Monday, August 19, 2013

SK-II STEMPOWER Essence and Cream

Hi there ^^

I hope this post finds you well. Months and months ago these two items come knocking on my door and after of using them for quite some time, I can now share a review.


Formulated with the revolutionary Stem-Acanax Complex that penetrates deep to improve skin from within. Pores to be less visible in 1 day. Improves radical firmness in 10 days. So you can feel the youthful beauty of 10 years ago.


These are the products, the essence and the cream from the Stempower collection. I've used the cream before and share the post (CLICK ME), and now this duo packed together, I think they become more powerful than using it alone.


The essence is lighter and like a gel, it was delightful on the skin. The cream feels luxurious on the skin and I have multiple reactions of using the moisturizer, one time my skin react differently than the other. At first it work so well, but somehow some bumps like acne start growing, the condition is not severe, but noticeable by me. So I'm kinda confuse, maybe I can use it 2-3 times a week and not daily to prevent the products to be too active?!

I think that is the answer for me. So I use the product not as a routine for my daily basis skincare, but more to when I want a radical result. The first month I use them everyday, two times daily and the skin become firmer, the pore become less visible, the bottom line, I look younger and the skin become plumper.


After a month, I use them 2-3 times a week only, it's like to maintain the effect on my skin. The essence itself can be use with other moisturizer I have, but for the moisturizer, I think it is best to use the essence or with other SK-II products. The thickness, richness and the feeling created when using it was really unique and I can't seem to find it at other product. My husband is using the cream as well now and his skin become so much better. He looks younger, the oils and sebum reduced (he does have oily skin) and the radiance is clearly visible. He's been using it for 2-3 weeks, let's see how he goes after more than a month.


these are the products that definitely give the skin results within 10 days. The reaction is fast on the skin and the effect as well. I tap it off after a month of usage when small acne start showing up (about 2-3 bumps and not severe). The result may vary but I think it work best for those who haven't been taking care their skin well, want a quick result in short time (like for a wedding), have a dull skin type, oily and need to boost up their regenerative properties to the core of the stem cells.


  1. Hi! very nice review :)
    which one do you think the best for acne-scars or flex on face? And how much are they? Thanks ^^

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I think it's depends on your skin condition, age, history, allergic reactions, type, and many many more factors.

  3. What is the difference between the essence and the cream? Are they both for the same purpose and have the same benefit? The essence is price more expensive than the cream so is the ingredient concentration stronger? Thanks.

  4. Hi Anon,

    Essence is to be used after toner before cream. To put it in easier form, essence is like serum, cream is moisturizer. One worked for within, the other for outer surface.