Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Almond Delightful Shape

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"With its delicious almond scent and mouth-watering gel-cream texture, this contouring product helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite while smoothing and firming the skin.

Its formula is enriched with an almond tree bud extract, concentrated in flavonoids known to help stimulate skin microcirculation, helping against water and toxin retention. This action is reinforced by natural caffeine and a patented complex composed of almond proteins, silicium and essential oils of immortelle, peppermint and palmarosa. The complex is complemented by quinoa extract, and Peruvian liana, as well as carrot essential oil in order to prevent the formation of new fat cells.

From the very first applications, the skin is softer and suppler. With continued use, the appearance of the skin improves; becoming smoother and firmer. "

The thick brown creamy gel is really delightful, L'Occitane never fails in terms of scent, texture and being so wonderful to be used daily. For being so easy to absorb I give them 8 out of 10, non sticky 9 out of 10, scent 7,5 out of 10 (I'm being tough!), comfortable to use 9 out of 10, and I really like the cooling sensation, unlike other cellulite's reducer, where the scent is yucky, sticky, hot and causing sensitivity, L'Occitane Almond Delightful Shape is comfortable on the skin too.

To eliminate the whole cellulite for me definitely need more than 50 ml, but what I got now is a softer and smoother skin. But for firmer? I think I need it more ^__^

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