be celebrating New Year's Eve, without further ado here are the Part 3 winners:


Shu Uemura Lip & Cheek Stain in Heroine Rose:

1. Aldila Septia Berdapaningtyas
2. Annisa Arifiani
3. Caroline Pitono


Lasting Soft Gel Pencil:
1. in Black: Dyah Hapsari Fajarini
2. Aldila Septia Berdapaningtyas


SilkyGirl Skin Perfect CC Color Control 2-Way Foundation:
(winners are picked not just by blog, but like and tag at instagram, fb, and twitter as well):

1. Dyah Prabawati
2. Kornelia Luciana
3. Mitchellina Metta
4. Ery Wicaksana
5. Dyah Hapsari Fajarini
6. Winda Trisuci
7. Christina L
8. Devy Riswandha
9.Endi Feng


 Blush Desir Holiday:
1. Devy Riswandha


Guergi Foundation:

1. Melissa Permatasari

Do you see your names?

As usual, winners has to fill in the form:

Semua pemenang wajib mengisi google docs diatas, untuk kemudahan buka dengan komputer ya
Isi alamat dan detail lainnya selengkap-lengkapnya (nama jalan, no rumah, kota dan sampai kodepos sangat penting, kesalahan penulisan alamat bukan tanggung jawab kami)
Deadline pengisian detail pemenang Part 3 adalah: 31 December 2013
Khusus untuk pemenang SilkyGirl Skin Perfect CC, cantumkan juga shade produk, cek di website resmi SilkyGirl untuk pilihan warna shade yang ada. Pihak SilkyGirl akan berusaha memberikan warna sesuai pilihan namun tergantung stok, jika tidak ada, maka shade yang diberikan adalah Natural.

Thank you all!!!

Have a great weekend and stay tune for more winners announcement.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Carnellin's 12 Days Christmas Giveaway Winner Announcement Part 2

Hello lovelies!!

Here's another winner announcement ^__^ congratulations!!!

First, it is vouchers from Johnny Andrean Salon.
One for the K-Look and one for Gel Manicure and Pedicure


Congratulation to @dina_sama, winner has been announced via twitter by Johnny Andrean Salon. Another voucher for the manicure and pedicure will be directly announced by Johnny Andrean, so follow their twitter ya!


Shu Uemura Pink Princess Palette:

1. Neni Diyanti
2. Shelviana Handoko
3. Aldila Septia Berdapaningtyas


Oscar Blandi Invisible Dry Shampoo:

1. Neni Diyanti
2. Annisa Arifiani
3. Dyah Nur Prabawati


L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil
1.       @sarahfir
2.       @theailona
3.       Gratefulbeauty.blogspot
4.       Honeyandlipstick.blogspot
5.       @Hani_mei
That's it for now!!! Stay tune for more announcement as I know there are still so many prizes.

Winners, please do fill in the form below
-Deadline 30 Dec 2013-

(Pemenang, isi form pemenang dibawah ini sebelum 30 Dec 2013):

FreshKon Dezigner in Aqua Solitaire

Hello everyone!!!

How's holiday? I'm taking a staycation at the moment since I'm pregnant, traveling long distance wont be a convenient, and I still have some responsibilities in announcing the winners of the giveaway heehee. I'm really happy, so many people participated and a lot of wonderful ones. So please be patient ya, as I will announce the winners gradually. The Part 1 already up, here's the link:

Are you one of the winners? Check it out, as there is limited time to write down your details before the prizes are delivered all in the same time. However, the prizes probably wont reach each of the winner's home at the same time due to different locations.

Meanwhile, I want to introduce these lenses from FreshKon, I'm currently using the Dezigner in Aqua Solitaire.

Let's read the details shall we?!


You may found all of them at

They have other types and colors as well. From normal focus to those like me. I have -4.00 and -6.00.


This monthly base lenses comes in Pink, Aqua, Orange and Green Solitaire.


These are the actual products:


The packaging are simple and protect the lenses nicely. The lenses are thick, unlike clear ones I'm using daily. These are the decorative and functional all at once. At first, when I put them on my eyes, they do feel a bit thicker than the clear lenses uses daily. A bit sting as well, I prefer to washes them with the solution first before inserting, that does helps.


If you're not used to using soft lenses, please do cut the nails as short and tidy as possible to reduce the possibility of scratching the lense's surface, or worse, tearing them up. They are super delicate, a light force can easily break them and they become useless. Always use clean hand, fingers and nails as well as fresh new solution that used within 30 days after opening. Don't worry, you may read more details on the website about how to take care your eyes and lenses. It is also recommended to visit an ophthalmologist and seek their opinion on whether you are the right 'candidate' in using soft lenses.


Ta-da! This is me using the lenses. They can be quite dry and a bit discomfort at times, especially when dry,  unlike clear lenses that I uses daily, FreshKon Dezigner feels drier. So a lubricant is helpful to be used every 1-2 hours.

In terms of design, I love it! I like the color and shape as well. I wish I have all four of them to be used when I'm in different occasion or style. Since my retina is bigger than normal people. I do see a ring of clouds on the sides. But if your retina is normal, you wont see this clouds.

Tips, always ask around if you're a first timer, most stores that sells contact lenses have their own expert, when you want to purchase the products they usually help you to try put it on by yourself and how to take it off. And remember, clean hands at all times handling these lenses.

Thank you FreshKon Indonesia.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Congratulations to Carnellin's 12 Days Christmas Giveaway (Part 1)

Dear all,

the giveaway is officially ended and here they are, some of the winners ^__^

(Some? Yes, the judges, me and companies are still struggling with the rest of the winners since there are so many wonderful entries, please be patient ya)


Voucher Elianto @Rp. 100.000

1. Dyah Prabawati Sastrowiyadi
2. Dewie Aprillia Soebardi
3. Reini Andiani HK
4. Devi Virgia Perwita
5. Christina LE
6. Dita Indah Lestari
7. Lisnawati Noor
8. Ehara Poetry
9. Irene Widya
10. Caroline Pitono

Voucher should be used before 31st January 2014
No minimum purchase necessary


Necklaces by Riche Accessories:
Rocking Heart.

Yuliana Wijaya


Triple Beaded Layered

Istiarina Putri


Neo Nemrut

Saras Aisha


Bleu Deco Bib

Ehara Poetry


Sky Blue Burst Bloom Bib

Caroline Pitono


Floral Pendant Bib

Rini Setiani


Silver Studs Bib

Devi Virgia Perwita


Silver Shakti Pendant.

Nurina Adhalia



Irene Widya


Madeline Pearl

Jesslyn Yunnie


Winners of Sensibio H20 from Bioderma:

Dewie Aprillia Soebardi
Erna wijaya

Haven't see your name in this post?! Perhaps you'll be in part 2. Stay tune, okay?!

For all the winners announced, your details are needed as soon as possible, please fill in this google docs:

(copy paste atau buka url diatas untuk mengisi data diri kalian sebagai pemenang, mungkin pada beberapa device, google docs diatas hanya bisa dibuka melalui computer)

Data pemenang Part 1 ditunggu paling lambat tanggal 28 December 2013. Pengiriman hadiah dilakukan +/- 2 minggu setelah semua data diterima.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Ultima II Super Luscious Lip Conditioner and ProCollagen Lipstick in Ruby, the Duo Lipstick for me

Halo semua,
Khusus untuk post ini, saya akan membuatnya dalam Bahasa Indonesia  ya!

Bagaimana kabarmu hari ini ? Secara resmi kita telah berada pada bulan Desember di mana hampir setiap hari kita bangun di tengah-tengah hujan atau setelah hujan atau akan hujan heeheee ^ __ ^ tidak berarti suasana hati kita harus gelap dan suram , kan ? ! Terutama ketika sekarang adalah musim untuk ceria ! Musim liburan telah tiba! Untuk beberapa orang, banyak pesta dan acara  yang akan terjadi. Apa yang kita butuhkan untuk menyemarakkan make up kita agar lebih terlihat mempesona ? Lipstik ! !

Produk-produk ini terkenal untuk mengubah suasana hati dan agar orang-orang melihat , semua selebriti yang memakai warna merah sekarang di bibir mereka, dan aku sangat senang Ultima II memberi saya, Ruby .


Ya! Sebuah ProCollagen Lipstik warna Ruby dan memasangkannya dengan sebuah Luscious Lip Conditioner . Saya kira Ultima II tahu apa yang ada di pikiran saya, bibir cantik yang harus menjaga kelembaban bibir juga. Harap kalian membaca rincian yang diberikan di bawah ini ya :

Dengan bahan bermanfaat saya mencoba produk ini . Pada awalnya , aku ragu, aku mengerti berapa banyak waktu yang kita luangkan dengan mencoba lippie yang mengklaim dapat memberikan manfaat bagi bibir tetapi sebaliknya mereka memberi bibir kita perasaan penuh yang tidak nyaman , bibir tebal tapi masih pecah-pecah dan warna yang mengering, mengelupas kulit bibir. Apakah akan sama dengan Ultima II ?


Saya melakukan swatch pertama. Kesan pertama , heehee sapuan Lip Conditioner warnanya bening dan tak terlihat , sementara Procollagen Lipstick Ruby mempunyai warna yang cerah. Produk ini tidak selembut lippie lain (yang mengklaim memiliki banyak pelembab dan kadar air ). Kedua, Lip Conditioner dan Lipstik, keduanya tidak mudah patah ( namun, jangan menggunakan kekuatan Hulk ya ! ) . Mereka meluncur dengan baik pada bibir, halus, lembut dan warna Ruby-nya indah . Sheer atau tebal adalah hanya masalah kekuatan stroke Ruby ( jadi “Tipis atau tebal hanya tergantung pada pulasan yang diinginkan”).


Pada foto ini, saya mencoba Lip Conditioner , balm yang jelas super ringan dan terasa begitu nyaman di bibir tanpa terasa berat . I love it ! Ini adalah produk sederhana yang memberikan manfaat pada bibir , membuat bibir bersinar sehat, hanya dengan melihat gambar tersebut bibirku seperti tanpa garis dan tanda-tanda stress hilang . Bibir terlihat benar-benar nyaman , kan? ! Karena produk ini berhasil ! Bibirku terasa lembab dan penuh kadar air .

Produk ini dapat digunakan sebagai pengobatan malam , tapi bagi saya , dapat digunakan sebelum atau setelah aplikasi lipstik .

Bagaimana dengan ProCollagen Lipstik Ruby ? Hasilnya seperti yang diharapkan. Warna lipstick pada bibir sama seperti warna swatch saat mencoba pertama.. Terasa halus , tidak semulus Lip Conditioner tapi dalam dunia lipstik , produknya terasa halus ^ __ ^

Sekarang , saya tahu masing-masing dari kita memiliki preferensi dalam menggunakan lipstik , beberapa suka lipstick yang memberi cahaya dan gloss sepanjang jalan , sementara beberapa lebih suka matte dan efek kering . ProCollagen Lipstick ini dapat tampil matte maupun shiny.


Berikut adalah tips dari saya , untuk mencapai tampilan 'normal' terlihat seperti gambar di atas hanya menggunakan ProCollagen Lipstick saja , ulaskan produk beberapa kali dan Anda akan mendapatkan efek ‘normal’ seperti seperti yang terlihat pada foto .

Butuh gloss ekstra ? Gunakan Lip Conditioner sebelum dan sesudah atau sebelum , diikuti dengan lipstik dan kemudian lapisi dengan lip gloss untuk efek berlian yang berair .

Efek matte? Gunakan ProCollagen Lipstick menggunakan kuas dan pastikan untuk membuatnya cukup tebal. Lipat tisu dan tekan lembut pada bibir untuk menyerap kelembaban ekstra pada bibir. Ulas lapisan lipstick untuk kedua kalinya pada bibir dan ambil tissue bersih. Tekan seperti pada langkah pertama agar kilau pada lipstick dapat terserap oleh tissue. Tujuan menekan lipstick yang telah diulas di bibir dengan lembut hanyalah untuk menyerap efek glossy, jadi jangan menyapu bibir tissue, cukup ditekan perlahan. Bedak juga dapat dibubuhkan setelah aplikasi pertama sebelum mengulas untuk kedua kalinya untuk efek lipstick tahan lama.

Terima kasih Ultima II .