Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Biotherm Beauty Class

Hi everyone!!!

Finally, I can blog again, after a month full of mastitis, surgery, and recovery. I will share a post especially for that one where I met a wonderful doctors which help me get through it all.

Now, here's an update of my beauty class with Biotherm which is held last month. Readers and bloggers are welcome to joined.


Since I love skincare and always emphasize on how important skincare is, Biotherm kindly lending their expertise and products to help me deliver the material. This is the first class with Biotherm, so most of the subjects are still about introductions, I hope we will have more classes to come.

Biotherm share a lot about their brands on this particular beauty class since most of those who come haven't get the full idea on Biotherm, like, why is it call Biotherm? From which country it is? What kind of technology used? The thermal spa waters functions? etc.


Biotherm is from France, inspired by the healing power of the thermal spa water concentrated in the bottle and jars to provide the best moisture to the skin, to keep it hydrated, young, supple and nourished. This is the basic principle of Biotherm, where then they develop the brand into acne prone skin as well, along with whitening/brightening sets, men's (Biotherm Homme), fragrances, and body care.


All of us get to try all of the collections, including the BB and CC Cream. It was a real treat for me to try the newest items on the market which is just launched during the beauty class. There are shades to choose according to the skin's needs.


The texture is light and easily blend on the skin, giving the skin what it needs. If you're looking for natural finish the cream colored nude is your choice, the blue one for luminous skin, white for fairer skin, and purple for even out the yellowish skin tone.


I'm really happy for everyone who make it that day, bloggers, readers and some of the bloggers also brought their spouse, friends and yes, that means the men are here as well. They all tried the facial and products too ^^

For all of you men out there, men do need skincare as well as women, so please do start taking care of your skin in a correct way and use the right items accordingly.


So sorry for the limited images since this is my class and I ought to help out here and there, so the images are very limited, thanks to Tia, here are some of the pics taken during the class.


Series from daily skincare for 20's, 30's, 40's and above, men, makeup, problematic skin, etc, are all available, some of the bloggers already uploaded their post, keep a watch out and hope to see you on my next beauty class ^^

Thank you Biotherm Indonesia!!!

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