Sunday, October 2, 2011

New AQUASOURCE by Biotherm

New Aquasource has reached my home and it has been a journey I have with Aquasource. I've used the previous formula during my college days, yes back to 10 years ago and how I fell in love with the super gorgeous scents and efficacy. Aquasource has moisten my skin and pampered them in the most lovely way possible.

Many moments has passed and I've used many moisturizer for hydration, but non even come close to Aquasource. Take note: their main focus is hydration.

Now they come with the NEW Aquasource which included Mannose that make the water stays inside a tree, and as a skincare, Mannose can penetrate into the skin deepest layer and increase epidermic thickness by 25%. Please look at the pamphlet on above pic. It is on the right side where you see images of our skin. The left page is skin with normal moisturizer in the market while the right page portrays our skin with New Aquasource that really goes beyond any other moisturizer.

Here is the details I found, please do click and read em' up.

New Aquasource is Hot Stuff of The Month October 2011 ^____^ in my blog and I will make further review later on, sorry been quite busy with the stacks of stuff I need to review, so excited!

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