Thursday, December 26, 2013

FreshKon Dezigner in Aqua Solitaire

Hello everyone!!!

How's holiday? I'm taking a staycation at the moment since I'm pregnant, traveling long distance wont be a convenient, and I still have some responsibilities in announcing the winners of the giveaway heehee. I'm really happy, so many people participated and a lot of wonderful ones. So please be patient ya, as I will announce the winners gradually. The Part 1 already up, here's the link:

Are you one of the winners? Check it out, as there is limited time to write down your details before the prizes are delivered all in the same time. However, the prizes probably wont reach each of the winner's home at the same time due to different locations.

Meanwhile, I want to introduce these lenses from FreshKon, I'm currently using the Dezigner in Aqua Solitaire.

Let's read the details shall we?!


You may found all of them at

They have other types and colors as well. From normal focus to those like me. I have -4.00 and -6.00.


This monthly base lenses comes in Pink, Aqua, Orange and Green Solitaire.


These are the actual products:


The packaging are simple and protect the lenses nicely. The lenses are thick, unlike clear ones I'm using daily. These are the decorative and functional all at once. At first, when I put them on my eyes, they do feel a bit thicker than the clear lenses uses daily. A bit sting as well, I prefer to washes them with the solution first before inserting, that does helps.


If you're not used to using soft lenses, please do cut the nails as short and tidy as possible to reduce the possibility of scratching the lense's surface, or worse, tearing them up. They are super delicate, a light force can easily break them and they become useless. Always use clean hand, fingers and nails as well as fresh new solution that used within 30 days after opening. Don't worry, you may read more details on the website about how to take care your eyes and lenses. It is also recommended to visit an ophthalmologist and seek their opinion on whether you are the right 'candidate' in using soft lenses.


Ta-da! This is me using the lenses. They can be quite dry and a bit discomfort at times, especially when dry,  unlike clear lenses that I uses daily, FreshKon Dezigner feels drier. So a lubricant is helpful to be used every 1-2 hours.

In terms of design, I love it! I like the color and shape as well. I wish I have all four of them to be used when I'm in different occasion or style. Since my retina is bigger than normal people. I do see a ring of clouds on the sides. But if your retina is normal, you wont see this clouds.

Tips, always ask around if you're a first timer, most stores that sells contact lenses have their own expert, when you want to purchase the products they usually help you to try put it on by yourself and how to take it off. And remember, clean hands at all times handling these lenses.

Thank you FreshKon Indonesia.

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