Friday, December 27, 2013

Cracking Purple Nail Art with Elianto Indonesia

Hello ladies,

I'm going to make a simple nail cracking art with all of the products by Elianto Indonesia. There are 5 items included in the making, start from a clean nails using Grape Nail Colour Remover, a wonderful nail polish remover that smells so fruity and nice, like a sweet grape juice. The removing power also very nice, it swipe away the colors easily with the help of a cotton pad.


After making sure they are clean, I'm using the Base Coat (1), a clear light coat for the nails, followed by the Nail Color in purple shade, I'm trying to keep it tidy and steady, but fail to do so, and no images can be done since, I'm pretty messy haha!

After waiting the nail polish to dry, at least to the touch, I reapply for added color. Wait around 5-10 minutes before applying number 3: Crackle Nail Color in Purple. The Crackle Nail Color dry almost instantly, there are some technique in using the product, from brush it lightly for tiny cracks or like mine, boldly and make bigger cracks. |


The Crackle makes a plain nails look different and adding variation. Last, I'm using no.4, the top coat, it help produce shine to which the Crackle lack of. Instantly the matte look become shinier and last longer.


Now, as mentioned above, I hate those messy mess on the sides of the nails which I refuse to clean as I go, so I waited 24 hours and when the polishes are easily peeled from the skin, the result are much more cleaner and tidier.

I think that method is safer for me heehee, if I clean them while they are still wet usually I'll create more mess.


This is the final result ^___^ after 24 hours and after taking showers, the skin become soften and so does the polishes that attached. Peel them away and tidy nails come.

Then, around 1 week, when the color starts to wears off use the remover (no.5) and create something else.

Thank you Elianto Indonesia!!

If you're one of the winners from Carnellin's 12 Days Christmas Giveaway that won vouchers from Elianto Indonesia, you can use the vouchers and make a complete set for the nails ^__^

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