Saturday, October 1, 2011

Inside L'Oreal Academie

Yesterday, I was invited to have a treatment at L'Oreal Academie, located in Kuningan. This place is known for learning from the pro. Trainers from L'Oreal are here, and for me they are the best.

 Stylist from saloons have their time here to learn about the products and application method where the trainers will teach them how, step by step and every guideline. The trainers also have to go from city to city to educate stylists of saloons from different places.

L'Oreal Professionnel itself carry so many lines and range, from chemical process to treatment, they got it all under cover.

Equipped with facilities, tools and products to do the training and some even better than a 5 star saloon.

This is the color bar, they are not just providing color here, but the depth of each.

This is my treatment for today:
1. Powerdose Color in Incell, Ionene G, & Hydro Resist. Target 3 zones: Cortex, Cuticle, and Surface. Sets and protect color, while reinforcing the hair fiber.
2. Gel Masque (Sachets). Target 2 zones: Cortex and Cuticle. Incell + Hydro-resist Technology.
3. Soft Peel (tube). Exfoliate Scalp.Gel with micro-inspired translucent green skin treatments. Rinse. Removes excess sebum, and respecting the scalp.
Rebalances the scalp, a hair feeling clean, healthy and light for long periods.
LIPIDINE: It offers the dual advantage of a technology enriched with purifying active soft exfoliating microparticles.
This innovative formula works to eliminate waste scalp, while respecting its balance.

We started the treatment by washing my hair, look at L'Oreal Professionnel products on the shelves, they are colorful and each color represent a range of their own each for different type of hair. This time my hair is washed with INOA post coloring shampoo.

The Mr. Ambar give my scalp (top part area) Soft Peel, applied little by little section by section and a bit of massaging movement to help it absorbed. It is only applied on area where's affected, in this case over oily scalp area. Then the gel masque on my hair, avoiding anywhere near the root. Using a brush especially on the ends of my hair to around half way up. With a heater I was told to wait around 5-10 minutes perhaps, it need the warmth for the product to work well. In front of me there's a lady for a highlight and coloring process, in the next room curling process with a model, there's always something going on in the academie and their limit is perfection till the last details. Seriously, I haven't met anyone as pro as them.

Then after the rinsing, the powerdose is applied using a sprayer to my mid length hair part to the end. Again avoiding scalp. Then final rinse, hair drying process and I'm finished for the treatment. This is a picture of me and Mr. Ambar, he is responsible for Java and Bali. Normally you'll find him teaching from city to city, it's a rare occasion to be able to meet him here, nonetheless having a treatment done by him. I'm blessed!

He knows my scalp just by looking at them, he knows the exact treatment needed for my hair and how it is done, he knows a lot about chemical process and everything in L'Oreal Professionnel, from coloring, curling, smoothing, treatment and all in between. He is one of the trainer in L'Oreal Professionnel, everyone's here is guaranteed to be excellence in their work like he is. That's why if the contestants of the Special Giveaway Makeover, click here ----> GIVEAWAY, lucky enough to do the makeover here, you're not just have your hair done by top stylist, you're hair will be done with a pro!

Result? Soft hair and bounce, thanks to Soft Peel (which feel a bit numb at first) my scalp are comfortable now (now means the day after when I write this post), where usually already began to oily and limp. I really like how my hair follicle feels fuller, shines and well, let's just say get many compliments from those surround me, my hair indeed look different in terms of much better ^___^

Going home I was pampered with shampoos, sachets for treatment and serum. Oh yes gals! When you join the Giveaway you're too entitled of goodies that match your hair need plus it will be more, Rp.500k worth of products from shampoo, conditioner/masque, and styling products. SO? Join the Giveaway and hope to see you all here soon ^__^

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