Monday, August 26, 2013

Anna Sui Rouge A Levres in 701

Hi everyone!!!

How's your weekend? It was quite a jam in Jakarta since a famous rock band is coming to town. I was stuck in several places since there's several events I have to go to. Well, I hope everyone has a lovely and fruitful weekend in the end ^^

This particular product is favorite of mine from Anna Sui collection. The packaging is super duper pretty and so does what's inside. When usually it's about bold color, this time I manage to get my hands on the nude of the creams.


Details from

Remarkable vivid colors and ultra-smooth textures with perfect fit, leave you looking like a Drama Queen!
• A variety of true, vivid shades in one swipe
• Extraordinary smooth and long-lasting finish in 2 different bases
• Gorgeous packaging reminiscent of a vase
Vivid Base in 17 Shades

Mine is in 701


The details is engraved in almost every way possible ^^ The smell of tea rose is seductive and wonderful, but what's more wonderful is the feeling of the lipstick on the lips. It feels so smooth and comfortable. It's like a mixed between hard and soft ingredients in one, the lipstick is moist but not too moist therefor still have some of it's strength. The hydrating effect is nice and pleasant for 3 hours or so. I need to re-apply the lipstick or just use a lip balm when the air is dry.


What can I say?! It's a product that can easily be loved for it's shape, exterior, interior, function and all of it's beauty surrounding it.

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