Sunday, September 12, 2010

Intensive Hair Mask

I've been buying a creambath cream from Jakarta for years. I don't seem to find any of them here in Singapore. Creambath cream is a thick mask for hair, used after shampooing and the hair is toweled dry, massage the nourishing thick mask to the hair, some do have effect for the scalp too but if you have doubt or very oily scalp, better skip the scalp and stick to your hair only.

In saloon we use hair steamer for about 15 minutes, massage the hair again so the temperature is lowered before rinsing and drying. The hair will be gorgeously fragrant (yes, it is a correct word), soft, manageable, and just beautifully pampered.

And couple days ago walking in Shop and Save Bt. Batok branch I saw this hair mask that from the how to use part is somewhat the same with creambath.

For home use creambath mask, instead of using the steamer, we create our own steam effect by cover the bundled hair (already so easily made into a bun thanks to the thick creambath cream) with hot towel for about 15 minutes too. So this Intensive Hair Mask bough in Shop and Save have the same method on the label.

For $5++ only, so it's pretty cheap, even in Jakarta I don't find any good creambath cream that cheap. I did say good right? the branded one/very good one can cost most than 20$.

Thinking how cheap it is, I don't know why I just want to give it a shot. I've tried Dove, Elseve, Pantene and none of them are good enough for me and show real immediate effect.

The effect that I want is my hair become soft, manageable, have a weight on their own but still bouncy, look full, healthy and no frizz nor flying split ends.

I even open the tube on the store to see what it's like inside, it's very thick and dense like a 'real' creambath cream in Jakarta.

I wash my hair and use a big dollop of this cream (a handful, just like using any other creambath cream) massage it through my hair (below shoulder length) for like 3 minutes and make a big bun on top of my hair and instead of using a hot towel, which can easily messy and cold after just 5 minutes, I use a shower cap. Those disposable shower cap I get from hotels. It created a heat in it's own and for me it work ^_^

You can also use cling wrap (that plastic thingy for food) and leave on for like 15 minutes too, really same effect, have use that method for years too, but since I have many shower caps from hotels, I use shower cap.

Since I don't have enough time this morning, yes I used it this morning, around 10 minutes I washed the cream off and my hair was soooooo smooth. The scent is musk and so feminine, like a powder scent. Now, at night my hair still so smooth and smell nice, manageable, far from dry and frizzy.

So happy with what $5++ (still definitely less than $6) can do!


  1. Hey where did you buy this at?
    Mind telling?

    Kimberly. (:

  2. Hi Kimberly,
    I bought it at Shop and Save, Supermarket in West Mall, Bukit Batok, Singapore :)

  3. Hi Clevergirl,
    I know I'm afew months late but I cant find it at Westmall anymore.
    Any idea where I can find it or other recommendations of similar product?
    and also, whats the brand name?

    Thank You! =)

  4. Hi Clevergirl,

    I know I'm afew months late but I can't find it in Westmall Shop n Save. Is there any other places that sell this product or do you have recommendations of similar product?
    Also, what is the brand of this hair mask?

    Thank you!! =)

  5. Hi Silverx,

    Try finding it in other Shop and Save branch. I don't recall the branch since it is a "house brand" like no frills, etc.

    Other mask that I tried and really work is Kerastase....I know! the price differences is devastating ;p

    I've tried Dove, Sunsilk, L'Oreal, etc but still this house brand give me better result.