Thursday, October 20, 2011

ACAI Damage Repairing Serum

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Organic formula wipes out the first signs of aging.

• Ultra-concentrated formula quickly penetrates skin’s surface.
• Repairs the effects of visible damage to skin’s tone, texture and elasticity due to environmental oxidation, sun exposure and other external skin stressors.
• Ecocert Organic Certified with 100% Natural Origin Ingredients.
• Paraben- and Silicone-free.
• Dermatologist tested for gentleness and suitable for sensitive skin.
• Use on cleansed skin before Acai moisturizer.
Cool Kiehl’s Fact: Kiehl’s Acai Damage-Repairing formulas are certified organic by ECOCERT and were the first skincare collection on the market to receive Gold Cradle to Cradle certification indicating that they were developed and made in an eco-responsible manner.

Just tried them last night and impressed by how quick the serum absorbed. The scent, color and texture is like a fresh fruity tonic herbs juice for our skin. The serum is watery and for me it gives an immediate effect of vitality. Highly recommend the serum for anyone living a stressful life in the cities. There's a refreshing feeling when using the serum, like when you are drinking a fresh squeezed berries that filled with antioxidant. Your body response to the feeling of being rejuvenated. 

Suitable for any skin type. I do use a different moisturizer, instead of Acai Moisturizer, I'm using Ultra Facial Moisturizer. Why I'm not using the Acai Moisturizer? I don't have one ^____^ heehee, if I have, I'll definitely using them both. But for me the serum itself is remarkable.

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