Monday, August 19, 2013

Hada Labo Mild Peeling AHA + BHA Face Wash and Makeup Remover + Face Wash

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more Hada Labo is coming your ways ^^ !!! These two items are the collection from the AHA+BHA Cleansing items to help the skin to become as smooth as egg.

Here's some details from


It help to exfoliate the skin with AHA + BHA to promote skin renewal process as we all know dead skin accumulation leads to dull skin appearance. No one wants that, we want a clear skin with better complexion, which is even tone, smooth, soft, doesn't have build-ups that prevent nourishment and wonderful ingredients from skincare to be accepted by the skin since the skin is not blocked anymore.


Now the questions are, does these products really works? How about to those sensitive to AHA and BHA (like me), can we use it? Last, can the makeup remover in one really clean makeups?


First, let's take a look of the items. One is a Face Wash only which cleans natural daily debris like sebum, dirt, dusts, and many other elements which is known as not a makeup ^^

The thick white cream is almost like a paste compared to the 2 in 1 Makeup Remover + Face Wash, which have a texture almost like a gel. Both are white in color and easily lathered on.

The Face Wash did a great job cleaning the skin, make sure the foam are created beautifully. You can use these things to buffed up.


Those are not to be used on the facial skin directly, those are helping the product (paste/creamy cleansing/undeveloped foaming facial wash) to become foamy and perfect to be used for cleaning the face. We need the foam, not the raw product.

Wet the face with a couple of splashes of lukewarm water, develop the foaming facial wash until the foam become fluffy, abundant and so soft. Massage the skin using the fully developed foam and feel it being cleaned. Both AHA + BHA  Face Wash and Makeup Remover + Face Wash works wonderfully.

I use the Face Wash in the morning when I take morning shower (which contains no makeup whatsoever), the cleanliness is okay, I thought it is going to be squeaky and unpleasant, it is not, it was nicely done, the feeling on the skin is comfortable. I don't use it daily, but for those who have dull skin and perhaps not dry, may use it more often. I use it like 1-2 a week. My husband who owns oily skin use it more often than me, like 3-4 times a week and he enjoys the product as much as I do.

The skin become clearer after using it for a month and I don't experience any sensitivity nor allergies like other products that contain AHA + BHA, I guess the product is mild enough but still gives effective result to the skin.


Now, how about the Makeup Remover + Face Wash? Does it clean daily dirt, do the mild peeling nicely while cleans makeup too? It does! But I still need help on the eye area since every time I clean using this foam, the eyes are automatically closed ^^ so the foam can't get near the eyes and clean the inner liner spotlessly.

I need a cotton bud with a bit of the foam and waterproof makeup also lifted off. But some though waterproof and stay on products may need a cleansing oils and eye makeup remover separately prior of using this AHA + BHA Makeup Remover + Face Wash.

Still, in the end, it does clean the skin from makeup such as foundations, stay on coverage foundations, BB Creams, eyeliners, mascara, lipsticks, blush on, eye shadows and other kind of makeup from base to sparkles.

Bonus point, the cleanser also contain AHA + BHA that help the skin to shed the dead ones like the Face Wash does.

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