Friday, August 30, 2013

Shu Uemura Dual Fit Pressed Powder (L. Purple)

Hello everyone,

A cool item from Shu Uemura is here, called Dual Fit Pressed Powder.



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Mine is in L purple. as in light purple. It help to lightens the yellowish skin tone and makes it fairer and less yellow. It is suitable for Asian skin as it help increase the clarity of the skin.


The powder itself is very soft and blends in very easy on the skin, the brush provided also very helpful for application, high quality and deserve a signature from Shu Uemura. The mirror also nicely done, what does it got to do with the review?

Well, for me, there are several high end brand out there that come with a high price tag yet provide poor quality brush, sponge, mirror and packaging. Mirror for instance, it's important, do you know cosmetic's mirror is best with a mirror that resist stain, powder and humidity? I dislike a stained mirror or a low quality one that easily break when accidentally dropped.
And of course the applicator as well, a poorly made sponge / puff will decrease the value of the product itself.

I'm so happy Shu Uemura keep everything in tip top condition for an overall experience without fail.


Result of using Shu Uemura Dual Fit Pressed Powder? A softly powdered face with brighter and fairer looking skin without being too pale or too much. Best to be used as the final touch on the base. So after using CC/BB Cream/ foundation or some sort, use this Dual Fit Pressed Powder for those with yellow skin tone. The wonderful packaging and design of the product is definitely a winner as well, making sure the brand is always on top with high qualities.

The powder add a healthy glow on the skin as well, like a luminous touch without being too much.

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