Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Riche Accessories

Hi babes,

especially those who loves accessories ^0^ I have good news for you. A friend of mine known as Ms. Shinta has open her own shop dedicated for accessories. Her principle on fashionable accessories to boost up any look from dull to boldly fabulous.


This is one of her necklace given to me, as most of you know I'm not really fashionable and my look can be as simple (aka dull) as possible heehee, so this necklace is definitely one iconic booster for my  fashion points.

Here are an intro from Shinta for Riche Accessories:
That’s why I started RICHE Accessories in the first place. From my background in some women’s lifestyle magazine before, and currently as a lifestyle blogger, I hugely believe there’s no easier way in this world of styling to dress up an outfit than with some eye-catching accessories. You can make a simple look, let’s just say: boyfriend jeans and a basic tee or a solid black dress look visually interesting with a statement necklace.
Just like lipstick, and shoes, and bags, I believe that a lady can’t have enough statement necklaces. They’re one of my favorite pieces that will surely add dimension to any outfit. You won’t feel sorry to invest in bold statement jewels that’ll add serious sparkle to any of your outfit. I’m pretty sure that you’ll find some new love you’ll never want to take off, from RICHE Accessories unparalleled selection. Ranging from statement necklaces to stacked bangles and multiple rings, I hope you love shopping RICHE as much as I’m enjoying building it.
And last but not least, I believe statement accessories will speak for themselves. So if you’re looking for something bold but not loud, to make you look lovely for less, you are a RICHE lady.

Shinta Rosvita
Founder, RICHE Accessories
Twitter : @RICHEAccessories
FB Page : RICHE Accessories
Contact Number : 0816-702008


What do I think of her collections?

Frankly, I love them, she uses some of it every time I met her and it does add her fashion points by far. She uses them on simple shirts and she made those shirts looks different and become very interesting. I love her plastic chain collections as well as her bangles.

Stay tune as I will wear the necklace given and show them via path and twitpic ^__^

For more details, please do contact Shinta directly and if you see something that you like, don't wait up, as every item is very limited and unique.

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