Friday, August 23, 2013

First Blush August 2013 Edition.

Hi all!!!

Beauty boxes is definitely on the rise nowadays, with so many brand of boxes coming, which one to choose?

Here's one more option for you from First Blush.


The unique triangle shaped box is an eye catcher for sure! With the bright red color, the box seems so interesting.


I'm opening mine with full anticipation and ....


I really thrilled to see what's inside! It is definitely something exclusives for me.


From D'EYEKO False Lashes, The Body Shop Body Butter in Olive (my fave!!!), Egyptian Magic Cream, OPI minis, Orlane, and more!!


It's like everything is my favorite things, and the sizes are not so small too. It's like I'm okay with samples but if the whole box is just about sachet samples I think it wont worth the price, but this box seems to have to be worth it ^^

I've used the Egyptian Magic Cream before and it works really well on me. Orlane also a brand that I love using, their products focusing on hydrating is like so similar to my main idea of taking care the skin. OPI? We all know it's like the one product for nail that deliver result with quality. D'EYEKO Lashes, which makeup artist and beauty bloggers seems to be can't get enough. I love how light and airy they are compared to the other brand and material. All day using their lashes is far more comfortable than 2 hours of using other brand that made the lids feels so sleepy ^__--

I rarely use the vouchers given by beauty boxes including these ones, but I think that's depends on the person receiving them, again, for me, I'm not really using them. I love actual products on my box ^^ like the body butter from The Body Shop is so iconic, it's not something new for me but for those who finally able to try it will appreciate the beauty box like First Blush that bring the 'classic' into their box. We all love trying new stuffs, but sometime there are famous items that we need to know as well (or at least kept being introduced ^^).

In general, I think First Blush Indonesia has given me the '4 out of 5 stars' boxes with lots of great products that I found usable and enjoyed by many for already being so popular. They have made safe choices this month, I'm so interested to see their next edition.

The First Blush Indonesia start their box on September 2013, you still have time to subscribe, check out their facebook page ya:

Thank you First Blush Indonesia.

(Pssst!!! This just in, the OPI minis may be counterfeit products, First Blush is apologizing for the inconvenience and will do better in the future)


  1. Heeee beauty box baru ci? O.O
    How much it costs? Sounds promising!

  2. Hi Xiao Vee,

    Rp.168.000 per one
    Rp. 672 per 4 months
    and so on,

    details on their website.

    Hopefully they keep up the good work ^^

  3. Waah baru tau ad beauty box baru.
    Thanks for sharing ci :3