Friday, August 16, 2013

MY K-POP Look for IBB August 2013 MUC

Hello beauty bloggers!!

This post may or may not be made specially for beauty bloggers since the challenge are for beauty bloggers but everyone have the luxury to watch ^^

As usual in Indonesia Beauty Blogger Community, Make Up Challenge are made monthly with different theme, this month since the sponsor is from Lioele, the theme is K POP look.

Those gorgeous sexy girls are the inspirations, they are fun to see, creative in terms of fresh and unique look with flawless skin, plus they are not necessarily over the top but definitely worth copying (which currently the latest trend there is).


First, I applied the Secret Pore Rich Balm from Lioele for a soft, smooth and velvety base (Read here for details: CLICK ME), then followed with a cover foundation.

Cover foundation is a foundation that gives the skin a high coverage ability. Most of them felt quite heavy on the skin, Guergi is a cover foundation without the heaviness and thickness. Continues with a compact powder from Laneige, and start with the eye's zone.

Here are all the stuffs I'm using:


And I'm using them to copy this one look by Lee Hyori.


I put the emphasize on her sharp eyes and nude lips. The cheeks are made using products from The Body Shop, I really enjoy creating this look as I rarely choose this creation (it made me look fierce).


Ta-da! Sorry, no step by step images right now as I'm making it in a jiffy and it's already in the mid August ^0^.

But here's a step by step guide (not images):
1. Clean the face and use skincare
2. Apply Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm all over and feel the velvety smoothness
3. Put on Guergi Cover Foundation, dab some powder using a compact powder from Laneige
4. Tidy up the brow and draw them using Laneige
5. Make outer and inner liner also with Over and Inner Liner Laneige.
6. The eye shadows are from LUNASOL.
7. DASODA liquid eyeliner is used and for the inner lower eye frame, I used Silky Girl silver liner.
8. Careful with the eyes and not too overshadows it, so it is kinda a soft smokey look using eyeshadows. Mascara is used once the eyes part are done with Fiber Wig for longer lashes but still natural as no falsies is used for this look.
9. Use highlighter by The Balm for the nose and shadowing the outer cheeks with The Body Shop.
10. Followed with a light blush on so the look wont be too 'brown'.
11. Last but not least, the nude lipstick from the newest collection from Anna Sui.

What do you think? I think a step by step image is still needed, so if you're participating in the make up challenge please do provide the step by step images.

Please do hurry and submit yours to the doc provided by IBB and enjoy while making the looks yaaa!



  1. cantikkk... kmrn habis sakit ya ci? skrg uda sembuh, lebih fresh juga..hehe
    suka sama eye make upnya.. <3
    GBU ci ^_^

  2. Hi!! Can I know what's the name of the Anna Sui lipstick?? Btw looks very pretty!! I love your crackle nails :)


  3. Thank you so much Dewie,

    Iya nih sekarang masih recovery ^^

    Hi Yovi,

    It's Anna Sui Lipstick 701 ^^

  4. AAAAA cantik bgt keliatan sexy kayak Hyori!