Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Day with L'Occitane Indonesia

Yesterday afternoon I spend some time with L'Occitane (say: Lox-ee-tan) Indonesia and getting to know their products more. But what would be a better way than trying them directly on my skin, so here we go, I'm trying their regime start from cleaning and all the way until their newest addition, make up ^__^

First is Immortelle Milk Makeup Remover, the thick white cream smells so good, fresh flowery scents, rich, and from natural ingredients. I can see myself using this product everyday since it is so comfortable and indulging.

Details from loccitane.com.sg:

Make-up remover for face, eyes and lips. This velvety texture can be used with or without water. Effectiveness and tolerance dermatologically tested.

Massage an adequate amount directly to your face with a clean hands. Easily any foundation and powder will be cleaned. DO wash with foaming facial wash afterwards.

For waterproof makeup, you can use Immortelle Eye Make-Up Remover Gel which is much more convenient for me than a cleansing oil. Details from il.loccitane.com:

The Immortelle Eye Make-up Remover Gel gently and efficiently removes both conventional and waterproof eye make-up. A unique blend of Immortelle, cornflower, and rose floral waters helps to decongest, soothe, and smooth the eye area. Eyes are left feeling and looking clean, fresh and rested.

Dermatologically and ophtalmologically tested. Suitable for all skin types, sensitive eyes and contact lenses wearer

Following the next step is Essential Water for the Face. Details:
A toner with anti-aging benefits: Formulated with Immortelle floral water, this toner removes traces of make-up and impurities and continues the anti-aging process. Alcohol free and enriched with moisturising agents, toning Green Tea extract and firming Centella Asiatica, the face is pleasantly refreshed, toned and the skin is firmed. Apply after Foaming Milk, or on its own for instant freshness.

Use it with a cotton pad and gently swipe them over your face after cleansing. It help freshen up the skin and preparing for the next step.

My facial skin feels clean, tone and fresh.

This is Immortelle eye balm which I think more suitable to be used at night, I do have a sweaty eye zone which can lead to a messy eye makeup. But you can tackle this problem by using it just a bit less and making sure they are fully absorbed before make up session.

The balm is rich. Here is some details:

An eye cream with anti-aging benefits: Reduce dark circles, puffiness and signs of tiredness around the eyes with this gentle cream. Formulated with Immortelle floral water, this cream will soothe, moisturize, nourish and tone the delicate skin around the eyes. To apply, tap a small amount of Eye Balm on the bone around the eye twice daily.

There are a massaging and taping technique for proper use, do visit the counter and learn from the staff.

Next is Immortelle Brightening Essence.

Immortelle grows abundantly on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and has an exceptionally long life. Immortelle flowers produce an essential oil that boosts collagen synthesis, stimulates cutaneous micro circulation to enhance cell renewal.
Bellis perennis, the daisy flower, opens its petals each day with the sunrise and closes them at dusk. Its flower offers a brightening extract that contributes to reduced melanin synthesis.

Ideal for all skin type, the Brightening Essence is a concentrated serum which visibly preserves youth and brightens skin. Its fresh and light serum formula combines:
• organic immortelle essential oil, concentrated in time released micro capsules, for long lasting anti-wrinkle, anti-free radical and firming effectiveness,
• Bellis perennis brightening extract, combined with a vitamin C derivative to make the complexion uniform and more radiant,
• a gaulterie leaf extract to stimulate the natural exfoliation of cells and refine skin’s texture,
• and soothing and moisturising chamomile extract, allantoïne.

Day after day, complexion is more radiant and even-toned. Skin is soothed and moisturised, firmed and toned. It attains a youthful glow.

Tolerance dermatologically tested. Non Comedogenic.

Since the ingredients is from natural ingredients they are not harsh on the skin. Any L'Occitane skin care product need around 28 days for significant result, seems too long? No worries, it was a lovely 28 days since their products always gorgeously fragrant, from plants and made sure for being safe to use with efficacy and effectiveness.

The next step is Immortelle Precious Cream. Details from sephora.com:

Immortelle Precious Cream
A creamy moisturizer with antiaging benefits: Rich and velvety, Precious Cream is a smooth, easily absorbed antiaging treatment. Immortelle essential oil is concentrated into microcapsules for controlled, 24-hour release.

Despite the richness the product actually easily absorbed on the skin. And do I still need to go on and on about the scent. The think about Immortelle, they are famous for anti aging which is why they are best sellers, but L'Occitane products are much more than Immortelle. They goes beyond almost all ages.

My skin are pampered with Immortelle, now let's do some makeup.

Using the new range of Pivoine Flora Makeup, details from usa.loccitane.com:

Inspired by this dazzling show of colors and scents, the Pivoine Flora make-up collection unveils surprising textures that highlight the face with luminous shades of spring. Wonderfully easy to apply, they allow you to create the look you want.

This is Pivoine Flora Eye Duo Blanche Etoile
Enriched with softening Peony extract, these two satiny eye shadows can be used to create your desired look with touches of radiant and contrasting colors.
The lighter shade highlights the eyelid, while the darker shade gives definition and intensity for a more dramatic look.
When you mix the two shades on the back of your hand, a third unexpected color appears, enlarging the palette of colors!
Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.

This apricot colored cream blush duo helps illuminate and warm up the face. Enriched with softening Peony extract and delicately scented, this smooth texture glides on with fingertips and blends easily.
The apricot blush accents the cheek bones while the golden beige can be used to highlight your look. .
Testé dermatologiquement et ophtalmologiquement.

Their makeup is perfect for daily look and mommies, if you have a teens who's just turning 13 and trying makeup, L'Occitane would be perfect for their high quality ingredients, safety and natural shade of color.

Next is lippy color. Which glide easily on the lips.

Followed by Pivoine Flora Lip Shine.

This non-sticky gloss glides smoothly over the lips, coating them with subtle, shimmering colour and leaving them looking more shapely, more delicious.

Here is my final look, a comfortable skin wrapped in natural color which is perfect for daily use, enhance with natural ingredients which benefit for the skin.

Me and Ms. Pipih, she helps me all along the way and I still got more reviews from L'Occitane so do look up for them ^___^

Thank you L'Occitane Indonesia and Ms. Jihan for the wonderful opportunity.

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