Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bubble and Bloom Aromatic and with Luffa Plant Soaps (Product of Thailand) - Aloe Vera, Pomegranate, Strawberry, Lavender -

Hi all!

It's a fun post I'm going to make since these are fun products ^^ no string attached, cheap and smells really good. I know nowadays we began to learn how to take care our skin everyday with a gentle soap, but still, sometime I can't resist myself to try those that smells so fruity, flowery and yums!


Yes, tehse are Bubble and Bloom, a handmade products from Thailand (courtesy of my sis), she brought back Seaweed (smells ultra wonderful and sweet like bubble gum), Lavender (that same calming scent), Pomegranate (sweet and fruity), and Strawberry (like a strawberry jam ^^). Some with 'luffa' plant (Strawberry and Seaweed) while some are just aromatic soap.

Like mentioned these products are for fun since it's all about the aroma, the luffa added as a exfoliating which I think not suitable to be used daily, 1-2 times a month is more than enough and only used it on rough areas such as heels and other part that need this kind of attention.

Overall, it's a simple soaps that cleans with aroma but doesn't give the skin any moisturizing effect, so it's more to the aromatherapy during the shower. The soap may become soggy when put inside the bathroom too long. Use it wisely and enjoy the scent ^^

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